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Re: Hell's Kitchen Season 5
« Reply #625 on: June 19, 2009, 07:37:32 PM »
:duno: I'm not sure if anyone out there has seen his other show "the F  word" but it's a great show! he's NOTHING like what he is on hells kitchen.. he's actually seems like a fun guy!! (BTW F stands for FOOD).

 the person that got chewed out must know that if they are doing the interviewing there is a slight chance of him showing that pathetic "donkey" side of him!!  even if he was outa line!  :meow:

 anyway.. if you get a chance the show is on the BBC he's on his 3rd season of it so he can't be doing too bad finacially. :2cents:
I don't get the BBC channel so no ugot, I have not seen the F word.