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Re: S19 Samoa EP2 ~Taking Candy From a Baby
« Reply #125 on: September 28, 2009, 04:15:33 AM »
Sigh... I had some hope of Ben going over Betsy, but after hearing Russell say, "What I want, happens" just before TC, I knew then that Betsy was gone. And it's really sad, the people daring to stand up and speak, all geting voted off. And Russell and Ben triumph, again.

What makes it worse was that Russell found the HII! I haven't hated any contestant as much as him, to think that he's gonna stay even longer. But as much as Russell's downright evil, despicable and annoying, we've gotta admit that Foa Foa is stupid. No one bothering to listen to Betsy's doubts, everyone able to tolerate Ben (he wasn't even that helpful in challenges), no one being a least bit suspicious about Russell scrawling around the tree, no one saw him taking the HII. That was classic, finding the HII without a clue, in front of everyone else, still no one noticed. You gotta give Russell credit for that but man, I STILL HATE HIM.

I'm worried for Foa Foa, they're down so fast. The fact that they get so much edit makes me wonder if the winner's from there. Galu hardly gets any airtime! Other than Shambo, of course. Well let's hope that the reason behind Foa Foa's large screentime is because they keep losing. Otherwise, just let the winner not be Russell or Ben. Wanna know Galu more!
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