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« on: May 05, 2004, 12:14:53 PM »
pay attention to the bold words...
Reward Challenge Winner(s):

It is now time for the vehicle reward which has always meant doom for the winner. There has never been anyone to win the vehicle and win The Game. There has never been a female winner before. Does Amber or Jenna break this tradition now. We know Amber does very well in this and we also know Rob does very well, what about the unknown wild card, Jenna? Are there 2 Equinox given away. We were told early in the year, there were 2 of these vehicles on the island during the filming of the show. Why were there 2?

Immunity Challenge Winner(s):

Could we have a puzzle to solve and therefore giving the 2 ladies a very good chance at winning Immunity? Can Amber go on a Darrah like run and find herself winning her way to the finals and removing the "riding coattails" label from herself?

Game Over:

Which dude leaves next? Which of Rob's stooges?

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Re: Hummmmm......
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Quote From Rupert..Rupert: 
Paranoia will destroy ya.
We got problems.


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Re: Hummmmm......
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Good quotes...definately seems like there are some changes in the works on the car winner.