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Creating this thread for all your Amazing Race Questions!

Ask them here and our talented and vocal posters will try to help!!

No spoilers or spoiler questions here please.  :waves:

thanks from peach


Everyone knows about the hippies' 'Bowling Moms' t shirts, but does anyone know if any other teams have paid tribute to past racers in any way?

I noticed earlier on that Vipul in Season 10 and Eric in Season 11 both wore the blue 'COLEGE' t-shirt. Does anyone know the story behind this one?

Also from the previews from the start line of season 18, I notice that a certain team are wearing t-shirts with a direct reference to another team on the same race! (no spoilers here)

Are there any other references to past racers?

David & Mary wore 'LOST' T-shirts in reference to the Cho Bros in All-Stars(I believe they wore it in Leg 2.)

Slightly OT: Erwin & Godwin wore T-Shirts with Phil's face in the India leg in Season 10.

Hi all,

Just wondered how many really unusual eliminations there have ever been. I know Phil walked out to meet Marshall and Lance after they gave up during the Roadblock, has he had to do this with anyone else?

What about times where it hasn't been possible for Phil to eliminate a team? And are Team Guido the only final 3 team to never make it to the finish line?

Phil walked out to eliminate Maria and Tiffany in TAR 15.

--- Quote from: domel on February 16, 2011, 02:56:10 PM ---And are Team Guido the only final 3 team to never make it to the finish line?

--- End quote ---

They were the first final three team to not make the finish line.

Mug Costanza:
The two most striking unusual eliminations I can think of were Toni & Dallas on the streets of Moscow in TAR13, and Dana & Adrian in Leg 1 of TAR16 after Adrian failed the Roadblock twice.

Also, Jeff & Dave in TAR4 made the final 3 but did not reach the finish line.


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