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oh WOW!! :werock:

jonnal and bee SMOKED the competition last week and this!!

But everyone did a great team job, it was fun!!

But the biggest thanks go to s1!!

She studied the spoilers, kept us updated, made sure that everyone did their picks, made the picks for many of us when we couldn't....



If anyone wants to play this game next season with us, please let s1 or me know for further info...we would love to have you!

I want to thank everyone who played for their time and dedication.   No one missed making their picks a single time.  We all worked as a team helping each other and our teamwork paid off.  We've won for 2 seasons in a row . . . who's up for 3???

Take a break, get some rest, Have a Very Merry Christmas and I'll see you all back here the week of Feb. 11.   :cmas16

Yeah! :werock: I'm up for a third winning season! we come!  :yess:

Hey s1 !! :yourock:   :cmas16

:cmas9  :cmas26 :cmas23 :xmas146 :cmas9  :cmas20

....for all your support and help! 



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