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This is the place to fondly...or not so fondly :lol: reminisce about previous seasons.

Discuss old challenges, compare and contrast tasks, episodes, and legs to your heart's content!!  :jam:

Mug Costanza:
Sure, I'll bite. :)

Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted a few weeks ago asking followers to identify their favorite Amazing Race challenges. What are some of your favorites?

For me, I would include the World War I Detour from this past season (although not necessarily for the tasks themselves. In the Trenches/Under Fire took a backseat to the elaborate staging of the task and surrounding battle), the Count the Money/Run the Numbers Detour in Zurich from TAR 3 (probably my favorite all-time task. Tasks like this are what the Race is all about, IMO), and the Final Roadblock from TAR 9 with the flags (the best final task ever, in my estimation. So good that they kind of reused it in TARA 2).


My favorite task has to be the Letterman Digital Arts Center task from the finale of TAR 16!
I would love to do that task  :lol:


--- Quote from: Dånooky on July 25, 2010, 02:40:13 PM ---Haybales!

--- End quote ---

Meh, I don't really like luck tasks. Here's the ones that could be reused though.

Eiffel Tower RB (point to somewhere else, though)
Paris detour (though it's hard to duplicate this)
Tunisia Colisseum RB
Listening or Puzzling
Sahara RB

Confusion Now or Confusion Later
Aussie Slang RB
Cool Down or Heat Up
Boomerang RB

Scotland RB
Count the Money or Run the Numbers
William Tell RB
Swiss Bike RB
Basket Boats or Basket Bikes

Search or Rescue
Waterway or Pathway
Venice RB
Mozart or Beethoven
Malaysian Archery RB
Seoul RB
Seoul Detour (somewhat reused in Asia)
Hawaii RB

Perro or Tango
Block 5 Shots or Drink 1 Shot
Caviar RB
Zorb RB (but make it harder)
Plow or Fowl (I want to see both options though, so let's have a double RB!)

Ice Climb or Ice Search
Endurance or Accuracy
Haybales has already been reused
Hungarian Soup RB
All Ethiopia tasks
Locks RB (it's just too memorable)

Argentina Meat RB (also memorable)
All the Africa tasks this season
Istanbul RB
All London tasks
Limbo RB

Italy Statue RB
All Greece, Oman, and Australia tasks
The final RB

I can go on if you want.


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