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The only other team that I think had as positive an attitude being eliminated at this stage of the Race might be David and Margaretta,
These guys have a classy attitude about the Race and their experience, and tha to me is an important characteristic of successful teams, no matter how far they get on the Race.
They were a well cast team, the fact than the Roadblock tasks favored Connor more than Jonathan is the luck of the draw. In other seasons, they might have lasted a lot longer. But in the end they loved the adventure and the challenge, and you can'r ask for more from any team than that.
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Thanks a lot, apskip.  I feel like a dummy now  :lol:  It's so strange.  I can barely remember some of those teams that you listed but when I watched TARA4 ep4 yesterday, I vividly remembered one of the clue box locations being in the same place as back in Amazing Race 6.  But then it was fuzzy recalling if the cocoanut detour task was basically the same one as one back in AR 6.

Thanks, again.

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Singing Princeton U. grads knocked out of 'Amazing Race
Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Joyce Persico, Trenton Times

An a capella singing duo who graduated from Princeton University earlier this year fell from first place to last and were eliminated from television's "The Amazing Race" Sunday night.

Ironically, Connor Diemand-Yauman and Jonathan Schwartz were scratched from the $1 million global race on an episode filmed at the beginning of summer, on the day they were supposed to attend their graduation ceremony.

The friends were handicapped early in the fourth episode when they failed to book a flight from Ghana to Sweden that would have gotten them to their destination two hours sooner than some of their competitors.

Eventually were bested by a task called "sleds" in which they had to kneel on an extreme sports machine as it careened down a snowbound, winding mountain track in the Arctic.

They switched to a tent-building "beds" task when they failed, after a number of sledding tries, to get down the mountain under the required one minute, fifty-eight second time limit.

They successfully completed the "beds" task but not soon enough to beat eight other teams that came in ahead of them.

"We were supposed to graduate today, so it was like graduating from Princeton and from "The Amazing Race' on the same day,'' Diemand-Yauman said as Schwartz helped finish the sentence after hearing host Phil Keoghan intone the dreaded, "I'm sorry to tell you you've been eliminated from the race."

"This is one of the most incredible experiences of our lives and I can't think of anyone better to share it with,'' said Diemand-Yauman, who began the episode wearing a black and orange "Princeton University Class of 2010" tee.

Former members of the university's Nassoons a capella singing group, the pair were identified as the "Green" team" and members of an "Ivy League" singing group on the pretaped show that airs on Sundays at 8 p.m.

At Princeton, Diemand-Yauman was a psychology major from Chesterland, Ohio, who served as class president during his freshman, sophomore and junior years.

He ended his college years as undergraduate student body president and was awarded Princeton's prestigious Moses Taylor Pyne Honor Prize, the highest general honor the university confers on an undergraduate.

Schwartz, a sociology major from Cranford, N.J., has appeared in an Off-Broadway revival of "The Fantasticks."

The good-natured duo threw their caps into the air and sang, "Through many delays, roadblocks and legs, we are the last team to arrive and Phil will send us home. Goodbye!"

They leapt into the air as they made one of the most memorable and gracious exits in the history of the Emmy Award-laden reality show.

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Spider-Man's Jonathan Schwartz on His Amazing Race to Broadway
News By Michael Mellini December 3, 2010 - 5:38PM .

'Spider-Man' actor Jonathan Schwartz dishes on competing on 'The Amazing Race.'

It’s been quite the busy year for Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark’s Jonathan Schwartz. Aside from prepping the mammoth musical before its January 11, 2011 bow at the Foxwoods Theatre, the recent Princeton grad competed on the current season of CBS’ Emmy-winning, adrenaline-fueled series The Amazing Race. “It’s possibly the weirdest combination of things I ever could’ve thought of doing,” Schwartz told “I definitely didn’t think in the same six months I’d be doing The Amazing Race and then the biggest show in Broadway history.”

Schwartz, who competed alongside his college friend Connor Diemand-Yauman, faced challenges ranging from storming the walls of a castle in England to racing through the streets of Ghana with a giant fish-shaped coffin. It wasn’t the typical tourist experience: “I basically sprinted by Stonehenge and didn’t even look at it,” he laughed. Schwartz says the show's intensity was the biggest hurdle of the competition. To calm themselves down, Schwartz and Diemand-Yauman often broke out in song. “It kept us relaxed to make up nonsensical songs about tractor drivers in England or whatever.” The pair was eliminated after the fourth round.

So did The Amazing Race prepare Schwartz for the nonstop work of a Broadway musical? “The pace is similar,” he says of the Spider-Man’s busy preview period. “We’ve got to keep pushing to make deadlines and make the best product we can.” Schwartz is one of four members of the “geek chorus” that function as narrators in Spider-Man. “We were the geeky Ivy a capella kids on The Amazing Race, and now I’m playing a geek, so I might be typecast in everything I do,” he joked. “We’re very much encouraged to be ourselves and mold the characters after our own personalities. I get to wear the prescription glasses I normally wear every day, so I barely feel like I’m acting.”

Take a look below as Schwartz and Diemand-Yauman show off their singing skills during The Amazing Race!

more here:
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