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Racing report, China Rush 2010, leg 10
« on: October 21, 2010, 10:35:10 AM »
Racing report
Amazing Race China Rush
Season 1, Episode 10

I have tried to estimate distances and driving times every now and then. This data, from Google, is an approximation at best and the driving times assumes no traffic.

Teams depart from the pit stop in the following order:
 1. Sarah & Molly        - 09:33
 2. Rick & Josh            - 10:59 (+1:26)
 3. Lisa & Karen          - 11:27 (+1:54)
 4. Deepak & Naresh  - ? (departure not shown)
 5. Charlie & Rachel    - 13:23 (+3:50)

The first clue tells teams to travel to Teng Chong in the Yunnan province. They must first fly to Kungling and then take an 11 or 13 hour bus ride to reach their destination. When teams arrive they must head to the anti-aggression war memorial where they will find their next clue.

Teams must first travel to the Chengdu airport (~90km and almost 2h) and all do so by bus.

The first flight for Kunming (3U8856) leaves at 14:25 and arrives at 15:40. This connects with a bus which takes 13h to reach Teng Chong. This flight carries:
   Sarah & Molly
   Rick & Josh

The second flight for Kunming (8L9976) departs at 16:20 and arrives at 17:30. These teams end up at a bus leaving around 21:00 which takes 11h. This flight carries:
  Lisa & Karen
  Deepak & Naresh
  Charlie & Rachel

Here Alan states in a voice over that the first flight arrives one hour ahead of the second. That does not match with the published flight schedule.

Choice quotes:
 "These are foreign celebrities", Lisa makes people give up their seats on the bus to the airport
 "It's frightening, it's impressive and very sexy", Rick about when Lisa does stuff
 "I heard those things are used to transport livestock", Lisa is not happy about the upcoming bus trip
 "I'm tired, hungry and pissed off", Karen is getting into the mood for the bus ride
 "I was willing to let it go", Karen almost gave up because of the bus ride

When they reach Teng Chong the first two teams have a three hour lead over the three last teams. That should be pretty safe...

By the way, rain is pouring down during this leg.

Teams reach the clue box in the following order:
 1. Sarah & Molly, Just before
 2. Rick & Josh
And a lot later...
 3. Lisa & Karen
 4. Deepak & Naresh
 5. Charlie & Rachel

Teams must now make their way to the Beihai wetlands (16km 0:27) where they will find their next clue. They reach this clue in the following order:
 1. Sarah & Molly, Just before
 2. Rick & Josh
And later...
 3. Lisa & Karen
 4. Deepak & Naresh
 5. Charlie & Rachel, a little behind at this point

Roadblock: "Who is ready to tee it up". In this roadblock one team member must play some island golf. They will pick up a golf club and 10 tennis balls. They must hit the a tennis ball from one island to the next for a total of four islands. When they have spent all their balls they must retrieve them from the water. All travel will be done by boat.

Teams complete the roadblock in the following order (* denotes team member performing the road block, and the numbers how many roadblocks each team member have performed):
 1. Rick & Josh*           (5-5)
 2. Charlie* & Rachel    (5-5)
 3. Lisa & Karen*          (4-6)
 4. Deepak* & Naresh  (5-5)
 -. Sarah* & Molly,        (5-5) Sarah was unable to complete the roadblock and had to take a 4 hour penalty.

Choice quotes:
 "I don't have any strength in my upper body", Sarah knows why she failed
 "Sarah, positive thinking", Pep talk from Molly
 "So, we are in last place", Charlie sees the need to improve their game in the taxi on the way to the roadblock
 "The surroundings are absolutely stunning", Josh had time to admire the view in the rain
 "I have played golf before", Deepak
 "You have only played golf on Wii", Naresh corrects him
 "I can't believe she is still there, this must be really hard", Rachel spots Sarah
 "Do not bend your left arm", Charlie gives some tips to Sarah
 "I was not going to just give up", Sarah had fighting spirit
 "You do whatever you want to do. I support you 100%", Molly to Sarah
 "To give up, that's awful", Sarah is preparing to face the harsh reality of the situation

Josh stayed behind on the first tee for a couple of minutes to teach Sarah the basics so she at least could reach the next island. But there she got stuck. She was still there when the other teams arrived three hours later. Karen also had problems reaching the second island, but managed after about 30 minutes. In the end, long after the other teams had left Sarah & Molly decided to give up and take the 4 hour penalty.

It was so wet that Deepak lost his grip on his club and it flew into the water. He was unable to retrieve it so he had to take a 30 minute penalty to get a new one.

Teams must then travel to Yungfen Shan (54km 1:35) and take the cable car to the top of the mountain where they will find their next clue. Teams reach this clue in the following order:
 1. Rick & Josh
And a lot later
 2. Charlie & Rachel
And as Charlie & Rachel are going down in the cable car:
 3. Lisa & Karen, closely followed by
 4. Deepak & Naresh

On the way to this mountain Karen & Lisa got mad at the Indians for how their taxi driver drove.

Here teams must transport 20kg of wood to the temple at the very top (a steep and lung-straining 20 minutes climb). They can use a donkey for the first part but must carry the wood on their backs up the last stairs. Teams complete this challenge in the following order:
 1. Rick & Josh
 2. Charlie & Rachel
 3. Lisa & Karen
 4. Deepak & Naresh

Choice quotes:
 "They set the speed they like to go", Rick about the donkeys walking pace
 "And that was a speed I could not maintain for a very long time", Rick again
 "Ray was going she was 90 years old", Charlie would have liked Rachel to walk down a bit faster
 "I didn't think I was that unfit", Rachel after the climb

Teams must now travel by taxi to the Teng Chong volcano park (29km 0:52). They will find their next clue inside the crater. This seems to be a significant hike which probably took around 30 minutes. Teams arrive at this clue in the following order:
 1. Rick & Josh
And a lot later
 2. Charlie & Rachel
Approximately 20 minutes later
 3. Lisa & Karen
 4. Deepak & Naresh

Team must now travel by taxi to Heshun ancient village (27km 0:46) where they will find their next clue. Teams reach this clue in the following order:
 1. Rick & Josh
 2. Charlie & Rachel
 3. Lisa & Karen
 4. Deepak & Naresh

This is where Charlie & Rachel encounter their speed bump. They must plow a rice paddy by using tools designed for water buffalo. Each of them must complete three laps. That is one of them pulls the plow and the other steers, all while the buffalo stands in the next rice paddy looking confused. This looks like very hard work. And Charlie & Rachel who have done so well in this leg start arguing again.

Detour: "Fish or Float"

In fish teams must catch two fish with their bare hands in a rice paddy.

In float teams will be given bamboo and rope and must build a raft. They must then paddle this raft across the lake (~200m).

Sarah & Molly now have 3 hours left to wait at the roadblock. Cue ominous music.

According to the editing (which often can not be trusted) Charlie & Rachel started hunting for fish as Lisa & Karen started paddling over the lake. Lisa & Karen also interviewed that had this been the first episode they would have been very squeamish about getting on the raft. But not so any more.

Teams complete the detour in the following order:
 1. Rick & Josh (started fish but switched to float)
 2. Lisa & Karen (float)
And now it starts getting dark (i.e. close to 20:00 local time)
 3. Deepak & Naresh (float)
 4. Charlie & Rachel (fish)

Choice quotes:
 "The while place just smells, ... It was gross", Rachel did not enjoy the speed bump
 "You are the most American person I have heard in my life", Charlie thinks Rachel should quit being so squeamish
 "You are American too Charlie", Rachel may be tired but she still has some bite left in her
 "Watch the tail", Charlie gives Rachel fish catching tips
 "Are you sure there is fish in here", Rachel shows a lack of faith

There is one scene here we recognizes from the intro where Charlie stumbles and falls while running along the rice paddy. At this time he holds their second fish in his hand. But he prioritizes correctly and focuses on holding the fish while going down. Good reaction.

The next clue tells teams to got to the pitstop at the old city gates in the center of Teng Chong. No team seems to have any problems finding a cab, despite being very wet and muddy.

Teams check into the pitstop in the following order:
 1. Rick & Josh, win a luxury trip back to the Yunnan province
 2. Lisa & Karen
 3. Deepak & Naresh
 4. Charlie & Rachel

Then Alan has to go out and eliminate Sarah & Molly at the golf course. According to the timer they still have almost one hour left of their penalty.

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Re: Racing report, China Rush 2010, leg 10
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Thanks again maf! These are awesome!!
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