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Colin & Christie "Dating"
« on: June 26, 2004, 06:13:28 PM »

Colin & Christie met in a class at the University of Texas in Austin and have been dating for over a year. Both now live in Corpus Christi, Texas. When Colin saw Christie give a presentation in their communications class, he knew that she was the one for him. It took eight months of being friends before he finally got her to go out on a date with him. Colin claims that he will ask Christie to marry him if they can get through the Race together.

Christie is the 1996 Miss Teen USA winner, the first and only one from Texas. However, she considers her biggest accomplishment in life to be working to pay her entire way through college and graduating with honors. She describes herself and her teammate as "very competitive, extremely aggressive with strong personalities." Although Christie says that she is always late, she is also a perfectionist who hates losing.

Colin is the owner of a cell phone store. Among the accomplishments he is most proud of is getting Christie to fall in love with him, which he claims is better than being the top first-year dealer for a book publishing company in the United States. He also agrees that he and Christie are both very aggressive and “very outspoken and in-your-face.” However, he is a very open person who will talk to anyone, while Christie is extremely private.

Colin & Christie are excited about competing in THE AMAZING RACE 5 because they will be able to travel the world and participate in this kind of competition. Christie adds, "Another reason for doing this Race is that it is a test to see if we are marriage potential. I know we can win, and if we do, we're getting married right after the show."
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Re: Colin & Christie "Dating"
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Huntsville High School grad embarks on 'The Amazing Race'
By Tori Brock/Staff writer

In 1996, Christie Woods graduated from Huntsville High School. Next week, she'll graduate to the television screen, making her on-air debut in CBS' reality series "The Amazing Race."

Woods and her boyfriend Colin Guinn both live in Corpus Christi now. The two entered the race together, which premiers Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.

Jackie Woods, Christie's mother, said although the race is already over, she doesn't even know the outcome yet.

"We don't know any more than anyone else, but I hope she wins," she said. "It was an awesome opportunity for her to be able to travel around the world. I'm really excited for both of them."

In the July 4-10 edition of TV Guide, Woods and Guinn are featured along with the rest of "The Amazing Race" cast. Las Vegas professional oddsmaker Benjamin Eckstein rated each two-person group on their ability to win the contest, and Woods and Guinn got 2-1 odds.

Of the pair, he said they are smart, supportive and beautiful.   

"He's just as pretty," Eckstein said of Guinn. "They are great for this race."

Woods, 26, is in pharmaceutical sales, and Guinn, 24, is a cell-phone store owner. Naming their team "Texas Extreme," the two told TV Guide they aren't the underdogs.

"People like the underdog, and we won't have that going for us," Guinn said. "We're not the gutsy grandmas."

Woods is a former Miss Teen USA, the only one ever from Texas. She and Colin met in a class at the University of Texas at Austin and have been dating for more than a year.

On the CBS Web site,, Colin claims he will ask Christie to marry him if they can get through the race together. Christie said that was one of their reasons for doing the race, to test if they had marriage potential.

"I know we can win, and if we do, we're getting married right after the show," she said in an interview with CBS.

The show begins Tuesday with 11 teams of two people, each with a prior relationship. Couples aren't the sole makeup of teams on this year's race, which is in its fifth season. Also featured are a father/daughter team, a team of twin sisters and a team of best friends.

Contestants travel the globe on a limited budget performing stunts, all in the hopes of winning the final prize of $1 million.