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Survivor Nicaragua BITCH, MOAN, SQUEAL
« on: December 16, 2010, 04:07:09 AM »
I'm starting off first, and i know many comments about how bad this season is will start coming in.

I'll start my ranting with Chase first. Chase, is retarded. Chase thinks he can win by being wishy washy. Chase thinks he can win if he goes to the F3 with anyone. No, Chase. Survivor is a completely random game. Everybody thought Amanda was a sure-win to bring to the finals and wanted to vote her out in Fans VS Favourites. Look what happened in the end. She got all the way to the end, and still lost to Parvati. Chase, your chance of winning will not be affected whether you bring Holly, Jane, Sash or Fabio to the finals if you continue to play like that. STOP FREAKING GOING AGAINST YOUR PROMISES. You pissed Sash off, you then pissed Fabio off.. now you pissed Jane off. You're mad. You're honestly mad if you think you still can win with stupid moves like that.

Then we move on to Dan. Honestly, Dan. You should just quit and spare us all of the job ridiculing you. What have you done? What did you do to deserve the million bucks? Absolutely nothing. But each week, you pretended as if you ought to be that because you worked hard for you spot thus far. No you didn't. You simply are still in the game because you're absolutely NOT A THREAT at all. You're non-existant, you have no game play.. and you will not win the million bucks.

And then for Sash... Sash, stop acting like you've got the game in control. I don't care if you nearly got voted off because your alliance of Brenda and the two quitters are gone. The fact is, people already no your character when you refused to let Brenda have the HII. That, was in my opinion.. a VERY VERY self-fish move. It puts you far more worst than Russell because at least Russell protected his alliance. You, are extremely selfish and you only care for yourself. I can't stand the smug look on your face, i can't stand how you act as if you're the smartest player left. No, you're not. And i hope you don't win the million bucks.

Holly Holly Holly.. you're the only one person i hope to win the game now. Although you've made weird moves throughout the game, but i certainly hoped you at least kept your promise with Jane. It would have made you such a more valuable competitor and even if Jane is in the F3/F2.. you might have a huge chance of winning too. I don't agree with the moves you've made thus far, but i'm letting it go for now.

Fabio. You were irritating. BUT, if you managed to be in the F3 with any of the other guys besides Holly.. i hope you win. I may not like you but at least i respect people who play a clean game. You game has been fair, clean and nothing more than backstabbing or what. Good luck.

Jane. You're very likable. It's a pity you didn't go all the way to the end. This season's only chance of redemption was either you or Holly winning. With you eliminated, Holly is our only hope. Jane, good luck to whatever in life and thanks for the life lessons from Survivor that you taught me about.

Naonka and Kelly... :cmas28 :cmas28 :cmas28 :cmas28

Marty and Brenda... :cmas29 :cmas29 :cmas29 :cmas29 :cmas29

I HATE THIS SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Survivor Nicaragua BITCH, MOAN, SQUEAL
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2010, 10:02:43 PM »
Amen to that! :cmaslol