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Survivor: Vanuatu Spoilers
« on: July 17, 2004, 02:02:17 PM »
From Survivor Fever

Survivor: Vanuatu Spoilers


Contestant Spoilers:


Partial Cast List - gathered from various sources around the internet:

Kay Stevens
Age: Early 50's
Location: Everett, WA
Occupation: Bus driver dispatcher

Leann Needles

Ami Cusack (possibly the Denver cast member)

Rory Freeman

Julie Berry

Age: 23

Description: Native American; flirtatious

From Vanuatu Daily Post:

July 10 - A cute female contestant has been voted off the island.  Mele Cascades was closed for a 'private' function to film a survivors challenge 'reward' on Thursday 8th.  The winning contestants had a full-on meal supplied to them near the waterfall in which they were swimming with nobody to bother them.  The next challenge is being stage today in a pig pen.  Presumably contestants have to find something racing around in a dirty smelly pig pen with 'ferocious' wild pigs in order to win a live pig to eat - the last time a pig was killed on Survivors it caused an uproar with animal rights groups.  Wonder if they got some film footage of the magnitude 5.7 earthquake that was centered close to Lelepa and Moso, where Survivors are filming on Thursday morning??


July 12 - Will the next challenge be on Ambrym?  A helicopter departed this morning for the island of Ambrym; the location of Vanuatu's most spectacular, and active volcano.  Two pilots on board; one local and one from the survivor team being shown the way? - stay tuned........

According to a recent USA Today interview dated June 14th, Jeff Probst described some contestants as follows:
a colorful guy who would call himself a redneck
 super-cute girls who appear to be fighters
a bunch of cocky guys
someone "inspirational" who Probst promised will "make you realize you can do anything you put your mind to."

A Denver Post article published Thursday, June 17 reports that "a Denverite just had a going-away party before he/she left to compete in "Survivor 9 - Vanuatu." Filmed in the former New Hebrides Islands, it will air in the fall

Filming Spoilers:

Start Date:  at this time our best guess is that filming starts at earliest on Monday June 21, (based upon the USA Today article dated June 14th which reports that "In one week, he [Survivor host Jeff Probst] takes off for Vanuatu (near Fiji in the Pacific) to test a new set of contestants".)  Taking into account that contestants have one or two rest days and several survival orientation days after arriving on location and Probst is mostly likely on location several days to a week before filming begins then the start date is most likely the following week, Monday June 28.


Location Spoilers:

Supply depot/prod base - Lot behind Chew Store , Port Vila
(based on locals info and pic evidence)

Crew accommodations - Le Meridien hotel and Crowne Plaza (formerly Le Lagon) hotel (based on locals info)   Map of Crew Hotels

Early Boots stopover (speced) - 'Benjor Resort'

Jury hideout (speced) - another nearby Devil's Point estate like Ocean Shores B & B

Tribal Council (speced) - Devil's Point (based on locals info) 
Refer to other images at SF webpage here

Tribal Camps (speced) -

Lelepa Island north end beach and Moso Island west side southern end.

Moso Island (speced), west side - Hapi Tok beach (based on locals info and pic analysis)

Challenge Beaches (speced) -

Lelepa Island north end beaches-east side (based on locals info and pic analysis)

Hat Island (Eretoka/Retoka), West end beaches or southside beach mid-island