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--- Quote from: topaz on May 22, 2012, 10:19:52 PM ---
--- Quote from: Bluesky on May 22, 2012, 09:51:47 PM ---..... dateline July 4th, 2012 .....

A spokesperson for The Amazing Race today celebrated the fact that at long last, they had been able to film an entire season without once being spotted by the intrepid and dedicated folk at RFF.

"They just never expected we would select mythological places," she said. "They just assumed we would only travel to places shown on ordinary globes and atlases."

She revealed that the first destination had been El Dorado, and that the final three contestants had battled it out in Utopia. In between the racers visited Atlantis, Camelot, Thule, Asgard, Hyperboria, Shangri-La, Lemuria, and Hawaiki.

"We think the racers were absolutely thrilled with the destinations this season," she went on to say. "Most had never even dreamed they would be able to visit these locations."

She added that avoiding airlines and airports also helped the race stay unnoticed. "This season we traveled by means such as hot air balloon, jet pack, hoverboard, transporter and yellow submarine."

She refused to reveal plans for the upcoming TAR22, saying only that "some places haven't been visited for a long time" while  glancing skyward.

--- End quote ---

hmmm... let's analyze what the spokesperson said it on those "mythological places" as a possible countries that will visit for TAR 21 as what I'd highlighted it as a bold letters:

El Dorado = Colombia (the con side: high crime rates and problems on FARC rebels)
Atlantis = Bermuda
Camelot = England (but I think they'd been there before)
Utopia = unknown, and it's just a political ideology coined by Saint Thomas More
Thule = Greenland or somewhere in Scandinavian countries
Hyperboria and Asgard = somewhere in Scandinavian countries
Shangri-La = Tibet, China (the con side: uncertain political issue on that region)
Lemuria = some countries within the Indian Ocean like Madagascar, Maldives, Comoros Is., etc.
Hawaiki = New Zealand

And there you have it, and I think that the travel direction for TAR 21 will start in Europe and ends in South America. :tup:

--- End quote ---

I am pretty sure that Bluesky just meant it as a catchy story, not a work of fact. If it were fact, then the location of Atlantis has been speculated in the middle of the northern hemisphere Atlantic Ocean (but not so far west as Bermuda), in the vicinity of the Azores or the Greek island of Thera.

 :ascared  Not directly TAR related news, but rather perpetuates the TAR Curse theory....

6.1 magnitude quake hits Indonesia's Java island June 4, 2012

Any specific press info for TAR 21 from production is being added in post 2! :tup:

BREAKING NEWS! live from the official Amazing Race Twitter feed!

@AmazingRace_CBS Big ‪#AmazingRace‬ premiere news! The 21st season will premiere on Sunday, September 30 at 8/7c only on @CBS!


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