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HG~Jase Wirey
« on: July 01, 2004, 08:42:55 PM »

Jase Wirey, 28
Volunteer Firefighter
Decatur, Ill.


What is your motto?
F them if they can't take a joke.

What three adjectives best describe you?
Crazy, crazy, crazy

Who is your personal hero?
Brad Pitt: he has it all

Why did you want to be on BIG BROTHER?

What strengths do you bring to BIG BROTHER?
Too many to list. Just kidding!

What weaknesses do you bring to BIG BROTHER?
Never expose your weaknesses!

What comfort item from home will you miss the most?
My puppy dog

What type of news from the outside world will you miss the most?
Um, well gee, me on TV!

How do you plan to win BIG BROTHER?
A controlled mess! Like falling on the ground, yet missing the dog turd.

What is your biggest fear as you begin BIG BROTHER?
Fear is for those that are not prepared. I'm ready.


Films: Meet Joe Black, City of Angels

TV shows: Monday Night Football, American Chopper

Actors: Brad Pitt

Actresses: Meg Ryan (how cute is she?)

Bands: Country, my band Whiskey Dix

Hobbies: Our band, working out

Sports to Play: Backyard football

Sports Teams: Washington Redskins

Outdoor Activities: Water activities

Music: Willie Nelson kicks a**

Cereals: No favorite

Snack Foods: Quaker Oats bars, Yogurt, almonds

Cookies: No favorite

Candy Bars: No favorite

Alcoholic Drinks: Cold beer, red wine

Non-Alcoholic: Quality H2O, milk