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Lemme try

Leg 1: Dallas, TX, USA to Guadalajara and Tequila, Mexico
Leg 2: Mexico to Managua and Leon, Nicaragua
Leg 3: Nicaragua to Buenos Aires, Argentina
Leg 4: Argentina to Toulouse, France
Leg 5: Toulouse to Carcassonne, France
Leg 6: France to Helsinki and Vantaa, Finland
Leg 7: Finland to Doha, Qatar
Leg 8: Qatar to Manila, Philippines
Leg 9: Manila to Legazpi, Philippines
Leg 10: Philippines to Christchurch and Invercargill, New Zealand
Leg 11: New Zealand to Taipei, Taiwan
Leg 12: Taiwan to Cleveland, OH, USA

Continents visited: 5
Countries: 10
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I hope Rob & Brennan get a chance to race again some day. That's all.

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12 teams race

1st leg - mid point EL & classic EL (TAR10 style)
2nd to 5th leg - ELs

This means 6 teams eliminated by the end of 5th leg.

THERE IS A TWIST in 6th leg!!!

All 6 teams eliminated will be competing for 1 returning spot to the race in the challenge!!! The challenge will be both mental and physical and fair for everyone. Team who'll win it will return to the race imediately!!! 

Teams who are still in the race will be watching this challenge and each of them have to pick 1 of the eliminated teams who they think will win this challenge. The order of their bets is based on their arrival to the challenge locations from the airport. 1 team who'll correctly guess returning team will win Express Pass(or other advantage in the game)!!!

Challenge is over (it will take only 10 minutes of the episode) and team who won is returning. There is overnight stand right after challenge and race is continuing at the morning with all 7 teams starting at the same time.

Leg 6 is KOR leg because we don't want team who just returned to be eliminated again in the same episode.  :funny:

The race continue...

What do you think? I always wondered why TAR didn't try some kind of returning twist yet. Survivor did it in PI and seasons with Redemption islands and doing it also in the newest season. Big Brother is doing it every season...

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I ♥ TAR, this basically just happened in Season 6 of the Israeli Amazing Race.
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To celebrate the new year, here's a new route I thought up on the fly:

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STARTING LINE: Fire Island National Seashore - Sailors Heaven Visitor Center in Sayville, New York
Leg 1 (United States --> Nauru) | LaGuardia to LAX connection flight to Nauru, exports themed leg
Leg 2 (Nauru --> Australia) | flight to Brisbane, fringe leg
Leg 3 (Australia) | flight to Windorah, charter flight to Diamantina Lakes
Leg 4 (Australia --> Myanmar) | flight to Yangon
Leg 5 (Myanmar --> Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India) | flight to Port Blair
Leg 6 (Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India --> India) | flight to Bengaluru
Leg 7 (India --> Bahrain) | flight to Manama
Pit Stop located at King Fahd Causeway Park
Leg 8 (Bahrain --> The Gambia) | flight to Banjul, visits crossing ferry to Barra, return to Bakau
Katchically Crocodile Pool luck ritual, Bakau craft market
Leg 9 (The Gambia --> Morocco) | flight to Agadir
Leg 10 (Morocco --> Germany) | flight to Cologne
Eau de Cologne, Hohenzollern Bridge love locks, Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum rooftop Pit Stop
Leg 11 (Germany) | train to Frankfurt
TWIST: Tasks mania, finish all tasks in any order before heading to the Pit Stop
Velotaxi self-drive: Anne Frank House (annex visit), Europaturm (maintenance ladder clue grab), Beutelwurst (grinding meat and casing), Emperors’ Hall at the Römer (Yuletide elaborate table setting task), Theatrallalla (stand-up comedy via kalauer), life-size chess challenge at one of two parks, etc.
Leg 12 (Germany --> United States) | flight to Savannah, Georgia / visit to South Carolina (Low-country themed leg)
Figuring out their next destination using only the "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" phrase (Chippewa Square in Savannah, GA), knock at Mata Hari's Speakeasy after solving a password riddle, assembling a custom camo duck boat in South Carolina, visiting Shell Ring Oyster Company on Hilton Head, SC; riding an airboat from Hilton Head to Fort Pulaski on Cockspur Island for interactive final memory puzzle
FINISH LINE: Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, GA
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I had this idea in my head last night. It's sort of a spin off of that time the Israeli version went to France and they were only allowed to speak in Hebrew.

At one point in a leg, teams have to dress up as mimes. Then, they have to travel by taxi and/or on foot to a certain location, but they have to be mimes; they can't speak. (To keep it from being too easy, they can't write down something and show it to others either)
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