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Hopefully they will come out to Australia.

New article, thanks to Leafsfan!

Among the many great initiatives, we find that the company believes is the biggest reality production in Norway ever, The Amazing Race .

In this reality series to 11 couples compete to deal with challenges and different show to get to the most exotic countries - despite the constant obstacles. Each pair travels the world with its own camera crew, and the result is that over 60 people traveling from Oslo TV2. Only two of them return home as winners. Presenter is beginner Freddy dos Santos, formerly known as a footballer at Vålerenga.

The series has been for years in the U.S., and is, according to TV2 world's longest running reality concept.

The show will premiere in April, so I guess the race will be filmed in january/february. The race will start and finish in Oslo.

Wow, this is weird. One of the production guys just revealed on his facebook that he has for the last 19 days gone through the entire race course. The contestants will not use 19 days though, since they will get more rest.  The contestants will visit 15 different cities in many countries, have 15 flights, and travel 43.000 km.

OMG. I definitely need a TAR:Europe Edition, please please please.


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