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Re: Amazing Race Israel Spoilers/Sightings
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Some observation and time correction of this 2 episode
First......Before Macau....I think that they have been to Hong Kong
We can see the clue that brought by kaad that the Central Pier clue in Ep 13
*Nov 11 Teams seen at HK Central Pier #9:  (thanks to kaad)
Video here (thanks to kaad and hongdomoto)

I think this spoliers is wrong
*Nov 12 Victoria Peak HK  (thanks to Mrs Shrek) photo evidence
Since in the HK episode *Ep14
We can see the canlander is 13 in the local pharmacist in 56:53
So....they are racing in HK in Nov 13
and the

*unconfirmed date Macau (obtaining a clue in the Venetian Hotel, eating Almond Cookies in a Koi Kei bakery on Rua Felcidade 70-72,
and labelled dragon heads in Senado Square  photo evidence originally posted by skf123 in the HK discussion thread
, but  to Anthonyctf for sharing it with us!

It should be Nov 12
That means they won't race in  Victoria Peak HK   in Nov12
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