Author Topic: TARaus2 EP 6 Show Discussion! **Starts Monday at 730PM (aus)**  (Read 50675 times)

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Re: TARaus2 EP 6 Show Discussion! **Starts Monday at 730PM (aus)**
« Reply #50 on: July 12, 2012, 10:14:11 AM »
I didn't like the leg design either.  I don't like to see an intersection that late in the leg.  The only task after the intersection was spinning for 5 minutes, so how in the world could a team with a 30-minute MFE penalty looming have any hope?  I suppose, in theory, that if 3 teams or more had to quit the last task on the previous leg, the MFE team could have ended up not being in the final intersected grouping.  In reality, they had no shot.

They honestly had no shot. I totally forgot about the 30 minutes penalty. DANG!

If I had remembered it, it would have made the whole episode anti-climax.. thank goodness I forgot about it and kept clinging on to a chance that the MFE could catch up. Yes, you are right. No bunching, so that penalty was just bad and anti-climax. The only chance for them to survive would be 3 teams quitting the final task.. and I could totally see Emilia and Lucy getting eliminated.

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Re: TARaus2 EP 6 Show Discussion! **Starts Monday at 730PM (aus)**
« Reply #51 on: May 25, 2017, 01:28:22 AM »
Sorry if this has been brought up before/somewhere else, but I just noticed it.

R/T and J/S received a 4-hour penalty at the end of the previous Pit Stop, but they departed only about 2 hours after L/E on this leg...
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