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Re: MasterChef
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I thought this was interesting:

October 2, 2010
Update on MasterChef winner Whitney Miller

By Jodi Marze, Lifestyles Editor The Picayune Item Picayune Item Sat Oct 02, 2010, 06:38 PM CDT

PICAYUNE — For those that have called The Picayune Item wanting an update on MasterChef winner, Whitney Miller, here it is.

Miller says, “The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of travel, interviews, updating my Facebook page and working on my cookbook. I have been to New Orleans, La. and all over Mississippi doing interviews for radio and television.”

The weekend following the MasterChef season finale, Miller was asked to walk out on the field at the MSU game and viewed the game from the President’s Box.

“It was an  honor to be asked,” she said of the experience.

“I keep busy now. My family still plays a major part in everything that I do. My mom travels with me and works with me in the kitchen when I am working on my cookbook. My dad is the “taster,” which is the perfect job for him,” she says.

Speaking of the cookbook, Miller says the rumors that her new book is exclusively of desserts are not true.

“No, it is not just dessert recipes,” says Miller.

“My focus and vision for my first cookbook is to have it based in Southern foods and maybe do a second one that would exclusively be desserts.”

“I am really excited about it. I have a good insight into what people want in cookbooks like lots of photos and a font that is easy to read. I think that people do not want to go to a recipe and see a long list of ingredients and things that are hard to find.”

“I am working hard behind the scenes on it (the cookbook) and hope to have it available by the end of the year.

“Of course, I am trying to stay focused on the cookbook, but there has been talk of my having a cooking show. I have also been asked, by two other people, to collaborate on a show with them. There have been three magazines that are Mississippi related that have asked about me doing an article or column for them for food and cooking. None of these is concrete, yet. For now, it is all just talk,” Miller says.

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