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Best nth Leg?
« on: May 03, 2015, 04:06:17 AM »
What is your best nth leg? Why?

Basically the question goes like this.. I'm somehow curious..

What's the best Leg 1 you've ever watched? Why?
What's the best Leg 2 you've ever watched? Why?
What's the best Leg 3 you've ever watched? Why?

And so on and so forth..

I don't watch a lot of seasons (started watching at S23, never watched any seasons prior to 18 (which probably means I'm missing out on the golden moments of TAR)), but I already have some favorite nth legs..

Best Leg 1: none atm, the leg 1s I've watched haven't been good enough, although TAR22 & 25 are up there
Best Leg 2: Season 23 I guess, not sure why, but I find it overall better than the rest of the Leg 2s I've watched..
Best Leg 3: Season 26, shows a different side of Phuket, Mike and Rochelle winning was unexpected, route and tasks weren't perfect but you get to really see and know the teams this episode.. It's like a leg saved by the awesome cast..
Best Leg 4: Season 25, race karma is insane this episode. Shelley and Nici breakdown was pretty ugly tho..
Best Leg 5: Season 25, it truly shows MOROCCO. Leg isn't linear AT ALL. Episode is intense. And the overall design of the leg was really good as well, and it all took place in Djema el Fnaa.
Best Leg 6: Season 18, the tea task was brutal.. And as a plus, it's bloody India!
Best Leg 7 & 8: Season 26, these legs go all nature after a leg in Monaco. The scenery here is beautiful, these are the legs which I love Matt and Ashley the most in, and although the tasks are linear, the music and drama in the episode was intense. Somehow, I was also touched by the eliminated team's elimination edit.. :(
Best Leg 9: Season 25, the fast forward battle! My heart was pumping. The massage actually made me cringe a little (notice at one point, Brooke starts laughing evilly as Amy & Maya scream in pain). Wrestlers carelessly sabotaging Amy & Maya's game. Never expected a Singapore leg to be THIS good. This leg showed that these teams don't just play safe.
Best Leg 10: Season 26, loved the bustling Peru! We also saw Tyler and Laura break a little, and Hayley & Blair winning is icing on the cake! The tasks were pretty grueling.. Everything except Mama's required a great amount of physical strength.
Best Leg 11: I haven't seen much good penultimate legs as well.. Hmm..
Best Leg 12: Season 21, underdogs (although not the best of underdogs) win, really shows how unpredictable the race is.. One of the non-linear finales.. The memory task really sent Trey & Lexi to a bit of sadness.
Best Leg 13: haven't seen any seasons from the SD era of TAR..

So what are your favorite nth legs?

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Re: Best nth Leg?
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2015, 05:00:56 AM »
First 8 legs only because I can't really remember any other ones :lol:

Leg 1: TAR5 -> Charla carrying that piece of meat while Mirna's kind of just there, Dennis & Erika surrendering their cab to Colin & Christie, Chip & Kim and Kami & Karli randomly arriving 1st and 2nd before getting sent back
Leg 2: TAR10 -> One of the BQs being dragged by a horse, Self-driving woes, Cars getting stuck, Kellie & Jamie not being able to finish the RB  :(
Leg 3: TAR7 -> Rob's master plan of getting people to quit the eating RB, Debbie & Bianca getting lost for hours and being so close to making an amazing comeback but falling short  :(
Leg 4: TAR11 -> Rob & Amber's disastrous leg performance after winning the first three legs, Charla & Mirna vs Rob & Amber  :funny:
Leg 5: TAR25 -> Hectic episode, good tasks, Keith & Whitney vs Shelley & Nici, Kym & Alli's second leg win  :)
Leg 6: TAR7 -> Difficult Detours, Brian & Greg's car crash and their miraculous comeback by beating Ray & Deana in a footrace
Leg 7: TAR9 -> Fran & Barry's random leg win that even Phil was surprised at, the difficult digging RB in the middle of the desert
Leg 8: TAR11 -> The BQ's 12+ hour lead being reduced to nothing, Charla & Mirna at the sausage Intersection Detour :lol: Oswald & Danny and Uchenna & Joyce getting a joint leg win <3

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Re: Best nth Leg?
« Reply #2 on: May 03, 2015, 07:42:41 AM »
Leg 1: TAR6 (Iceland) -> Iceland <33333 Massive Long Drive <33333 Lady with the shopping bag in the field <33333333 Blue Lagoon <33333 Rebecca put the wrong fuel in to her car :funny: :funny: <3333333333333

Leg 2: TAR5 (Argentina I) -> "She's really pissed because she had business to do" <33333 Charla & Mirna almost winning the leg <33333 Alison & Donny bickered their way out to the pit stop and went from 1st to 10th.  :funny: Twins at dog detour <3333

Leg 3: TAR12 (Burkina Faso I) -> Burkina Faso Randomness (I'm like wtf where it is the first time I watched) <3333 "Baby there's no more milk" <33333 Teach or Learn detour (Top three best detour ever during the entire series IMO) <3333 5/6 Pit stop footrace in the middle of nowhere in Western Africa with the rain. <33333

Leg 4: TAR22 (Indonesia) -> Bali <333 Longest Leg ever in Race History <333 Country's meltdown at the RB  :funny: Express Pass at its finest with "Ov Vey" from Phil <33333

Leg 5: TAR25 (Morocco I) -> OMG one of the most chaotic leg ever. Bikers win 2 legs in a row <333 Bethany did the RB with only one hand and still finish ahead of some teams <333 Lots of task (Speedbum/RI/RB/Detour with U-turn! I mean really!) <333 Best Africa leg in a while.

Leg 6: TAR11 (Tanzania) -> OMG Flight Drama at its finest <3333 Charla & Mirna 20 hours ++ ahead of everyone <333 Eric & Danielle got kick out of the plane  :funny: :funny: Zanzibar <333 This one leg changed everything in the race, it's CRAZY and I absolutely love it!

Leg 7: TAR15 (Holland) -> CRAZY legs with unpredictable result! Counting bell RB with Ericka's meltdown <3333 Maria & Tiffany's smirk at other teams for not able to drive luxury car <3333 Detour twist that trapped Maria & Tiffany's fate lead to crazy elimination  :'( :'(

Leg 8: TAR12 (India) -> U-Turn FAIL at the Goths  :funny: :funny: Nate & Jenn throwing shades at each other. ("YOU GIRL CANT SEWING FLOWER?" "YOU GUY CANT ROW BOAT??") <33333 Rontina meltdown at Poster detour and break the standing chair <33333 Seeking for clue in Newspaper for the first time <333333

Leg 9: TAR22 (Germany) -> Awesome leg is awesome. Free fall RI <3333 Cute detour which you have to select between playing toy trains comfortably inside the building or navigating through street and carrying cute glowing alphabets in the cold weather <3333 Lunatic labyrinth <3333 Katie's indifferent face toward winning two freaking cars <33333

Leg 10: TAR13 (Russia II) -> BEST LEG DESIGN EVER! Amazing task! 10 Points for both RB and Detour creator! Counting statue in the rain <333 10-min-panelty each time team guess the wrong one <333 Self-Navigation detour <3333 Kentina running randomly into the pit stop without having the clue and celebrating with the frat boy for being final 3. <33333333333

Leg 11: TAR12 (Alaska) -> Great Finale! (I'll try my best ignore the winner) Alaska <3333 The final RB is one of the most mentally challenge task ever on the race <33333 Christina meltdown at the RB  :'( :'(  Nick & Don forget the tool's bag and had to go all the way back.  :( :(  Balanced detour that require skill <33 Ice-climbing <33 First season ever that hold the finale in one city <33333

Leg 12: TAR20 (Hawaii) -> Great finale without any Memory challenge! Dave & Rachel randomly check in at the finish line without preforming RB <33333 And then come back and still win it all <3333333 Art & JJ's EPIC FAIL at the final RB that even Rachel herself almost beat them <33333 Exciting finale with placement shifting all the time until the end!

Leg 13: Of all the season I watch that had leg 13 (5,11). None of them really impressed me. I hate that they're doing midleg traveling in FREAKING FINALE. I mean, seriously? Thanks god they change it to 1 city finale after 11.

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Re: Best nth Leg?
« Reply #3 on: May 03, 2015, 09:39:41 AM »
I've only watched Season 17 and on so my range will also be pretty limited.


Leg 1:
Agreed with TerraformingYou. None have been particularly amazing, but the standouts for me are
TAR 18 (Australia) - Loved the twist when the second flight was able to pass the first flight. It was overall exciting because this was a great batch of teams! And the TBC on the first leg was a good twist.

Leg 2:
TAR 23 (Chile) - Midleg travel isn't necessarily my favorite but I LOVED the chaotic shoeshine Roadblock – at night!

Leg 3:
TAR 20 (Paraguay) - Challenging Detour AND Roadblock and it's only Leg 3! Brendon & Rachel and Vanessa & Ralph's feud heating up, Rachel & Dave missing 4th place by seconds, and Elliot & Andrew vs. Vanessa & Ralph to the Pit Stop!

Leg 4:
TAR 22 (Indonesia) - The Surfboard Roadblock was awesome and it gave us the iconic Oy Vey moment with Jessica & John not using the Express Pass!

Leg 5:
TAR 25 (Morocco) - I say this all the time but this is probably my favorite leg ever :hearts: a Speed Bump, Active Route Marker, Roadblock (+Shelley & Nici vs. Keith & Whitney), Detour, and U-Turn drama! Kym & Alli winning it was a big plus!

Leg 6:
TAR 26 (Monaco/France) - This was an awesome love-themed episode in a [not-much]love-themed season! The Roadblock was cool, the perfume Detour was awesome and different, and this episode had the best race-to-the-Pit Stop editing I've seen! Literally all 7 teams were driving at once and I had no idea who was gonna come in 1st.

Leg 7:
TAR 17 (Russia) - Both of TAR 17's Russian legs were great and chaotic. What made this one chaotic was the rules that kept being broken! The teams helped to make it enjoyable as well.

Leg 8:
None of the Leg 8's really stand out ??? Legs with 6 teams remaining tend to be the most boring for me, for some reason.

Leg 9:
TAR 17 (Bangladesh) - A complete shift in scenery from the previous episode. Featured the first Double U-Turn (probably the best one, ironically). It was great all around!
TAR 25 (Singapore) - A crazy leg with Adam & Bethany vs. Kym & Alli in the Fast Forward and Brooke & Robbie vs. Amy & Maya feud forming. The massage Detour will certainly be remembered. Sad ending though :(

Leg 10:
TAR 19 (Belgium) - For some reason the Waffle Detour has stuck with me. The Roadblock was :res: but the darker it got (night) the better the episode became :lol: Bill & Cathi's elimination :'(

Leg 11:
TAR 19 (Panama) - Tasks were okay but the cryptic clue for the Pit Stop saved this episode and had the best Final 3 announcement ever :lol:
TAR 21 (France) - Crazy penultimate leg. Natalie & Nadiya had so many opportunities to catch up (they did!) but they blew it. The music during Natalie & Nadiya and Josh & Brent's race to the Pit Stop was the best!

Leg 12:
TAR 18 (USA) - Not my favorite result but this is the least linear final leg and the final leg with the least :res: tasks out of the bunch (TAR 18-25)!

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Re: Best nth Leg?
« Reply #4 on: May 03, 2015, 02:09:43 PM »
1st Leg: 21,22,25
2nd leg: 24,25
3rd Leg: 18, 20,23
4th leg: 25
5th leg: 18, 22,23,25
6th Leg: 20,24,26
7th leg: 17,25
8th leg: 19,23,25
9th leg: 17,25,26
10th leg: 17,20,26
11th leg: 18,23,25
Amazing race canada 2 3 4
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Re: Best nth Leg?
« Reply #5 on: May 04, 2015, 12:20:07 AM »
1st Leg : (TAR 18 to Sydney, Australia) That was an amazing leg. All great teams scrambling, flights messed up and everything. Great start for a great season.

2nd Leg :
(TAR15 to Cai Be, Vietnam) I loved that leg. Brought that "unexpected" feeling of not knowing what's about to happen.
(TAR17 to Accra, Ghana) Amazing selling roadblock and great spirits of all teams on the leg.
(TAR19 to Yogyakarta, Indonesia) The first and only double elimination ever scared the teams. A LOT. Very intense leg with many errors.

3rd Leg :
(TAR 20 to Asunción, Paraguay) No words can describe the madness of this leg! It was a real surviving test.
(TAR26 to Phuket, Thailand) Absolutly amazing and FUN! Best episode i've ever seen on TAR, hands down.

4th Leg : (TAR18 to Kunming, China) Good tasks! The goths may have killed the drama but it was still fun and unpredictable.

5th Leg :
(TAR18 to Lijiang, China) Amazing outcome! The Double U-Turn was very well placed and the dinosaur challenge was awesome as well.
(TAR20 to Bavaria, Germany) Fun Speed Bump, fun Detour and fun Roadblock!

6th Leg :
(TAR17 to St.Petesburg, Russia) Really nice leg. Tough challenges and cool babushka dress.
(TAR18 to Kolkata, India) That Luke meltdown and the fight between him and Flight Time was incredible. Lot of efforts on the leg.
(TAR19 to Lilongwe, Malawi) Totally changed the tone of the race. Very well designed leg, including the beds to the pit stop!
(TAR26 to Monte Carlo, Monaco) For the couples, that was just the perfect place to be! And that drive to the pit? Amazing!

7th Leg :
(TAR15 to Amsterdan, Netherlands) Physical and mentally tough leg.
(TAR16 to Seychelles) A tradicional african leg, on a paradise island. Just incredible to see those beautiful places and game on!
(TAR22 to Maun, Botswana) Drama till the very end! Amazing leg with self driving and a badass fast forward!
(TAR24 to Rome, Italy) Ancient roman themed Detour and mental Roadblock. Best leg of this season.

8th Leg :

(TAR15 to Stockhold, Sweden) Best nordic leg EVER! The switchback was just perfect!
(TAR19 to Copenhagen, Denmark) Cool leg! Dancing roadblock and tough navigation made it clear = good leg.
(TAR20 to Lake Manyara, Tanzania) Bopper & Mark's win plus the Double U-Turn drama! How good was that?

9th Leg :

(TAR16 to Singapore) Nice Detour, nice Fast Forward and well placed U-Turn. Amazing!
(TAR17 to Dhaka, Bangladesh) The first ever Double U-Turn brought A LOT of drama. It was amazing.
(TAR21 to Amsterdan, Netherlands) Well made Fast Forward, Double U-Turn and switchback!
(TAR22 to Berlin, Germany) The best night leg ever! I loved it! Nice challenges except for the bad roadblock.
(TAR26 to Amsterdan, Netherlands) Third Amsterdan leg that i have in here. Awesome Detour and awesome Roadblock!

10th Leg :

(TAR16 to Shanghai, China) Both Roadblocks were tough and nice! Good leg!
(TAR22 to Edinburgh, Scotland) Flights = Drama | Double U-Turn = Drama | Pit Stop location = AWESOME!

11th Leg :

(TAR21 to France) Amazing drama and good Detour. Plus, self navigation killed it!
(TAR24 to London, England/Wales) It was actually fun! Liverpool + Welsh Poem + Country detour. Really nice.
(TAR25 to Manila, Phillipines) That was awesome. Specially the Detour and first ever KOR final leg!

12th Leg :

(TAR20 to Hawaii) Great challenges and clues! It was tough!
(TAR21 to New York City) BEST final leg ever! So well design and such a tough final roadblock!
(TAR24 to Las Vegas) Wasn't THAT bad. I loved the ending with the UFO Roadblock.
(TAR25 to Los Angeles) Another great final roadblock. Ties with 21 for best final leg ever.
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Re: Best nth Leg?
« Reply #6 on: July 28, 2018, 05:44:59 PM »
Leg 1: TAR 6 (Iceland) - Best premiere leg in the entire series, with beautiful scenery, great task design, laughs and entertainment for everyone
Leg 2: TAR 6 (Norway) - Again, great scenery, first team joint work task, awesome Roadblock and Detour and non stop enjoyment
Leg 3: TAR 6 (Sweden) - A very intense leg no end with a lot of drama, challenge and then Lena & Kristy's fate at the Roadblock
Leg 4: TAR 6 (Senegal) - Yet another one from the same season. Explosive entertainment, culture shock for some of the teams and a tough leg
Leg 5: TAR 5 (Egypt) - This was one of the first episodes I ever saw. It is full of great tasks and Charla & Mirna dominating the leg and Egyptian themed tasks
Leg 6: TAR 6 (Hungary) - Hard to fault this one really, but the double leg was awesome, both halves had good tasks. Loved the cars breaking down in Eger and the Fast Forward and second Roadblock
Leg 7: TAR 3 (Germany) - Probably an unpopular choice but I really enjoyed this one a lot. Besides Andre & Damon being far behind, the race was getting intense. Nice interaction between teams, good Roadblock
Leg 8: TAR 3 (Switzerland) - So very competitive. Many equalizers, teams getting in a big rush, running to the far away Pit Stop on foot in Grindewald
Leg 9: TAR 3 (Switzerland) - One of my favourite legs of all time. It is literally perfect in every corner with great scenery, teams being able to call family at home, pedaling to the Steamship Pit Stop and the Roadblock
Leg 10: TAR 7 (England) - Very nerve wracking leg from start to finish. With a final elimination looming, the teams have to navigate the busy streets of London, do a tough double decker bus Roadblock and watch one team get Yielded
Leg 11: TAR 6 (China) - My favourite AR leg of all time. This one combined everything perfectly in this penultimate leg, with frustration, language barriers, the Terra Cotta Warriors, and an amazing Roadblock
Leg 12: TAR 7 (Miami, USA) - Probably the greatest TAR final in the series in my opinion, the teams race completing so many tough tasks in Jamaica and then back in the states. The best team won it, which was a great reward!
Leg 13: TAR 5 (Canada & USA) - While it may not have been the most competitive leg, in terms of 13th legs, this one did it best for me. Canada was beautiful, the tasks were great and quite Olympic themed (something that would continue into S6)