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ANTM Cycle 16
« on: October 28, 2010, 03:19:27 PM »
C16 filming timeline (Prize still are VI & IMG.)
2010/07/04 : Open calls in small cities start
2010/08/10 : casting start
2010/08/18 : casting end
2010/09/03 : Open calls in big cities end
2010/10/15 : Franca and Tyra talks about selection
2010/10/20 : Mr. Jay 1st taping day in LA
2010/10/20 : Ken Mok busy starting up
2010/10/20 : Mr. Jay / Miss J on set (purple SpiritDay)
2010/10/25 : Nigel on his way to JFK/LAX and landed in LA
2010/10/26 : Ken Mok shooting into the night
2010/10/27 : Mr. Jay taping on Halloween


Are You Ready for the Newest Season of 'America's Next Top Model'?

'America's Next Top Model' traveled outside of New York City this season, eating, praying and loving in Italy and amping up the top model's top prize with a cover shoot for Vogue Italia.

We got to sit down for breakfast this morning with Tyra Banks and judge Andre Leon Talley to chat Italian Vogue, talk shows, black models and weird looking models over a giant platter of really was a little slice of heaven.

Top Model was one of the first times we saw plus-size models treated equally, now it's a trend. Do you feel responsible?
Tyra: I am actually really, really happy. When I pitched the idea of 'Top Model' to the network, I said I have to have plus sized models and that was a different time, so they were like, "eh whatever". Now to see V magazine and Glamour and Chanel and Marc Jacobs embracing it. It's great. The thing is we have to make sure it isn't just a trend. Women's bodies come in so many different sizes, I am hoping it is not a trend and we can continue the different looks.

You've had a lot of different looks on the show. Which ones would you label as a moment of drekitude?
Tyra: I did have a dreck white dress.
Andre: No, you changed the white dress. You rushed back to your dressing room. Dreckitude was not happening this season.
Tyra: And Andre gets silent when there is dreck. So there has been no dreck since Andre has been there. I wouldn't say I have had dreck looks, I would say I have had dreck seasons. Also I care about fashion now. Before I was so busy with the talk show I just put on whatever, but now I actually think about it.

What's the most exciting thing about this season?
Tyra: The prize is beyond exciting and I have a nice relationship with Franca Sozzani from Italian Vogue. She was so giving of her time we sat in my dressing room for two hours just talking. It was a shock and surprise for me was how dedicated she was to this and when I asked if she wanted to do it again she said, "Of course darling". So she's on for Cycle 16.

Andre, tell us about the first time you met Tyra when this fierce love affair began?
Andre: When I first saw Ms. Banks she was a little girl, just 16, backstage at the Yves St. Laurent show and she was chaperoned by her mother. That's how I remember her. My biggest memory is her being there with her mama hovering over her.

Tyra, Italy is where you got your start as a model. What was it like going back to give these girls their start there?
Tyra: Being a black model, I didn't get that love at home and I had to go overseas to get that respect and get a career. My mom was the one who was so excited that I was going back to where I got my start.

Because you were in Italy this season, did you pick the models differently?
Tyra: I am attracted to beauty that is odd. I created 'Top Model' to expand the definition of beauty and we have always chosen some girls who are odd and interesting and different and this season we did that with all of them because we could. It's Italian Vogue!!

We're sad about your talk show ending. Will there be another one?
Tyra: No way! Having a talk show is the hardest thing in the world. In the world. I don't want to be in the business of bulk. I would would prefer to take projects on that I can craft individually.'


According to Mr. Jay Manuel's Twitter, today is the first day of ANTM Cycle 16 filming. After 15 cycles of catfights, drekitude turned fabulosity, and painfully awkward CoverGirl commercials, the modeling competition series is still going strong, probably partly in thanks to Tyra Banks giving up her talk show to focus on ANTM. Mr. Jay tweeted that it was a gloomy day in LA for filming, but we're sure that doesn't prevent a gaggle of lanky new model hopefuls from screeching nonstop (meeting Miss Tyra is just so exciting!). Jay also showed his support for GLAAD's Spirit Day, honoring the teens who recently took their own lives as a result of anti-gay bullying, by wearing purple on set an eggplant suit to be precise. Thanks for the wardrobe note, Mr. Jay.

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