Author Topic: Episode 1: East Coast live show updates and commentary  (Read 21596 times)

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Re: Episode 1: East Coast live show updates and commentary
« Reply #100 on: February 15, 2010, 10:03:20 PM »
HI everyone.

Boy I missed you guys and gals (Puddin).  All I can say (Ok thats a lie) is that this episode really begged to be longer.  Last season it seemed like nothing happened in the first episode (well nothing that the racers really had much control over), but this episode between the getting to the airport, airport drama, to some very serious mistakes), to the humor I really wished we would have gotten an hour and a half at least (and with 60 minutes posting some of its worst numbers in its history there was no reason for them not).

But overall, while based on this one episode I might have to take away season 13 crown for dumbest racers, I liked it.  I loved that so many women did the roadblock.  Awesome.  I actually like the fame whores (well at least so far, but hell even Alison was ok her first episode, 2nd and thankfully last turned into one of the worst in history).