Author Topic: Episode 9 East Coast Play by Play and updates *please read the rules*  (Read 24695 times)

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Re: Episode 9 East Coast Play by Play and updates *please read the rules*
« Reply #100 on: November 17, 2009, 03:20:42 PM »
Meghan and Cheyne - At this stage of the race, there's really no helping anyone anymore, eh? Look at how they promised to call a cab for Brian and Ericka but got their cab driver to drive off without calling. But I don't blame them, they weren't obliged to do so, and we're down to the final five. And they rock at volleyball!

Sam and Dan - Ouch, I winced when Dan was taken down by one of the trotters.

Flight Time and Big Easy - They were rather annoying this leg, to me. Come on, navigate on your own and stop riding on other teams' coattails!

Brian and Ericka - Doing good this episode! Love how Ericka has toned down, and totally love how Brian's always so nice. It isn't the wisest thing to do but hey, give me a nice team anytime.

Gary and Matt - I was honestly sad to see them go. Their relationship has really blossomed over the race, they've been working so well together, doing so well. It was a pity they didn't manage to make up lost time but if they had, Brian and Ericka would probably have been eliminated so I'm glad in a way. But I still really like this team, I almost tear-ed when they made their departing confessional. Father-and-son rock on!

And then there were four! Brian and Ericka for the win!!!!!
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