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TARAus2 Episode 10 (Canada) Discussion *SPOILERS*

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Thankfully, it is only six weeks to TAR 21!!


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--- Quote from: racer on August 12, 2012, 06:21:35 AM ---And in less than 72 hours, we start waiting for a whole year for another season. :lol:

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That's gonna be the worst part

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But 1 TARAus a year is better than none.  :)

SHANE AND ANDREW!!!  :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :luvya: :luvya: :luvya: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

Good episode, even though I was worried at the start as the race element seemed to be missing then. Also the dog sleigh task was not as good as in the American version where they had to reach up and grab the yellow clues as they went through the course, and so had a danger of missing them.

Some good laughs though with Paul and Steve in particular looking idiots on a couple of occasions. Their mess up at the ice sculpture was classic.  Most of the tasks certainly had entertainment value.

Happy Lucy and Emilia left, they haven't been as good the last two episodes with the jokes getting a bit repetitive and Lucy in particular crying way too easily.  Didn't want to continue hearing about their mum every episode either.

I think the final 4 is really excellent, and must mean this season is way better than the first.  The twins though funny at times are probably my least favourite of the ones left.  The cops have grown on me quite a lot so maybe I would like them or Joseph and Grace to win.  Grace superb in the tasks, ridiculing those who said she didn't contribute there. 


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