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« on: August 22, 2004, 01:30:56 AM »
EP 20


Nakomis puts not one but two twins on the block, seemingly ensuring that one of them will be leaving. Nakomis is clear about the reasons for her actions and does not waver in her commitment to her principled stance that the twins must go because they broke the pinky swear alliance in evicting Will.

The House is still recovering from Will's eviction. Those who miss him are sharpening their knives for the twin's heads, while the twins remain firm in their resolve that they did what had to be done. Natalie says that Will rejecting her hug was no big thing. Nakomis says that Adria's actions were like, "One hundred gallons of oil [thrown] onto my raging bonfire." The amazing Marvin, having survived three weeks in a row on the block, reflects on his skill in dodging bullets: "I'm the black David Copperfield, doing it with smoke and mirrors." Diane lets it be known that she has made her decision to side with Nakomis and Karen, and she is bummed to have lost her good friend Will.

Marvin and Cowboy chat about the eviction and Marvin does his imitation of Will's dramatic goodbye to Adria: "He gave her the Heisman." Drew and Diane have a recap moment as Diane says, "You better say goodbye to your twins." Drew replies, "I guess they're definitely not your twins anymore." They seem to agree to disagree, with Diane saying that Drew is welcome to his opinion and she wouldn't say anything otherwise. Drew lets her know his personal philosophy: "You've got to play this game one week at a time." It seems that Drew is beginning to look at Diane as not just a cuddle buddy but also at what impact she could have on his run for the money.

With the preponderance of twins in the House eventually the conversation turns to twin communication. Drew talks about how twins have their own little language. "Adria and Natalie, they have the same thought process." Diane calls it "Twinglish".

Some very excited HouseGuests journey into the House backyard to discover a setting for a fine five-course meal. Lights, candles, silver--for those who have been stuck on a strict diet of peanut butter and jelly, it seems like they are about to experience one of the best nights they've had yet. As they sit down they learn that beneath a cover is their favorite meal: each person will get what they most desire. As HoH, Nakomis reads the rules that in order to win this Food Competition each HouseGuest must scarf down their favorite meal in under three minutes. It seems like nothing could be easier--until Nakomis reveals the twist. It's going to be a blenderized version also known as "Smoothies From Hell."

A collective groan and gasp subsides and Cowboy is first up. He does a little dance to shake the food on down as he manages to eat his blenderized sweet and sour chicken with fortune cookies and Dr. Pepper. Marvin is next and he is unable to get down his deep fat fried lobster mixed with steamed oysters and topped with Corona and a smidge of lime. He says, "It was like battery acid with dog vomit in it." Adria gets her fettuccine to stay down, as does Drew his filet, and when Natalie and Diane also are up to the task the House is set for real food six of seven days.


Nakomis not only is the first HouseGuest to be HoH twice, she is the first to receive mail from the outside. She is thrilled to hear from her boyfriend Donald, who has made her a CD of her favorite songs complete with an illustration. When it is discovered that the illustration is a dead bird bleeding on the pavement, Marvin just shakes his head, saying, "To each his own." She is further moved by Donald writing all the lyrics to one of her favorite tracks from Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here."

Both Natalie and Adria go in for a sit-down with Nakomis, who does them the courtesy of listening, even though she is seething inside. Natalie says that Nakomis has always been cool with her, as does Adria. Nakomis asks why Adria took out Will, and Adria replies because he was a sure thing to gun for her if she kept him in the House.

Cowboy sees Diane and Drew making out and tells Drew that it would appear he needs a little help in the kissing department. Drew is stunned that Cowboy would be calling him out, and Drew insists that it is Diane who needs the lessons and that he is the teacher. Diane doesn't quite understand Drew's fourteen different kinds of kisses and feels that she can't possibly be a bad kisser. Drew insists, "I am definitely the better kisser."


Nakomis calls the Nomination Ceremony to order. The table has shrunk down as HouseGuests have dwindled from thirteen to eight. It's clearly going to be an interesting ceremony when Nakomis first pulls Marvin's key; many people thought he might be on the block for a fourth week in a row. Marvin pulls Drew's key and Drew pulls Diane's. Diane grabs Karen's and when Karen pulls Michael's it's clear that Nakomis' vengeance knows no bounds--she will get one twin out. She is straightforward in telling them how they were chosen. "You two are the only people who have broken a direct promise that had been made and that is why I have put you on the block." She then adds, "You both did it so I don't have to make the same speech twice." And just like that, the twins have gone from holding the most power, to suddenly facing their toughest challenge yet.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Diane and Drew's differences in how to play the game affect their relationship? Will Cowboy's alliance with the twins survive in the face of their potential eviction? Can the twins find a strategy to save themselves? Find out Tuesday night at 9PM ET/PT on BIG BROTHER 5.

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« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2004, 02:19:57 AM »
Love the recap! ^:)^ Thanx puddin...esp since I could not watch BB b/c of football!  |:( |:(

 Love that Nikomas is standing her ground...UNintimidated by the twinevils.  She hit the nail on the head telling them why she put them up.  Gooo Nik..You are awesome. **:)** :)_| :)()

Well, CB has little problem now that the twins are up.  He better do some quick thinking about changing his aliance...if anyone else will have him, eh?  He would be wise to join GPs Nik, Karen & Diane, cuz he ain't goin nowheres where he now stands!  :\/  :(*8

We gotta hope/pray that the twin who stays does NOT get HoH next time!!!  Cuz if she does...nearly everyone is gonna be in deep uknowhut.

I love amazing Marvins amazing jokes!!   I'm still :()() reading them here tonight.  Where on earth does he come up w/ 'em!? This one is priceless: ....having survived three weeks in a row on the block, reflects on his skill in dodging bullets: "I'm the black David Copperfield, doing it with smoke and mirrors."
Love it!  :()() :()()  can't stop LOL! :)* :)*  He should compile a book of all his jokes.  I'd buy one. :)()