Author Topic: So did Russel "know" he lost the previous season before it's finale or not?  (Read 3395 times)

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So what's the real deal?

From what we supposedly know the previous season did not have its finale until after this season was done filming, right?

Russel states on this season (in the regular filming, towards the end a bit before the jury questioning) that he brought two people to the end on the last season that he should have won against and he did not win.  (more or less)

Was he just assuming?  Even if so he seems inconsistant.  It seems like there were plenty of times where he "knew" he was going to win the last season and he certainly seemed surprised on the last season finale when he didn't win.

Plus with the Sandra interview that rffradio had it seems like Sandra basically says the same thing.  She says that Russel claims that he for sure won the season before and now he was just backpedaling. 

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I caught that confessional too.  It had to be edited after both seasons were completed.  Still think the season would not have been as good without Russell.  I have never been a Sandra fan but I do have to give her credit for not changing her life due to the money.

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Reality TV World: Last night's episode showed you making a comment that suggested you knew you had lost Survivor: Samoa even though Samoa hadn't aired yet.  Was that just a reference to what you had told me when I interviewed you after Samoa -- that you knew you weren't going to win Survivor: Samoa based on how the jury questioning had gone -- or was there more to it?

Russell Hantz: When you're sitting there at Tribal, you read people. You know what's going on. If you're pretty good at reading people -- which I am -- I knew it. You can see it in the questions they asked and the way they looked at you. It's easy to read bitter people.
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