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Fantasy Cartoon Amazing Race Game


Basically the game will consist of cartoon characters from television shows/movies. It will always consist of 12 teams, 4 Male/Male Teams, 4 Female/Female Teams and 4 Male/Female Teams. That way it will always be consistent. The shows will not repeat itsself until I feel we are running out characters. The majority of the times it will not be the two main charactres, there may be one or two main characters in each race. For example.

Peter & Brian from Family Guy
Fry & Leela from Futurama
Jimmy & Cindy from Jimmy Neutron would be considered main characters, were as
Freddy & Daphne from Scooby Doo, Ham & Rex from Toy Story, and Susan & Mary from Johnny Test would be minor characters.

If there is a good amount of people particpating I will continue with it. For an example check out and scroll until you see WHO WILL WIN THE MILLION and check out that type of poll. I may or may not have side stories. Are you interested? If so please post above.


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