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Jenna's CBS Chat
« on: May 15, 2004, 05:03:19 PM »

Survivor Host: Hi Jenna! Thanks for joining us. Are you ready for some questions?
Jenna L: I'm ready! As long as you don't ask why I didn't win! <LAUGHS>
Aussie_Rupert_Fan_2: What's it like knowing that it's quite possible a twitch of your foot may have cost you a million bucks? And after seeing it on TV, do you now realize that you did lift your foot?
Jenna L: I realize out there that I did lift my foot. My argument had been that in the beginning of the Challenge Amber and Rob were shuffling their feet. But they didn't shift the cameras to our feet until the second hour, when we started to get tired. And I would have won the million dollars--Jeff said last night that I wouldn't have won because Shii Ann said she would have changed her vote. But Rupert would have also changed his vote -- and he would have voted for me, and I would have won.

pepperspray: Jenna, why did you agree to come back and do it all over again?
Jenna L: I think we're all adventurous people and little sadistic and masochistic. We love to give and receive pain. And it's an adventure that many people don't get to do once, let alone be honored enough to be considered an All-Star and have a second chance.

Legend41: Jenna, besides being voted off what was the toughest thing you went through on the island and why?
Jenna L: Day nine or ten, I believe, while we were still on Saboga, our shelter washed away (thanks Rupert) and we spent an entire night thinking we were going to die. Suffering hypothermia the next day, it was the one time in the game that I questioned why I came again.

LauraineFromMass: Congratulations on third place, well done. Were you surprised at the hostility from Lex, Alicia , Kathy and Tom?
Jenna L: Yes. Very surprised. I don't know what game they thought they signed up for, but I signed up for a game where you put friendships on the line. Eventually you have to vote everyone else out if you want to be Sole Survivor. They were big babies. I like them as people, but as part of the game, emotions are going to run high. You have to separate the real world and SURVIVOR.

that_canadian_rice: Jenna, you were talking about the "Purple Rock Pick." Had Jeff indicated that this would be used as a tiebreaker instead of asking questions?
Jenna L: Yes. Jeff distinctly told us that the tie would be drawing a rock. That's why I chose to put fate in my own hands.

Quokka: Hi Jenna. Congratulations on playing a great game. If you could choose from any of the Survivors, who would you take with you to the Final Two and why?
Jenna L: I would have chosen Boston Rob because he mad so many enemies that I could have easily won. And I respected his game a lot.

yoyo: Is that true even if the choice was between Rob and Rupert?
Jenna L: Yes. I would have still have chosen Boston Rob because I was there to win, and my chances of winning against Rob were much better than against Rupert. I LOVE Rupert, but I was there for the million for my daughters.

RadioGaGa: Thanks for helping make ALL-STARS such a success, was there anything not shown to the viewers that you wish had made it?
Jenna L: There was ton not shown. For instance, I instigated the big fight between Kathy and Boston Rob. I also was the one who told Rupert and Rob that Big Tom had approached me to vote off Rob. Rob ended up believing me, so did Rupert, over Tom. And I did that because I wanted everyone fighting, because people who are fighting are not making deals. But I started both of those fights, and seeing it last night on the Reunion, with Tom still adamantly telling Rob he never approached us to vote him off, made me giggle because I started all that crap and walked away. But I needed to preserve Rupert and I for the Final Four.

John: If the game were based solely on truth and morality, who should get the money and the cars?
Jenna L: Probably Rudy, he was always truthful, I don't think he could lie to someone or back-stab them. Rudy would win--but he better share the car with me for suggesting it.

chickb: Jenna, were you upset that Amber gave Shi Ann the car and not you?
Jenna L: Yes, of course I was. Because Amber talked so much crap about Shii Ann, and I don't understand why she said last night that Shii Ann was the swing vote, because she knew for two Tribal Councils that Shii Ann considered her the mastermind. I think she awarded Shii Ann the car simply because Shii Ann had put in her time kissing Amber's but. There was no other reason. If anyone was the swing vote it was Alicia.

all4jenna: Hi Jenna, why did you end up going to Mogo Mogo for the Ambassador Challenge, and who did you think should have represented you guys?
Jenna L: I ended up going because I drew the short straw, and I was a great ambassador because I brought them gifts, which was solely my idea. I don't think anyone else would have.

dugger: Jenna--were you afraid of a backlash after your speech about former winners from the first Tribal Council?
Jenna L: No. I was never afraid of the backlash because while I was on Saboga I controlled the voting. Getting Tina off was a lot more strategy than just "voting off the winners." If you re-watch the show I distinctly say it would be easier to convince the others to vote off the winners. It was simply a way to get two others off, and not me. I knew that there would be resentment toward the winners, and I capitalized on it.

MassGirl: Is your brother still mad about Jeff disqualifying him?
Jenna L: No, not at all. He's upset because he's competitive. But he realized that if I had left that night for a Reward it would have put me in jeopardy with my tribe.

Annabee: Jenna, what do you hope your daughters learn from your SURVIVOR experience?
Jenna L: I hope they learn to be competitive, strong willed, compassionate when you need to be, but don't be a sucker. And it is truly a game.

Mommarabbit: Jenna, congratulations on your recent marriage. Was the wedding planned before the show or did it come up after?
Jenna L: No, the wedding was spontaneous. I had no idea about Rob and Amber last night on the show. I had only been dating him a short while and it was spontaneous in Las Vegas.

BOSTON_RAT: Jenna, do you think the game is going to change now after all the controversies on ALL-STARS?
Jenna L: No. I think ALL-STARS was difficult because we all knew each other. It's definitely easier to play with strangers. There isn't as much history, therefore not as much high emotion.

NascarSpeed42: Jenna, your video asking for my vote for Rupert helped make my decision to vote for him. Was it hard to decide to ask us to do that?
Jenna L: No. It wasn't hard. I'm not joking when I say this. A vote for me is like a vote for Nader. You're wasting it, so put it to good use. I love Rupert, he deserves it as much as I do, and I betrayed him in this game. Hopefully I can make up for it.

MoneyForRobC: Do you think that Amber played the game better than Rob, or did she get the money because people were so pissed at Rob?
Jenna L: Amber rode coattails, she didn't deserve the million. She won because people cannot separate the game from reality. Rob played a masterful game. It's really too bad that she's now crowned the best Survivor.

HockeyPerson: Jenna who did you find to be the most annoying tribe member? Thanks and good luck to you.
Jenna L: Shii Ann. The one thing I have going for me is that I know I can be annoying and can talk a lot. Shii Ann has no perception of how grating she can be. She made it seem like we were stupid players for not adhering to her "wise beyond her years words." We didn't listen because we didn't give two bleeps for what she said--making her the stupid player.

Timmah: Jenna, good going. What will you do now that this adventure is over?
Jenna L: I'm going to be a mom. And if anything that I had a choice to do I would probably work in radio, or hosting, because in radio I would get to talk everyday. And hosting because I would get to be with my girls everyday.

Survivor Host: Unfortunately, our time with Jenna is up. Jenna, thanks so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the Survivor fans?
Jenna L: I will forever be replaying the slip of the foot and losing the million dollars, just like Bill Buckner, and I appreciate all of your support. Go vote for Rupert to win a million dollars for me.

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Re: Jenna's CBS Chat
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2004, 11:38:26 PM »
Jenna definitely answers the questions straight out. no beating around the bush.  Good for her for lasting as long but I do not think she would have had a chance of winning the million no matter who she took to the final 2.