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TAR15 Finale, live show updates/commentary will go here *please read the rules*

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Very few will have some sort of football delay, check the map! (not me!) :

The East Coast updates will start on time 8:00 ET and as always we ask those that might view the show with no commercials to refrain from jumping in ahead of us in the States. Anyone that does so will be banned.

As always there might be a future spoiler/outcome in this topic so please be warned and as alway everyone is allowed to jump in and help update as long as you stick to the rules.

thanks! :wohoo:

I'll miss it. Aww. I have class. :funny:

Skip it.....

You know I'll be chiming in here with my two cents. Let's see how far I was off with predicting the tasks (which ones were Detours and the Roadblocks)...

the opening minutes ..........



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