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news from yesterdays taping
« on: September 08, 2010, 09:00:03 AM »
Friend in the audience emailed me this

Apparently, the original I posted was what she sent me that someone else wrote.  Here is my friends actual report.  :res:

Warning~ Potential Spoilerish Info to follow...

Well, I'm back from a fun show taping! I'm not supposed to say too much about what happened at the show, but I can tell you who I'd like to win, and I guess I can "suppose" just a little bit...  

I've decided that I'd like Hayden to win, just cuz he's so darn nice- and he wears his retainers at night thus not wasting all the money his folks spent on braces, and lastly - because I have a nephew named Hayden. So there.

Now, the taping today "may" have been part pre-taped POV stuff shown to the live audience on monitors, part live stuff done there in the studio, and part live potential competition-type stuff continuing on back in the yard (yet shown to the audience on the monitors)... which may or may not have continued on after we left...  

I had a pretty good seat; I was in the second row from the top, on the left side of the stairs (as you're facing the door), and my seat was actually right smack ON the aisle of that 2nd row from the top - so that IF someone were to have exited through that door, I could have easily been one of the people they shook hands with on their way down...

Now-- if we were to suppose that after that potential POV stuff was shown to us, it is possible that perhaps someone may have indeed left the house tonight! But of course, this may or may not have happened...


...the second audience member that "may" have had their hand shaken by that person (on the right-hand side of that person walking down the steps) very possibly just COULD have been lil' ol me! (dark hair, light grey top w/ unzipped black hoodie, and a real big old smile.)
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Re: news from yesterdays taping
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2010, 04:56:09 PM »
LOL.. I'm going to watch to see someone shook someone's hand..

on who might have shaken hands with someone.. it seems she  couldn't provide many details, was she sworn to silence? I wouldn't want her to get in trouble. I wonder if the audience was filled with mostly CBS employees.
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