Author Topic: Attend Reality Rally (Apr. 15-17, 2011), Rainbow Reality Reunion will not happen '11  (Read 3834 times)

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There were some tweets from Big Brother fanatic/friend (MaMoosie) on October 18th about Kail from BB8 stating that she will not have a RR4 in 2011.


#    If you had planned on going to Rainblw Reality Reunion in 2011 check my prev tweet + check out as this will be epic :)     8:29 AM Oct 18th  via ÜberTwitter

# FYI @KailBB8 /Darin Harbick have decided NOT to have a RRR in 2011-However GOOD news is there's @realityrally Apr 15-17 8:27 AM Oct 18th via ÜberTwitter

HOWEVER, there will be an epic Reality Rally event and keep the date in mind. I would love to see a lot of you there as I will be there. There will be reality stars from a lot of shows. For BB, Evel Dick, Michelle (BB10), and Michelle (BB11) have signed up for the event.

Click the link below for more information.

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Last night when I was working on my computer, I was also listening to a live webcast from the event.  The part I listened to was very well done.  The sound and picture was both high quality.  For some strange reason, the website has archived the poor quality stuff before and after the good stuff.

Many of the guests were Survivor folks who I didn't know so I didn't pay attention to them.

But there were a few parts that did amuse me.  The interviewer for most of the program was a former Big Brother contestant named Kevin.  He is the website's Amazing Race guy and is supposed to know a lot about Amazing Race.  Well, he interviews Eric Sanchez and has no idea of who Eric is.  When Eric mentions that he was on the Race twice and even won the show during the All Stars season, Kevin is just dumbfounded. To me anyways, it was funny.   Eric said that he wasn't rooting for the Cowboys this season because of something that happened between them and Jordan Pious.  Kevin seemed shocked that Eric even knew Jordan, the winner from season 16.

But the best part was when Kevin interviewed another Big Brother contestant named Sheila.  I googled Sheila and found out that she was a Penthouse Pet back in the early 80's.  Well, she's still a good looking woman.  It turns out that she got into some kind of argument/fight with another contestant moments earlier outside the venue.  She didn't make much sense since she was kind of drunk.  The good part was when another Big Brother contestant, Matt, came over.  Matt gave Sheila some grief about hating him on the show.  He even brought up the fact that Sheila had called Matt's wife asking why she was with such a loser.   :lol3:  She tried to back track but he said he heard what she said.  Sheila tried to change the subject by saying that she wants to play with Matt on Big Brother All-Stars.  Matt smiled and said something like, Yeah, I like bush.  Sheila then started describing how she was groomed "down there".   :lol3:  You have to see this to believe it.  I hope the web site archives the interview.

The last bit I saw was Kevin interviewing the past winner of Big Brother.  Hayden was a little loopy.  Keep in mind, these interviews took place at a winery where I guess free wine was served.  Anyway, Hayden was hinting that he wasn't liked by some Big Brother contestants from his season.  Kevin was trying to get names, but then out of nowhere, those little numbskulls, Mark and Michael, from Amazing Race popped up, pushed their way in, and Hayden left before naming names.  I then turned the interview off.

I don't know much about Big Brother, but those contestants certainly seem "different" than those from Amazing Race and Survivor. 

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Thanks for posting this. I like it.