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Ep 2 East Coast SHOW updates and commentary **rules** Start time 830 pm-or later

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--- Quote from: georgiapeach on October 07, 2012, 07:30:49 PM ---Me too!! Let's all look for FERNS!! ;)

--- End quote ---

Let's look for trees too! :lol:

For those who are wondering what ferns are:,25171.0.html

The truck drivers are trying to be lone rangers

Last leg's pit stop: Bund Observatory

Abbie & Ryan are the first to depart at 5:35 AM. Fly to Surabaya, Indonesia. Then travel to Alun Alun Stadium for their next clue. *The winner of this leg will win the Express Pass.* Ryan is sweating at his kneecaps? :lol:

Amy & Daniel depart at 5:36 AM. They're bummed they barely got beaten in the first leg.

Caitlin & Brittany depart at 5:41 AM. They almost get run over. One of them laughs and snorts. :lol:

Natalie & Nadiya depart at 6:05 AM.

Rob & Kelley depart at 6:08 AM.

Rob & Kelley get a departure at 8:20 AM. Everyone else is on the same flight. No other departure times are shown. Rob & Kelley are on their own flight.

All second flight teams are trying to get on a standby flight. James & Abba get on the standby flight, which lands an hour earlier. Jaymes for the title.

Flight drama :colors


--- Quote from: Magnus on October 07, 2012, 07:42:08 PM ---The truck drivers are trying to be lone rangers

--- End quote ---

They've gambled by getting on a flight by themselves to Hong Kong


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