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TAR Favorites, Episode 3
« on: July 22, 2004, 11:42:52 AM »
Did this last week change the way that you feel about any of the contestants?  Did the fact that Colin & Christie actually got some air time move them up your lists or down?  Was Charla's faking an illness to get preference on the airline's waiting list resourceful or devious?  Were Marshall & Lance's troubles at the chocolate store bad luck or Carma?  Take a second and rate the teams that are left - least favorite to most favorite.  Of course we lost Jim & Marsha (dang it) which leaves us with:

1.   Kami & Karli (twins)
2.   Marshall & Lance (brothers/restaurant owners)
3.   Colin & Christie (dating)
4.   Chip & Kim (married/parents)
5.   Linda & Karen (bowing moms)
6.   Charla & Mirna (cousins)
7.   Brandon & Nicole (dating/Christian)
8.   Bob & Joyce (internet dating couple)

There you have it - berate away.

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Re: TAR Favorites, Episode 3
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2004, 11:49:47 AM »
My picks this week!

1.  Charla & Myrna (cousins)
2.  Kami & Karli (twins)
3.  Brandon & Nicole (dating/Christian)
4.  Colin & Christie (dating)  I think i will enjoy them more, when we get to know them like other teams
5.  Marshall & Lance (brothers)
6.  Chip & Kim (married parents)
7.  Bob & Joyce (internet dating couple)
8.  Linda & Karen (bowling moms)

This is mine from last week!  Not too different when i compare

1. Charla & Mirna (cousins) (You got it Texan, they expect everyone to help them b/c she is a little persone and I hate the way they communicate with one another, I dont know what it is about them, and it isnt that I hate them as a team, they anonoy me more than any other team on reality tv ever has!)
2. Brandon & Nicole (dating/religious)( I can't take all the religious talk; another annoying team to me)
3. Colin & Christie (dating)(Because I have watched both weeks beginning to end and still can't remember who they are)
4. Kami & Karli (twins)(They really see themselves as a threat!  Good team, but not so much the threat they claim to be)
5. Marshall & Lance (brothers)( I dont agree with everything they do and say, but overall, i guess they are ok)
6. Chip & Kim (married parents) (Good team, i think they will go pretty far)
7. Bob & Joyce (I just think they are adorable, I hope they hang in there for awhile.  I love the way they support each other)
8. Jim & Marsha (father/daughter) (Love the dad!  I felt so bad when he busted up his knee so I think that is why I am rooting for them the most)
9. Linda & Karen(bowling moms) (They are great, who would have thought they would be doing so well.  Keep it up ladies!  I am rooting for ya!