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Re: The Amazing Race 16 Ratings Thread
« Reply #100 on: May 31, 2010, 07:34:54 PM »
mswood, can you put this plus seven information for TAR 15 and 16 in context to earlier seasons, as you were doing in your previous post? I take the numbers to suggest that TAR 15 ranks only behind TAR 7 in overall average viewers, and that TAR continues its year-to-year increase as has been the case since TAR moved to Sundays.

I also take this information to suggest that TAR's average DVR plus seven increase is about 600,000/week over these past two seasons. And the demo numbers are good, right?

Well I don't have reliable live plus 7 for most of the previous seasons (and yeah they have have recorded live plus 7 for quite a while now but that was never that large of a difference with VCR's).

For example the official list put out by Nielsen going back to All Stars (at the very least) is from live plus 7 (I never knew, until just recently and couldn't understand why my numbers from live same day would never match). 

But just off my memory Season 12 was watched by the 2nd largest number of fans over a weeks period.