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TAR: China Rush 2010 **contains spoilers**

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I haven't given up hope...they are asking for English speaking production!! :yess:

Maybe it's an Amazing Race: China for non-Chinese?

I'm interested to see if they cast non-Mandarin speakers.

From a viewership perspective, it would make more sense to have the racers speak Mandarin, although non-Mandarin speakers would probably provide more drama. 

Great news.  

Thanks to angryasianman:

--- Quote ---
casting call: chinese version of the amazing race
Got this news from a press release... Disney-ABC International Television Asia Pacfici has signed an agreement with Shanghai Media Group for it to produce a local version of the hit reality series The Amazing Race in China.

The show, titled China Rush, is a 12-episode series to be shot in locations across China. The name sounds like an energy drink, but it could be kind of cool. Interested in being on the show? They're currently seeking English-speaking applicants -- no Mandarin skills necessary -- from anywhere in the world to be on China Rush:
The Amazing Race: China Rush is now seeking english-speaking applicants 18+ from anywhere in the world.

No Mandarin Skills necessary to qualify

FLY Films and International Channel Shanghai (ICS) are looking for English speaking contestants to take part in this exciting reality TV show set to be filmed in China between the end of April 2010 and June 2010.

Ten teams of two will carry out tasks in cities across China to compete for the grand mystery prize. Do you have what it takes to win?

Complete an online application form at
Deadline: Monday 29 March 2010



China Rush will premiere in August 2010 and will air weekly to audiences in China. The show will be telecast in English, with Chinese subtitles, on SMG's International Channel Shanghai network. For more information, and to apply to be on the show, go to the China Rush website here.

--- End quote ---

This is what I saw in the first few lines of the application on the site itself:

--- Quote ---All applicants MUST understand and speak English.

If you have previously applied for THE AMAZING RACE (the Program), please DO NOT re-apply. Duplicate entries will not be considered.

Applications must be submitted by MONDAY, March 29, 2010

--- End quote ---

The deadline is 12 days from now.

Exciting news!! Hope some ones we know will apply!! :jumpy:

Having hope that this is filmed in English then!!


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