Author Topic: TAR14 EP1: 'Donít Let a Cheese Hit Me' (Switzerland)  (Read 84608 times)

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Re: TAR14 EP1: 'Donít Let a Cheese Hit Me' (Switzerland)
« Reply #450 on: March 01, 2009, 11:05:24 AM »
I doubt very seriously that any airline would use a DC10/MD11 on a fight from Zurich to Munich. If the did, they wouldn't be around much either.

Oh look maybe you just found the reason for them going bancrupt!  :lol:
J/k .... I know for a fact they didn't. My dad was a engine technician specialized on Swissair's (later Swiss') MD-11's. ;)
:lol: thanks cba I needed a laugh! Way cool too about your dad, wow  :tup: