Author Topic: S18 EP5: 'You’re Going to Want that Tooth'  (Read 22443 times)

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Re: S18 EP5: 'You’re Going to Want that Tooth'
« Reply #100 on: March 13, 2009, 12:51:44 PM »
Lol, the Reward Challenge was pretty funny, seeing the smaller ladies like Sierra and Debra almost flying off. I liked Stephen last episode but this episode, I'm beginning to be as wary of him as he is with the four-way alliance. And Taj so shouldn't have given the HII to him. From the way he said it, it looks like he's not gonna give it to Taj anytime. Which makes me kind of doubt him, I just have this feeling he'll betray the alliance or something.

Poor JT, losing a tooth, and the challenge. I don't think it's Spencer's fault but this is Survivor, oh well. Was sad to see him go but I'd rather have Taj stay. I wish that Taj could have controlled her emotions a little, but well, guess she'll make the merge.

Yay to Timbira winning the challenge, otherwise they could well have voted off Brendan. Praying that Jalapao loses the next challenge, then merge, then get rid of Coach and Tyson!
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