Author Topic: Gross Food Challenge this week...?  (Read 6751 times)

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Gross Food Challenge this week...?
« on: December 03, 2002, 07:09:58 AM »
The preview on the CBS website is still the one for the Re-crap episode but domin8or at has found the new one for next weeks show.

It appears that Helen's reaction isn't to a family member but to some scorpions and tarantulas. And Jeffy asks them if they have brought their appetites with them so it could also be the all new Food Challenge.


Here is the Voice Over for it.

VO: Only 3 survivor episodes left
Jan: We're so excited (confessional alone in trees)
VO: These castaways can take a lot (group walking, Helen has IN {possibly walk to IC},Brian lying in cave staring into space)
Clay: We're physically whooped (confessional alone is trees)
Helen: Those lows are so low (confessional alone on beach)
VO: But this Thursday... (Helen and Jan running on the beach {possibly after reading treemail})
Helen: OH MY GOD (Preview shots we have seen with them all on benches and her getting up)
VO: ...what they encounter... (Big black Scorpion on plate)
Clay: Oh My (Sitting on benches with the others)
VO: so incredible...(Tarantula moving around on Jeff's arm {I think it's Jeff's arm})
Jeff: Did you guys bring an appetite (Jeff speaking to the group {looks like same area as group on benches, Jeff wearing same shirt as when he has the tarantula})
Clay: I'm ready (same as before sitting on bench)
Helen: HELL NO (Confessional alone with trees in the background, different shirt than the group shot)
VO: astonishing... (Group shot from a distance with them on the beach wading into the water or standing at water's edge)
Brian: it's a game of survival (Confessional alone with trees)
VO: ...It will leave them speachless... (Helen jumping up from bench, Jan laughing {also part of the other previews shots} then close up of Jan maybe crying, she is also sitting in a different spot than the other group shots because you can see a leg behind her)
Jeff: Do it now or you guys are going to lose (Jeff talking to group then fade to black)
Jake: I've never experienced such hardship or such joy (Jake confessional alone with cliff or cave behind him then quick shot of Ted in water holding a stick up {possibly greeting or waving to someone}same outfit as the day of the challenge)
VO: Don't miss another all new survivor. Back on it's regular day and time. CBS Thursday (shots the TC area but the logo is covering any people walking)