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TARA 4 Yani & Nadine (Indonesia)
« on: September 13, 2010, 11:46:24 PM »

Nadine Zamira Sjarief, 26, Beauty Queen | Hilyani Hidranto (Yani), 28, TV Presenter
Best Friends, Indonesia

For Nadine, joining The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) was the fulfilment of a promise to her best friend Yani made three years ago. Laughs Yani, ďAfter TARA Season 1 aired, Iíve asked so many people to be my partner. Everyone pretty much rejected the offer, until I met Nadine!Ē

The two besties met at a cover search for Femina Magazine and hit it off instantaneously. Yani walked away as the cover girl while Nadine won the title of Miss Fabulous Personality. That is not their only claim to fame, for Yani has been in show business since 2004, starting with her stint as an MTV VJ; whereas Nadine juggles her crown as Miss Indonesia Earth 2009, as well as her day job as a Social and Environmental Values Executive. A fitting designation indeed, for someone whose pet peeves have to do with others neglecting to turn off taps and switch off energy-consuming appliances.

For two friends who have never had a dispute and can even read each otherís minds, TARA will truly be the real test of their friendship. And their secret arsenal? Cute outfits, waterproof makeup and a dose of determination! This is definitely one team who is serious about looking good on the race.

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Re: TARA 4 Yani & Nadine (Indonesia)
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2010, 07:11:29 PM »
I think I'm going to silently support this team. Not expecting much but hoping for an all female team to win. They don't seem like bad people from what I've seen of the first ep.