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Ranking the Teams - Season by Season, leg placements (TAR 1 - 30 complete!)

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I had it right on the trends page, must have been tired with the stormy weekend here (we had tornado warnings a couple hours after TAR aired, and I was rushing!)

Have fixed it.

Caroline and Jennifer may have one of the best all-female team averages? There are now many all-female teams with a below 5 average I think.

I will have the season 24 (All Stars 2.0) leg by leg placement leaderboard posted in the Opening Post within a couple of days.

I did note that Dave-Connor are now the third team to win the last four legs straight.

The final team leh by leg placements for season 24 are now added to the opening post. I've colored it in gold and black, just as the CBS graphics for the season were!

 Thanks for making a great list, theschnauzers!

Wow I just realised that Dave and Connor are the only winning team to have never left the top 4 in a season.


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