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The Amazing Race 14 Episode 2 Discussion
« on: February 23, 2009, 12:05:05 AM »
A great episode really, and although it was kinda sad it came down to Christie and Jodi and Linda and Steve for me (I liked em', Mary style lol)... i was glad C/J stayed because L/S have no chance of winning this race..

And THANK YOU Mel for PERSEVERING with the Roadblock, you let us see how beautiful it really is there! Sometimes we just need to be patience.. a lesson ought to be learnt by everyone..

I loved the Cake Detour, but both Detours this leg are just so... easy in the sense that teams just complete them and there's absolutely no excitement or whatsoever watching them complete the task.

I'm glad Linda and Steve stayed positive too, a really sweet and nice team to watch! Kisha and Jen pissing each other off, is somewhat surprising because i thought they will really work well with one another.

Mark and Michael not calling for a flight, WHAT A MISTAKE!! I'm shocked even Linda and Steve made the first flight.. but i guessed Linda was so lost that the second flight caught up!

I love the wood piece as well, would love to have one of those! Wonder if any of the racers will auction their pieces on e-bay. :funny:

Overall, a gooooood episode. And hell Tammy and Victor are FAST. They are an amazing team and it's really shocked that 30 mins into the episode and they are on their way to the pitstop!

And a special mention to Mel and Mike from coming from BEHIND and surpising us all! Kudos!

Love TAR 14 so far! :yess:
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Re: The Amazing Race 14 Episode 2 Discussion
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2009, 03:11:42 AM »
Tammy and Victor - Typical strong, competitive team that we see soaring to the pit-stop within minutes. But I'm liking them, they work marvellously well together and seem to get along quite well with other teams as well. And are they funny! From Tammy telling Victor to STOP SINGING to their pit-stop confessional, Tammy saying that she's used to Victor taking the lead but doesn't mean she's happy about it. Lol!

Mel and Mike - Wow, I was honestly surprised by their second place. Guess we all thought they could be battling elimination, but they perservered and they wind changed, and they came out of nowhere and got second! I find myself liking this team more and more, they're so comical. Them attempting to climb the gate at the pit-stop and Phil looking on in amusement, then this guy comes along and simply opens the gate, that was HILARIOUS! I laughed till I tear-ed watching that lol. I like them now! =D

Amanda and Kris - They did awesome today, Kris was wonderful at the Roadblock. But something tells me that Amanda could be the downfall of the team, hmm. And are they just not getting much edit, or simply boring? I still like them for now, but I'm not getting much from them.

Margie and Luke - I think Luke's really cute, everytime he gives that expression of resignation lol. I just love how well they work together, how supportive they are of each other. I felt so happy for them seeing their immense joy at the pit-stop coming in fourth! Oh and Luke likes Cara and Jaime, that's nice, lol.

Brad and Victoria - Still neutral about them, they were less deceitful this episode weren't they.

Cara and Jaime - Still at the middle of the pack, but I hope they'll start kicking some ass soon. Loved their joy at the pit-stop though!

Kisha and Jen - They seem to be starting to crack aren't they. But what's TAR without the bickering teams. I'm alright with them, they don't seem to mean a duo. Usual sibbling squabbles I guess lol.

Mark and Michael - So they were really happy to still be there, and that was sweet.

Christie and Jodi - Please buck up! They've narrowly escaped elimination both episodes, but I really hope they'll soar next week. Or at least, let them have Dandrew's luck to always stay in the race lol.

Linda and Steve - Aww, I can't say I wasn't sad by their elimination even though I'd rather they leave than Christie and Jodi. Steve was really sweet today wasn't he, apologising to Linda and all that. And I just love Linda, was so sad for her when she was lost out there. But this is one loving couple, and I'm happy for them! Yes, what's a million dollars if there's no love.

I really love TAR 14, really love the teams! There is honestly zero team that I'm coming close to disliking, maybe other than Brad and Victoria but even then I don't really dislike them. Yay, looking forward to all the future episodes! =D

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