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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
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Urine Trouble: Amazing Race's Kisha and Jen Explain Pee Break, How to Eat Starfish

When you have to go, you have to go ó even if $1 million is on the line. Jennifer Hoffman prioritized her bladder over finding the Pit Stop on this week's Amazing Race, and she and sister, LaKisha, were eventually eliminated. But was the ill-timed potty break the cause of their demise in Beijing, as host Phil Keoghan so sternly implied? Find out below, as well as their thoughts on being U-Turned and their take of the infamous Pit-fight with Margie and Luke. So the big question is ó did the pee break cost you a spot in the final 3?
Jen: No, it did not! [Laughs] We really don't know how far behind we were, but it wasn't seconds like Phil said. It wasn't hours either. There's no real concept of time when you're racing, so we have no clue. ... It didn't take me five minutes to pee, but the Bird's Nest is pretty big, so being dropped on the other side of it, it'll take a while, especially when all the tourists are there still trying to see the Olympic center. Things happen for a reason and we don't regret anything that we did.
Kisha: We're going to say minutes, but he made it seem closer. There were a couple different factors [that caused us to lose]: Jaime and Cara's cab driver driving extremely fast and dropping them off at the correct location. Ours drove slow and dropped us further away. It wasn't just the pee break that cost us the spot. Did you think about holding it in or peeing in your pants?
Jen: No, because it became painful at that point, to hold it.
Kisha: In hindsight, you can say, "Oh, she should've peed in her pants." But when you're caught up in the moment, that's what happens. Were you surprised it was Tammy and Victor who U-Turned you?
Kisha: No, because it's a strategic move. You never know what people are going to do. If we were first, we wouldn't have U-Turned anyone ó we didn't U-Turn anyone at the blind U-Turn ó but if we were in third place, then we probably would've, but not in a first-place position. Not even for Margie and Luke?
Kisha: Well, I wasn't thinking about that! [Laughs] We ran a very classy race. We wouldn't U-Turn someone because they didn't like us. That wasn't part of our strategy. If we were going to U-Turn someone, it would've been to put us in a better position or to gain us some time. This brings us to the fight at the Pit Stop a few weeks ago ó
Jen: [Laughs] It was blown out of proportion on their part. You're put in those situations and you don't know how people are going to react. I took full responsibility ó heat of the moment, body check, what have you. I think the disability card was pulled at that point with her saying, "He's lived with this his whole life." There are stressors I'm sure she was going through from the race that built up and we just got the backlash of that ó that's my assumption. Her reaction to that was completely unwarranted and unnecessary. Did you talk about it afterward?
Kisha: We were over it. It was over, said and done. I've been disappointed watching the show because it seems they still hold a grudge toward us. We didn't. We haven't talked to them [one-on-one] since the show ended. Let's talk about last week with your fear of the pool, Jen. Was your meltdown exaggerated in any way?
Jen: I say this with all sincerity ó what everyone saw on television was progress. [Laughs] People were surprised I did the dive, let alone swim, and my thinking was that it was a shorter distance to go from the dive to the edge of the pool than to go the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool twice. Either way, it was going to take time! What was it like eating those bugs?
Jen: They were absolutely disgusting! Note that there aren't any crickets or starfish on menus in the U.S. I didn't unhinge my jaw like Cara seemed to have done and swallowed them whole. It still amazes me that she ate that so fast. I was like, "You have no taste buds! You have no gag reflex!" I couldn't do it. I threw up a couple times. How do you even eat a starfish?
Jen: Apparently, you open the legs and dig out their guts. You can't necessarily eat their shell. I ate some of the shell and they said, "No, just eat the guts." "Awesome, thank you." It was going down hard and sometimes certain things you eat, you have the automatic reflex to upchuck it. That's what was happening at a certain point. Who did you cheer for after you were eliminated?
Kisha: Even though they U-Turned us, we were still rooting for Tammy and Victor. They ran a similar race to ours and weren't malicious or anything.

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
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Wow Kisha has good sportmanship!  She still is okay with Tammy and Victor!

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
« Reply #52 on: May 06, 2009, 12:50:43 AM »
I will always have a soft spot for this team. :wohoo:
I'm baaaaaack!

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
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I hope to meet them when I'm in NYC this weekend. They're one team that has caught the fascination of fans.
Just here to visit.

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
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The Amazing Race

Amazing Raceís Jen & Kisha: We Werenít Laughing at Luke
May 5, 2009

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Unfortunately for University of Louisville volleyball coach Jennifer Hoffman, 25, nature urgently called during Sundayís mad dash to the Beijing pit stop on The Amazing Race. She and her sister Kisha Hoffman, a 29-year-old youth program coordinator from the Bronx, New York, talked to about how it was more than a bathroom break that sent them home. They also weighed in on their feud with Margie and Luke and the legal teamís language advantage. ó Carrie Bell

Youíre the first team to be eliminated because you stopped to go to the bathroom. Looking back, do you wish you had just peed your pants?
Jen: In hindsight, we did not lose the race simply because of a bathroom break. I have gotten a lot of e-mails and phone calls and text messages saying, ďI would have just peed on myself,Ē but you never know until you are in the situation. I donít regret stopping. I had to pee badly and it wouldnít have been pretty.
Kisha: There were more factors than just the pee break that made us come in behind [the cheerleaders]. They had a fast cab driver. They got dropped off closer. They must have no gag reflex. Cara ate [the bugs] so fast.

Was it hard to accept going out in this way after you survived the cheese hill, your fear of drowning, bungee jumping, walking around Thailand without shoes?
Kisha: It was tough to swallow. When we finished the swimming challenge and my sister overcame her biggest fear, we knew we were last. But when Phil said the leg was continuing, we felt rejuvenated. Thailand was another time when we thought, Oh my gosh, weíre gone. But we survived that too. It was hard but Iím not mad at Jen. She couldnít help that she had to pee. She played a very strong race and gave it her best shot.

Which of the street treats was the worst?
Jen: I threw up a couple of times. They were all gross. The starfish was the worst. When you eat fish, you donít want it to taste like fish. The starfish tasted like the ocean. If you are ever thinking about ordering starfish off the menu, donít.

Did you think you had almost gotten through the race without having to face your fear of water?
Jen: Oh, heck yeah. But I knew it was coming. I knew there was no way we wouldnít have to swim at some point because they knew that Tammy and I couldnít swim. Had it been anybody else other than my sister with me, it would have been a done deal.

It was one of the more special race moments because lesser people would have gotten very angry with their partner. Talking her off the ledge must have felt good?
Kisha: I have never let her quit before. I knew she would regret it if she quit. It is an athlete thing, a coaching thing and a sister thing. She had been so strong this whole time so it was tough as a sister to see her breaking down. It helps that I am not a yeller. I am pretty patient. I just wanted to do whatever I could to help her push through it. I was proud of her.

Settle the debate: Were you laughing at Luke while he was explaining his side of the fight to Phil?
Kisha: No. From the first episode, Mike called me giggles because I was always laughing. Itís something Iíve done my whole life. They were frustrated we came in first. I was disappointed with the way they handled the situation. We were like, ďEverything is said and done. Letís move on.Ē It was obvious they didnít feel the same way. I work with kids. Iím a role model. I wouldnít want any kid I coach to be laughing at someone with disabilities. I actually laughed not at his signing but because his version of the story was so different from ours. Whatever baggage you come into the race with is there for the whole race. I think Margie has always been his support system and protector Ö and Iím sure there are times he has been made fun of, but I was definitely not laughing at his signing.

It looked like an accidental bump blown out of proportion. Now that youíve gotten distance from the situation, what are your thoughts on the feud with Margie and Luke?
Kisha: It was absolutely blown out of proportion.
Jen: I was extremely happy with the way we were edited because thatís how we are in real life. Thatís what happened. Itís a competition. There will be feather ruffling and trying to get to the clue box first even if it only knocks off two seconds, but they blew it out of proportion in how they reacted.
Kisha: I donít approve of my sister calling him a bóh, but she took accountability for her actions and apologized. I donít think they admitted they were guilty.

What did you think about the language advantage that Victor and Tammy had?
Kisha: I think there are two sides to that. It was disappointing that there were three legs in China, and they definitely had an advantage there. Like [Sunday's episode], they knew the next clue was right next door while all the other teams were walking around lost with paint burning their face. But even if you speak the language, you could get a taxi driver who doesnít know where he is going.

The restaurant translations were hilarious. How hard was the U-turn task?
Jen: It didnít take a long as we thought it would. Once we got past being pissed that we were U-turned, we came up with a plan to get through it. It was like Chinese phonics and we only had to do it four of five times. It took like 15 minutes. Think of the irony if Tammy and Victor had chosen to U-turn Cara and Jaime after all the issues they have had with languages on the Race. We didnít know the extent of her issues, but everywhere we would go we heard her say, ďWhy arenít they speaking English?Ē I was like, ďWeíre the minority here. They donít have speak our language.Ē

Did the experience bring you closer?
Jen: I think our relationship got better. It is natural for families to fight and bicker, but we got closer and I felt like the way we were edited is the way we are.
Kisha: Our relationship definitely grew from the beginning to the end and I understand her better now. I am glad I did this once-in-a-lifetime experience with my sister. I am proud of how we did. We ran a classy race and we did it as a team.

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
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thanks to traveler224

Bonnie Hunt Briefly Talks About LaKisha and Jen Not Being on Her Program

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
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The Amazing Race 14′: A chat with sisters Kisha and Jen
Sisters LaKisha Hoffman, 28, and Jennifer Hoffman, 24, stayed true to each other through thick and thin. When  Jen struggled in the swimming challenge, Kisha kept her on track. Even in the face of elimination on the 11th lap when the sisters missed the finish line by seconds because Jen stopped to use the bathroom, there was never any blame on Jen. They went far with their competitive spirit and athletic abilities and had a great time. I got to ask them a few more behind-the-scenes questions about the race and congratulated them on a good run of it.
Of all the countries you went to, what was your favorite travel destination?
Kisha: Mine was definitely Thailand. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and weather.
Jen: I liked Thailand and also India.
Kisha: Jen traveled more internationally than I did. I enjoyed the opportunity to get out there and appreciated all the things I experienced.
What was your least favorite country?
Jen: No I enjoyed every country we ransacked and ran through.
Kisha: Siberia was so cold. Iím definitely not a cold-weather person. That was an adjustment for me.

How did the race affect your relationship as sisters? Sisters fight, right? But we only saw you supporting each other. Were there any off-camera squabbles?
Jen: People say that like itís such a surprise that we got along. They depicted us very well. Thatís the way my sister and I are on a normal basis. Usually we just communicate by phone calls and text messages. We have our arguments over the phone sometimes. That question surprises me.  Everything you saw on TV was completely us.
Kisha. It showed we had a tough time adjusting to each other in the beginning. But we learned to work together, and by the end of it ó as sisters and as a team ó we progressed from beginning to end.
Whatís next for both of you?
Kisha:  I live in New York and work as a youth program coordinator and basketball coach.
Jen: Currently Iíll go back to Louisville to be a coach in womenís volleyball. I want to stay in the realm of college athletics. I also dabble in modeling. Iím only 25, single, no kids. Itís great being single.
Oh yeah, has the show brought in any romantic fan mail?
Kisha: I have actually.
Jen: I havenít.
Kisha: I did earlier today.
Jen: Get out, I didnít even know about that.
Kisha, you sound disappointed that you have, and Jen, you sound disappointed that you havenít.
Jen: (laughs)
Kisha: Iíve gotten straight, funny and good e-mails. But itís funny that they can fall in love with you just from watching the show.

Lots of the challenges asked for one person to participate. Was it difficult to choose between the two of you who would do what challenge?
Kisha: No, I think we had a pretty good idea before we decided. Jen is not afraid of heights, so if it had heights sheíd do it. If it was a water one, Iíd do it. There wasnít any situation where we had to fight about whoíd go to the roadblock. In our last leg, when it was the massage, she said, ďIíll do it.Ē And I said Iíll do it based on the number of roadblocks left. My mindset was getting into the final three. I wanted my sister to complete the last roadblock.
It was clear you were not the best of friends with Margie and Luke, was there a team that you did bond with?
Jen: We definitely bonded with Mike and Mel. Mike is an amazing person and has a good heart. We recognized that early on and worked with them during the bungee jump.
Kisha. I think everyone communicated through group e-mails. We spent last weekend with Jamie and Cara. Some pretty good friendships may grow out of this.
Were you surprised that Tammy and Victor pulled the U-Turn on you?
Kisha: No, it was strategic. They had said if it came down to a footrace we would win. Other teams were intimidated by that. It was disappointing, but we were not surprised.

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
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Chasing Cabs and Chewing Chinese Starfish with Kisha and Jen of The Amazing Race

The last couple of legs of the 14th season of The Amazing Race, specifically legs 9 and 10 through Thailand and China, proved that the race can change at the drop of a dime. Although the sister team of LaKisha and Jennifer Hoffman were one of the teams to beat during this season of The Amazing Race, overcoming a setback in Thailand when they were forced to retrace their steps to retrieve their bags, the sisters were stopped dead in their tracks when Jen was forced to confront her fear of water during a swimming pool challenge in China. Despite trying her best, with her older sister giving her sibling support, Jen fell victim to one of her worst fears since she didn't know how to swim. Still, Jen soldiered on in the pool to eventually complete the leg and finish strong in last place at the mat in front of The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan.

To their surprise, the China leg of the race wasn't over, as Phil handed Kisha and Jen their next clue, and the sisters staved off Amazing Race elimination. When The Amazing Race resumed this week for leg #10, Kisha and Jen continued behind the other teams but were eventually handed a U-Turn by brother and sister team Tammy and Victor who had an easier time in China since they spoke the language. After making up major Amazing Race ground to catch the cheerleader team of Jaime and Cara in Beijing, Kisha and Jen squared off against the cheerleaders in an eating competition that saw Jen struggle with choking back grasshoppers, larva and a deep fried starfish while Cara chomped down the creature critters like a deep fried starfish eating champ at a Chinese state fair.

When both teams were done with their delicacies, the race truly became amazing when both female teams were neck-in-neck en route to the Olympic pit-stop. While racing in a cab through the streets of Beijing, Jen began to squirm, clenching her teeth, as she had to stop to use the washroom after drinking so much water to wash down her starfish minutes before. When they hit the mat in front of Phil in what looked to be seconds behind Jaime and Cara, Kisha and Jen were eliminated from The Amazing Race after nearly reaching the million dollar final three.

The next day Kisha and Jen called in to TheDeadbolt for a few minutes of exclusive one-on-one pit-stop time to fill us in on how they made it through the last couple of Amazing Race legs, how the race brought them closer together as sisters, what they thought of their altercation with Luke And Margie, what it's like to eat deep friend starfish, and whether Jen now takes a new approach to undergarments when she goes running after jogging through the streets in Russia.

THE DEADBOLT: So how close behind Jaime and Cara were you at the end of the race?

LAKISHA HOFFMAN: We donít really know. Phil said seconds, but it wasnít seconds. We were guessing, but we donít have an exact idea.

THE DEADBOLT: You know, I thought the real turning point was when Cara horked down that nasty starfish so fast.

JENNIFER HOFFMAN: [laughs] I like that word, "horked," Iím gonna steal that from you.

THE DEADBOLT: [laughs] Did you guys even think about that? They just breezed through it.

JEN: Well, we didnít really see them eat. So our astonishment came when we were on the mat and were the last team to arrive. We were like, ĎWhoa.í And then us seeing it yesterday, we just saw her pretty much unhinge her jaw and just swallow it whole.

THE DEADBOLT: [laughs] So what does a starfish taste like?

JEN: Oh, my God! I tried to explain this to my sister, Kisha. I told her, ĎIt tastes like fish.í And I said this a lot, ĎIf you eat fish and if it tastes like fish, itís bad.í So the starfish tastes like the ocean. It was pretty much bad even though itís fried and I could add ketchup and hot sauce and salt and pepper. It didnít matter, it was gross.

THE DEADBOLT: It was impressive that you actually got through the language barrier at the restaurant. How was that for you guys?

KISHA: Initially we were like, ĎWow, how do we accomplish this?í We were a little nervous and thatís why we didnít choose that task in the beginning. But it was just kind of like, 'Okay, we have to do it. Letís go figure out how to do it," and we just tried to phonetically sound it out in English and try to put their accent on it. I mean, Iím still surprised even watching it, even though itís quite hilarious to see, and I donít know if itís true if we were saying exactly what they were saying or if they did their own little captions. But yeah, Iím surprised we were able to do that U-Turn and do it so well in a timely fashion.

THE DEADBOLT: Kisha, in Thailand when the bags were left behind, did you feel similar to how Jen felt in the swimming pool?

JEN: [laughs] Her fear of leaving bags does not equate to me being in a swimming pool ...

KISHA: Did I feel guilty if you didnít complete it, or something like that? I donít know. That was an episode I didnít watch. But I wouldnít have taken the total blame, because, initially, at that point I was like, ĎOh, there goes my shoes. There go the passports.í Then we went on and after that she was like, ĎWe should go back.í And I was like, ĎNo, we should keep going.í It was just one of those things. Youíre in a race, youíre stressed, and you make decisions that are sometimes good, sometimes bad. So we were able to get through that and continue on. I think seeing her fear of swimming was a totally different experience, but we got through it.

THE DEADBOLT: So how did the altercation with Luke and Margie affect you guys for the rest of the race? Did it at all?

KISHA: No. I mean, I donít know if this is from our experience of being athletes, but things happen in competition and the dynamics of the race can be physically exhausting. Itís like, 'Okay, it happened, itís over with, and we move on.' But from watching the show, I donít think they have the same attitude. But weíre just like, 'whatever, move on.' So it didnít affect us at all, not even one bit.

THE DEADBOLT: Did you guys patch things up, or was it a case of just keep on moving?

JEN: For us, I think it was just pretty much keep on moving, because we donít hold grudges and you canít lie about whatís been shown because itís on tape. So thereís really no way of saying 'this is what happened' as opposed to 'this,' so we took full responsibility for our actions. I think thatís where my sister and I are a little disappointed. They didnít do the same, they just pretty much placed all of the blame on us, and we 'did this' and we 'did that,' and they did nothing. So you canít really say anything about it. But we were over it once we hit the mat because we were so exhausted. We just ran through China.

THE DEADBOLT: Was there anything we didnít see that you wished we did see?

JEN: I think they portrayed our relationship to a "T". I know weíre very proud of the way they portrayed us as sisters and our progression and our relationship. So, no, thereís nothing that was on air that we were like, ĎOh, my God! Donít show that.í

THE DEADBOLT: How did the race bring you closer together as sisters?

KISHA: I think we gained a better appreciation for each other. I think that the way we learned to communicate, change, and I just think we gained a better respect for each other. I said before that weíve done a lot of the same things but never together, so this is our opportunity to put our strengths together and compliment our weaknesses and really grow as a team. I know Iím personally proud to have done this with my sister.

JEN: I think it definitely made our relationship better, because we had an adjustment period in the first couple of episodes where we had to get used to being around each other a lot. But as the race progressed, everybody got to see how we really interact with each other and it just made it better. I think the turning point for me was in Thailand when we forgot our bags and we got to the mat and we had to go back and get them and we were still in the race. I think at that point, for me, it started to be more about my relationship with my sister and me experiencing this with her, as opposed to, 'Okay, we have to do anything that we need to do to win a million dollars.' So that was definitely the turning point where I was like, ĎYou know, Iím going to enjoy this with my sister and weíre doing well and weíre communicating well. Itís out of our hands. Weíre doing the best that we can and any other things that we canít control, theyíre going to come and weíre going to take it with a grain of salt.'

THE DEADBOLT: So, Jen, I remember you didnít have any underwear in Russia. Do you wear underwear now when you go running?

KISHA: [laughs]
JEN: [laughs] Now let me clarify this. Itís not that I donít wear underwear, because you need underwear. I mean, you NEED underwear. I wear dresses, you know? You gotta have a pair of underwear on at least. Iím actually a fan of underwear, so I have a lot of it. So itís not that I donít wear underwear, but in that situation - and I know my sister can understand why I didnít have underwear, necessarily, because weíre athletes - itís extremely uncomfortable. I donít own a thong because theyíre extremely uncomfortable.

Just imagine running around the world and youíre trying to pick wedgies out of your butt. Thatís uncomfortable. So instead of bringing underwear, we brought spandex, because Iíve lived in spandex for six years. I play volleyball so I have a gazillion laying around. So in order to have a more comfortable race, we decided to bring spandex and thatís something that people can run in. So that wasnít stripping down to your skivvies, because stripping down to your skivvies I wouldíve been naked. Thatís where that came from. I didnít have underwear because I wanted to run a comfortable race. So I brought spandex instead.

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
« Reply #58 on: May 07, 2009, 04:35:23 AM »
Great articles. :D The spandex is a great tip for those wanting to run faster. :lol:
I'm baaaaaack!

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
« Reply #59 on: June 17, 2009, 02:02:13 AM »
I miss my girls. Anyone have an update??

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
« Reply #60 on: August 01, 2009, 10:42:49 AM »
You know, I have to say...I recently just finished simultaneously re-watching TAR 14 while burning it to DVD to clear space on my living room DVR, and honestly, the "nervous giggle" or however Kisha called it in the China leg during the pitstop confrontation with Luke was totally present on the very first ep and throughout all subsequent ep's as well!! (and I'm a huge Luke fan too!)

That said, Jen totally pushed Luke at the cluebox when Luke clearly beat her to it and was very instigative in most of the following run-in's. But I have to give some innocent points to Kisha as much as I did like Luke!

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Re: ♥♥♥ TAR 14: LaKisha & Jennifer Hoffman - Sisters
« Reply #61 on: August 04, 2009, 01:16:19 AM »
You know, I have to say...I recently just finished simultaneously re-watching TAR 14 while burning it to DVD to clear space on my living room DVR, and honestly, the "nervous giggle" or however Kisha called it in the China leg during the pitstop confrontation with Luke was totally present on the very first ep and throughout all subsequent ep's as well!! (and I'm a huge Luke fan too!)

That said, Jen totally pushed Luke at the cluebox when Luke clearly beat her to it and was very instigative in most of the following run-in's. But I have to give some innocent points to Kisha as much as I did like Luke!

Same thing I saw as far as Kisha's laugh. She was not laughing at Luke because of his disability and Marge was so wrong for saying she was.

FYI: Jen is an assistant volleyball coach at the University of Louisville!