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Re: Big Brother Finale Night Discussion Thread
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Albert, what do you think of Janie saying Dan was one of the best and should have won?  I do think the vote was personal, not game based, from everyone.
It's too bad the jury didn't get to watch the season because they weren't able to see the moves Dan pulled off in detail.  Dan pretty much ran the house for the second half of the season IMO.  Plus I agree the jury was absolutely bitter.  Dan absolutely no question played the better game.  IMO, Dan could have gotten to the end without swearing on this and that, but that was his game plan, to play ruthless and to get these big names out of the house.  How many big name players did Dan almost single handily take out?  Shane, Britney, Frank... those are 3 of the strongest players in the house.  He could have gotten Ian out but he pretty much had the choice of who he wanted to take to the F3 (Ian or Shane) because of his manipulation.  Let's not forget that he also pretty much had one foot out the door and managed to convince his biggest rival in the house (Frank) to take him off the block.  And I completely agree with Will's comment and that the victims of the backstabbings have to take some credit too... they ALL fell for it.

I see some people saying that his social game was bad, but if you think that backstabbing people automatically makes him a bad social player, then I disagree.  Dan listened and connected with many of the HGs and got many of them to believe him.  Obviously stabbing them in the back worked against him in the end, but that's how he felt he had to play, and he probably hoped that the jury would vote on gameplay rather than voting personal, but obviously that wasn't the case.  I think the fact that Dan already won BB before also played a big part in the voting.

In the end, I'm not really disappointed with Ian winning because he also played a great game and Dan already did win before.  I just hope it doesn't get to his head.  Listening to his speech at the end, I think he feels that he ran the house.  I think when he watches the season, he will realize that Dan did play a stronger game.


Backstabbing isnt bad social play. Backstabbing without considering the prospective jury votes is terrible play.

If the jurors decide after seeing the season on the outside that they made mistakes with their votes, that is their issue.

HOWEVER, a great game player would recognize that NONE OF THE JURORS would see anything prior to voting BUT WOULD HAVE their own experiences with that player to consider in casting their vote.

In my opinion, you are just making the case as to WHY Dan shouldnt win. He played to the viewers rather than the jurors. And he lost, BADLY!
Well that shouldn't be how jurors vote.  Britney even backed Dan up and said that lying and backstabbing is part of BB.  She only voted for Ian because they were closer.  Had it been anyone else with Dan in the F2, Britney would've voted for him.  Dan already winning BB probably had something to do with it, too.  Even Boogey said he probably would've voted for Dan, and the fact that Janelle said that Dan should definitely deserve to win says something... those are two of the best players in BB history.
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