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TAR 17 EP 12 (FINALE) "Hi. I'm sorry. I'm in a Race."

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I was listening to interviews of the teams, earlier this week. Both girl teams I remember said the bungee jump was timed to occure at 15 minute that 30 minutes from Nat/Kat to Brooke/ also matches up with Chateau's time stamps......from when Nat/Kat were landing at Rose Bowl and Brooke/Claire were arriving at the heliport in San Pedro...

My only major issue with the finale is really the bungee task. That requires no skill and it kills time.

The float was an okay task. I also thought the memory task would be difficult if there were only 12 faces on at one time, and then the screens changed every 15 seconds or so.

OTOH, this was very satisfying to watch.

Chateau d If:
You  will not believe the route that Nat & Kat's taxi took to get from Don Quixote Studios to Greystone Mansion.    :cmas18

It's a wonder that they were able to retain their lead over Brooke & Claire.  That taxi definitely did not have GPS!  He used GTS (Get There Slow) !

This is a route that is designed to hit traffic!

This shot is from one of the insider videos and they have completed the memory challenge and are on the way to the finish mat. It was taken on the Santa Monica Freeway one mile west of the 110 freeway.  That means they went through downtown LA! :cmas30: from Glendale. 

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So, Chateau, the doctors really were stuck in traffic while Brooke and Claire were doing the memory wasn't just editing?

Chateau d If:
Matching other shots

1)  Stadium Way exit from Pasadena Freeway
2)  La Cienega exit from Santa Monica Freeway
3)  north bound on La Cienega at Wilshire
4)  southwest corner of Beverley Center (going east)  :cmas30:
5)  northbound on San Vicenta at the northwest corner of the Beverley Center
6)  corner of Sunset Blvd and San Vicente
7)  corner of Sunset and Cory (Jaguar Dealer)

The whole route is this: 

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