Author Topic: Tidbits of The 18 Reasons, From The Players.  (Read 1539 times)

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Tidbits of The 18 Reasons, From The Players.
« on: May 11, 2004, 09:26:59 PM »
Shiann says, "She deserves it"
Lex says, "vote with your heart and if you vote me, my wife and kids thankyou"
Richard says, "I'm the best ever, vote ME"
Rob C. says, "I'm the best the never win the game and if you vote me I'll 1/2 it with Rupert and take Tom out to eat"
Rob M. says, "I played the best and the jury had sourgrapes"
Rudy says, (crack me lmbo) "I'll give the money to my kids and let them get bummed off of"
Rupert says, He really needs it and his little girls B'day is the 13 and he can use the money to help the teens he mentors"
Sue says, (omg blow my mind) "I hope you all die and rot in the desert and vultures eat you, if you don't vote me"
Tina says, "I already have a mill, vote for someone that will give it to good causes"
Tom says, "I put in more time playing this gamea than any player ever, counting time spent on both shows"
Jenna M. says, "I promise if you vote me to give it ALL to breast cancer research"
Ethan says, "I promise to split the money with the other 18 players charities" (sp chk)
Jenna L. says, "Begs for us to vote for Rupert"
Alicia demands we vote for her.
Colby says, (so cute) "Ask for the money for himself but does it nice"
Kathey says, "I'll give half to my foundation"
Jerri..........Elected not to participate.