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More Amazing Race Spoilers
« on: June 23, 2004, 12:44:59 AM »
This was posted at a Yahoo group site..take it for what its worth.. ;)
I believe that most of the credit goes to the posters @ sucks ;)









AMAZING RACE 5---Pre-show Spoiler Summary

Leg One Itinerary (30% reliable---vidcaps)
Start off at Santa Monica Pier end.
Take a flight from LAX to Buenos Aires, probably connecting for most teams in Miami.
Find Evita's grave. (The famous starting clue.)
Walk dogs around Recoleta. (Has to be in Buenos Aires.)
Take a ferry to Punta del Este, Uruguay.tar5
Ziplining down the Hilton Hotel. (Detour?)
Get to the Pitstop at the Hotel Casapueblo
Thanks to this wonderful site, I am convinced my partner and I saw TAR5 being filmed, Southern Winds flight Buenos Aires (Aeroparque Jorge Newberry) to (San Carlos de) Bariloche, morning of February 4, 2004 (not 5th as I mistakenly stated on another board). I have sent an offer to send 11 photos to clp who noticed my posting. We literally boarded about 0900 AM on the tarmack after flying in from Cordoba, after takeoff the big camera came out with director, cameraman and soundman. We got several good shots of the contestants, there appeared to be at least 3 teams on the flight. I tried to read their tags, one seemed to give sample answers to questions in an evasive manner. A preview by CBS suggest the ski-hill southwest of Bariloche as a filming site. Incidentally when we went Chile and Argentina were 2 hours ahead of New York time with Chile on daylight savings time and Argentina on standard time. Also Air Canada flew three times a week between Santiago and Argentina, before and after long flight SCL-YYZ (Santiago-Toronto).   Jim and Marsha, Brandon and Nicole now confirmed on flight.
We also know from the Punta del Este airplane to San Carlos de Bariloche spoiler that Marshall and Lance survive the first leg. That means we've already narrowed down the first eliminated team to five four teams: Joyce and Bob, Charla and Mirna, Alison and Donny, Jim and Marsha (pic confirmed Jim on plane) or Dennis and Erika.
Today on my way back from a trip to St. Petersburg I noticed a film crew and did some investigating. I am certain that I spotted a taping of the Amazing Race.

I saw a team of two women (early 40s) travel on my flight from St. Petersburg to Frankfurt with a camera man, an audio man, and one other guy who I couldn't really figure out what he was doing. The flight left SPb at 6:55 AM and was destined for Frankfurt. I have no idea what they were doing in SPb, but they were at the depature gate when I got there (which was pretty early). This was the first flight out of SPb so they must have spent the night either at the airport or in the city. In the departure gate they were talking about bowling, so that might also be their "gimic" who knows.

The two women sat up near the front of the plane (the first row in economy). The camera man sat next to them, the audio guy was about two rows back from me near the back of the plane (I don't know where the 3rd guy was sitting). No taping happend during the flight (at least that I noticed). They did tape them boarding the plane however. Most of the crew slept for the flight.

In Frankfurt they ended up going to the same area I was which was a short "shuttle" train away. I was the only other passenger in the train besides the 5 of them and asked the camera man what they were doing, he replyed "filming a documentary". He didn't seem to interested in chatting so I left it at that.

They ended up following me to gate 41 (I was at gate 48). I noticed that that flight was going to Cario (via Greece I think). My flight had a 3 hour layover so I did some more snooping. When I went back to their gate (about 45 minutes later) I noticed another team arrive. This team was two young blond girls (early 20s). There was lots of hugs (including with the camera guys).

I think I noticed another team of two males (early 30s) but I can't confirm. I only saw two crews but I didn't look that hard, and the gate was busy by that point.

A couple of points.
[1] A lot of the stuff was "staged", with the "director" guy telling the team members were to stand to get good footage.

[2] An example of this was going down an escalator, the crew raced down to the bottom and then the ladies decended, ensuring a good take.

[3] I overheard the ladies talking while we walked to the gate. They said "I hope we win, but either way I have had a good time".

anyway, pretty interesting to run into them. My guess is this is a taping for the summer run. I will keep my eye out to see if I was in any shots.
Re: Spoiler: Final 6 in NZ 21/2/04
6 teams arrived at Auckland International Airport on February 21st. How do I know? I was there. I was informed that a TV crew would be filming, but had no Idea it was for the Amazing Race until I asked someone (who worked there) who had asked the camera crew. They came off various flights, Including the KE823 from Korea, a Singapore Airlines flight, and an Air New Zealand flight from either Hong Kong or Singapore. There were at LEAST 500 other people waiting for loved ones, and the airport was extremely crowded but I was right up the front and just watched out for every time the camera men started running to the arrivals area. It was like watching a movie in an overcrowded theatre. There were 6 silver Land Rovers in the airport car park as well as the usual yellow/red/yellow flags. All the contestants had dirty belt bags on. A couple of Airport workers who were totally in love with the show followed the crew around and were talking about it, but not too many friends/loved ones/ or other passengers seemed to care too much about the show.

At approximately 11am, The first team arrived. It was a male/Female team. She had long blonde hair, and he was taller than her (no more details known about these 2) I did not get to see them, But they were spotted by a friend. They were leading the pack. They got out of customs between 11:30 and 11:55 am.

At approximately 12pm the second team arrived. ANOTHER male/ female team. She was slightly taller than her male companion. She had just below shoulder length mousy brown hair. Nice tan. VERY beautiful. Black short shorts and a black tank top. He was slightly built, with a semi mullet haircut (Not really a mullet) and he had a southern accent. They were filmed talking to a worker, and he had to sign a release form to allow his face to appear on TV. She wanted to go to the toilet. The cameraman followed her. He got directions from the worker (I think)

About an hour later team 3 arrived. An african American couple. They were both wearing blue bandanas I think. They left pretty quickly. He was of quite a large build, she was rather small, but very pretty with long black hair.

Team 4 arrived not long after- They reminded me so much of Zach and Flo, even though I didn't really hear them say anything. They were a bit panicky "Where'd they go? Where are the others?" They asked a few people if they had seen anyone with a camera crew...of course everyone said yes. He was tall with blond curly hair and she was short, with long brown hair.

Team number 5 ran right through the arrivals doors. They were major panicking. Two pretty much identical twin girls. Think Kelly Goldsmith, but thinner. There was a guy running around them, I don't know if he was a crew member or what, but he kept darting everywhere they were and it made me think he was one of the team members. But I'm sure he was just a crew member.

The final team to arrive were the soccer moms. It was a nice change considering all the teams beforehand were young male/female couples. They were really really nice. One even asked ME how to drive through roundabouts (In NZ we drive on the elft hand side of the road and go through roundabouts in a clockwise direction) They seemed sort of athletic. Well, they were your average soccer moms. One had a short blonde bob ( I even heard her name! It was Karen!!!!) and the other had shoulder length brown hair. By the time they arrive, 2.5 hours after the first team, the location camera crew had gone, and it was only their personal camera crew they were waiting for. They got directions from an older guy (A pacific Islander) while waiting for their camera crew who were in quarantine. He gave them the wrong directions. Once they had left, the young worker guy informed the Pacific Island man that he had given them the wrong directions, and the PI guy ran out of the terminal to tell them the right way. They were really, really, really sweet, and I hope they don’t get eliminated tonight or tommorow, whenever the next elimination is, because they left the best impression on me. Even the proucers and crew that were there seemed to really like them.

And that’s that. The location camera crew left for rotorua immediately after the twins arrived. Apparently they almost had an accident (them or the team in front of them) A few teams went the wrong way, probably not the soccer moms because they were given the RIGHT directions after being given the run around. This is all I can think of at this moment. If I think of anything else, I will post it. Oh yeah, I’ll match the contestants with their pics when they are released.
Well, you will never believe my luck. Today, I was seeing off the same people who just arrived yesterday (They were merely transitting- heading to Hong Kong for a few weeks before heading back to the states) and you will NEVER guess who were on the same flight.

Three teams arrived at approx. 12pm, but I'm pretty sure there were earlier teams. You will all be happy to know that Karen and LINDA, the soccer moms made it to rotorua AND back to Auckland on the way out. As did the Zach and Flo redux (Who seemed really scatty today- moreso than yesterday. They spent a long time waiting at the Menzies Aviation service desk and got quite Irate I think (couldn't tell too well from the distance I was standing) AND the African American couple. Unless there was no elimination this leg of the race, one of these teams: Team 5: twins, Team 1: Guy girl I didn't see, Team 2: Tall girl/short guy probably got elimated. More than likely, it was the twins, considering the commanding lead the other 2 teams had on the rest of the pack. They are heading to Hong Kong today, 22/2/2004. Anymore info I will update when I think of it.

And yes! The soccer Mom's are still alive and kicking! they are competing with 2 strong couples, so they better be on their toes.
We also have the names of the final six teams in the race: Christie and Colin, Karen and Linda, Brandon and Nicole, Kami and Karli, Chip and Kim and either Alison and Donny or Dennis and Erika are the teams spotted in Auckland.
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(2/6/04 1:53 pm)
Reply Spoiler: Philippines Pitstop

I've read in a Filipino message board that there will be Philippine leg for the race...
-The crew will be arriving in El Nido, Palawan (an island off Manila) on Feb 17, and the cast on the Feb 24/25
-One of the challenges is to navigate El Nido with the use of compass and map w/o the aide of a fisherman
-They will climb a bug-infested cococut tree
-They'll do rock climbing on lagen Island
-They'll dive on the Big Lagoon

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Reply Re: phils

TAR5 was in MANILA sometime in February. Pitstop: INTRAMUROS to be exact. That's all I can say.
Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2004 8:40 pm Post subject:

The Calgary Sun confirmed today that the racers did stop off in Alberta for a leg a few weeks back. No exact dates were mentioned, although it was confirmed that either a Roadblock or Detour was held in a small mountain town called Banff. Further bullitins as events warrant.
Amazing Race stops by Banff


One of the most exciting TV reality shows recently made a pit stop in Alberta. The Amazing Race features 11 teams on a month-long race around the world in competition for a $1-million prize. During the race to numerous elimination pit stops, teams are faced with roadblocks and detours.

Word on the street is the Banff area was the site of either a roadblock or detour on the show.

Sun sources say race competitors battled their way to Bow Falls near the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel where teepees were set up.

Apparently the shoot was quick and lasted half a day. The challenge may have been to see how quick the teams could set up a teepee before being given their next destination.

There's no confirmation from the Calgary International airport on whether or not the teams arrived or departed from there. It would, however, seem logical to go to Banff through Calgary as opposed to over the Roger's Pass from B.C. After all, it's winter and the show is about a race, it's not Survivor.
Tall curly-haired male and long brown haired female spotted at Denver Airport, described as Flo and Zach redux, undoubtedly Brandon and Nicole in final 3  From FORT:
My friend from NYC flew in to visit me for the weekend.
While she did her plane swap in Denver, she spotted two people with large backpacks...who were VERY angry with each a huge hurry and asking for directions. They had a camera man filming them and another guy helping him.
The male was tall and had curly blonde hair.. my friend said she'd recognize him by his hair if she saw him again. The woman was smaller, but she didn't tell me anything other than the woman was standing off to the side seriously pissed off about something while the guy was looking for directions.

I realize it could be some OTHER reality/whatever show.. who knows?! But since the description matched one of the teams in the earlier spoiler, I decided to share it with y'all. This was Friday, February 27, around noon Denver time.
The following scenario is based on the TAR1 and TAR2 non-elimination layouts, and that 6 teams were sighted arriving in Auckland.
Leg One - Los Angeles to Punta del Este via Buenos Aires
Start with 11 teams, End with 10 teams
Parallel in TAR1: New York to Songwe Village
Parallel in TAR2: Pahrump to Rio de Janeiro
Tasks: Cemetery Walking, Dog Walking, Zip-lining, Tango Dancing, Roulette Playing, Los Dedo-ing, Boat-Riding
Team Spoilers: All 11 teams, duh.
Notes: Confirmed by Summer of Fun promos. Tasks might be interchanged with Episode 2.
Leg Two - Punta del Este to San Carlos de Bariloche
Start with 10 teams, End with 9 teams
Parallel in TAR1: Songwe Village to Paris
Parallel in TAR2: Rio de Janeiro to Foz do Iguazu
Tasks: Para-gliding, Dirt Biking, Cow Herding, Beef Lugging
Team Spoilers: Jim/Marsha, Lance/Marshall, Brandon/Nicole sighted.
Notes: Confirmed by Aeroplane Spoiler
Leg Three - San Carlos de Bariloche to Saint Petersburg
Start with 9 teams, End with 8 teams
Parallel in TAR1: Paris to Les Baux de Provence
Parallel in TAR2: Foz do Iguazu to Cape Town
Tasks: Sword Fighting, Vodka Drinking
Leg Four - Saint Petersburg to Cairo (or somewhere in Egypt)
Start with 8 teams, End with 7 teams
Parallel in TAR1: Les Baux de Provence to Tunis
Parallel in TAR2: Cape Town to Windhoek
Team Spoilers:  Linda/Karen, Karmi/Kali definitely sighted, possibly Lance/Marshall
Notes: Proposed by Aeroplane Spoiler
Leg Five - Cairo (or somewhere in Egypt) to Dar Es Salaam (or somewhere in Tanzania)
Start with 7 teams, End with 6 teams
Parallel in TAR1: Tunis to Gabés
Parallel in TAR2: Windhoek to Ampawa
Notes: Might go to Dubai first
Leg Six - Dar Es Salaam (or somewhere in Tanzania) to Dubai
Non-Elimination, Start and End with 6 teams
Parallel in TAR1: Gabés to Sant-Agata Bolognaise
Parallel in TAR2: Ampawa to Chiang Dao
Tasks: Possibly Water Slide Riding
Notes: From TV Production Spoiler
Leg Seven - Dubai to Auckland (or somewhere in New Zealand)
Start with 6 teams, End with 5 teams
Parallel in TAR1: Sant-Agata Bolognaise to Agra
Parallel in TAR2: Chiang Dao to Hong Kong
Tasks: Zorbing
Team Spoilers: Brandon/Nicole, Colin/Christy, Linda/Karen, Chip/Kim, Karmi/Kali sighted. For Alison/Donny and Erika/Dennis, pick one.
Notes: Confirmed by New Zealand Spoiler
Leg Eight - Auckland (or somewhere in New Zealand) to Manila (or somewhere in the Philippines)
Non-Elimination, Start and End with 5 teams
Parallel in TAR1: Agra to Bikaner
Parallel in TAR2: Hong Kong to Sydney
Team Spoilers: Brandon/Nicole, Linda/Karen, Chip/Kim, Karmi/Kali sighted. For Alison/Donny and Erika/Dennis, pick one.
Notes: Proposed by New Zealand Spoiler
Leg Thirteen - Banff (or somewhere in Canada) to Denver (or somewhere in the USA)
Final Leg, Start with 3 teams
Parallel in TAR1: Anchorage to New York
Parallel in TAR2: Maui to San Francisco
Tasks: Teepee Building
Team Spoilers: Brandon/Nicole sighted.
Notes: Proposed by Canada Spoiler

Is this Philippine spoiler True??

Hi guys i got this email from a yahoo egroup. I am not sure if it is true. Can someone please verify if it is true?

Begin forwarded message:

STUDIO 23 brings back the popular reality series THE AMAZING RACE
for a 5th season with a 90-minute season premiere
on July 7, tentatively at 9:30AM via satellite. At present the
series is scheduled to have its live satellite airing every
Wednesday morning. The live broadcast will be real time with New
York and will be open for commercial placements.

The primetime airing will be on Sundays, 7:00PM-8:00PM, replacing
EXPOSED. However, the premiere will run 90-minutes long so the July
11 Sunday primetime broadcast will be from 7:00-8:30PM, pre-empting
2 AND A HALF MEN on July 11 only. Subsequent airings will be from

The 5th season is made more significant because the 11th pit stop
is at the Coconut Palace and the 12th and final pitstop is also in
the Philippines, on Lagen Island Resort, near Palawan. The tentative
primetime airing of the finale is September 19 or 26 but this is
still subject to adjustment with the live satellite broadcast during
the week of September 12-18.

Local STUDIO 23 programs will tie-up with AMAZING RACE especially
with the prominent role given the Philippines in the final 2 legs.
BREAKFAST, WAZZUP and NEWS CENTRAL will likely carry updates with
BREAKFAST carrying more collateral material as they become
available. For reference, the pitstops are in the following areas:

1 Uruguay

2 Argentina

3 Argentina

4 Russia

5 Cairo, Egypt

6 Crocodile Island, Egypt

7 Tanzania, Africa

8 Dubai

9 Calcutta, India

10 Rotorua, New Zealand

11 Coconut Palace, Philippines

12 Lagon Island Resort, Philippines

The teams [final 3] will clock in at 72,000 miles travelling
through 6 continents in 29 days. The show has 100 Hollywood-based
staff plus around 2,000 part-time staffers enlisted worldwide during
the running of the race.

Please make the necessary arrangements.

* * * * *

On July 6th, 11 Teams of 2 people, each with a pre-existing
relationship, will set out on THE AMAZING RACE around the world to
compete for one million dollars. They'll never know where they're
going next or what they'll have to do once there. Each pair's
relationship will be forever changed by their experience in this
once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Once again, our website will track the Teams' progress across the
globe, chronicling dramatic conflicts and deepening friendships that
develop between and within the Teams throughout the grueling
competition. Here's your chance to meet each Team and find out what
their relationship is like at the starting line of THE AMAZING RACE!

Don't miss the 90-minute broadcast premiere of THE AMAZING RACE at
a special time, 9:30PM ET/PT, Tuesday July 6th [New York sked]

This communication is the property of ABS-CBN Broadcasting
Corporation. ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation is not, however,
responsible for the opinions or statement made herein. The
information contained in this communication is intended solely for
the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and
others authorized to receive it. It may contain confidential or
legally privileged information. If you are not the intended
recipient you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying,
distribution or taking any action in reliance on the contents of
this information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you
have received this communication in error, please notify us
immediately by responding to this email and then delete it from your
system. ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation is not liable for any
information included in this communication, the proper and complete
transmission of the information contained in this communication nor
for any delay in its receipt.
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Re: More Amazing Race Spoilers
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2004, 08:52:28 AM »
WOW thanks puddin.....should be a fun one to watch.

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Re: More Amazing Race Spoilers
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whew..........that was exhausting reading all of those spoilers!

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Re: More Amazing Race Spoilers
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 :D :D..I know its long..I just posted what was written..sorry  :D

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Re: More Amazing Race Spoilers
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oh that is quite all right puddin ;)  It was long, but of course interesting!

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Re: More Amazing Race Spoilers
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TKS Pittgirl..I really like the map ,it will make it easier to follow Race :)

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Re: More Amazing Race Spoilers
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Bumped for Marv