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Hey there my RFF family and welcome guests,

You all know my summer officially begins with Big Brother.  I love the show and have watched since season 1.  I am glad to say that I am impressed with the houseguests this season.  They are hilarious, smart (well-most of them), and eager to get their game on!!!!  However, every year I pick my favorite from the get go and this season is no different.

My most favorite houseguest is Kathy. I would love to see her win. 

Now, Matt has tugged at my emotional side with the story of his wife and a bone disease she has and they need money for surgery.  he is very strategical and a people watcher.  he doesn't miss much.


Hayden sweet guy and can have a great convo with others.  Very respectful.


Annie ....can't stand her....she is fly that can't sit still and I don't dig followers times seems to be in her own world........but is a dark horse kinda rminds me of my girl Maggie.

Ragan the mean girl (he said it) but it is true

Monet....sweet and kind but don't cross her

Lane a true southener and Texasan

Andrew....Andrew...Andrew.....he is a little quirky and dorky and socially awkward, but I think they need to give him a chance cuz there's more to him then meets the awkwardness LOL

Brendon....eye candy....doesn't really impress me though...very openminded, but I thikn to the point that he really doesn't know what he believes in ....I give him props for being  a teacher though and going for his PhD.!!!

Rachel.....flirt.....but smart....

So who do I pick for the final 2:  Kristine and Lane......with Lane winning


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Re: Nuala's Welcome, thoughts so far, and Pick's to go to the final 2
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Well BB Fans.....I hope you are enjoying  your summer and enjoying BB.  I sure hope someone wins the HOH this week that blows the house up. I need drama right now.  Def. need drama. Obvi as Rachel would say.  I am just tired of the pussy footing that is going on in the house.  Cowboy Up and get your game on peeps.

Well with Kristen on the block this week, guess my prediction of her going to final 2 is a flop.  I do believe she will be sent packing.  Then, Hayden will get his head back in the game, which he needs to do.

Kathy....She is still my favorite.....but seriously needs to get playing.  Quit playing just to go to the jury to win.

My prediction of Lane winning is still in motion.  He is doing a great job and will hopefully win an HOH so he can get rid of some key players in the game.

My new Fave is Enzo....the dude seriously has me laughing from the time he wakes up til he goes to bed.  I would love to see him blow up like a time bomb in the house. Hopefully he will win HOH and put up Brendon and Rachel this week.

Matt I can't stand him anymore at all since he lied about his wife being sick.