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Racing Report Leg 6
« on: November 30, 2008, 02:24:29 PM »
Racing Report
Amazing Race
Season 13, Episode #6
Title:  “ Please Hold While I Singe My Skull” from Christy
Provided Funds:  $ 98 per Tina
Pit Stop:  36 hours?
Start Date:  May 5th, 2008

Editorial:  As I write this up the current death toll in the Mumbai attacks stands at 195 persons, with TAR having so often visited the country of India this has hit myself harder than many reports of violence around the world, and I am finding it harder to be snarky, so apologies up front.

Teams leave for the start of the next leg from Siem Reap (not the Bayon Temple, that’s for sure) in the order they arrived.

1.   Nick & Starr 11:22pm
2.   Toni & Dallas 11:34pm
3.   Ken & Tina 11:53 pm
4.   Kelly & Chrsity 11:59pm

It is now May 6th.

5.   Terence & Sarah 12:05am*
6.   Andrew & Dan 12:29am

•   Terence & Sarah receive a 30-minute penalty for speeding in the previous episode.  They got to the Pit Stop at 11:35.

RI:  Fly to Delhi, India

Teams must now fly more than 2000 miles to the city of Delhi, India.  When they land they will travel by taxi to the area known as Zamrudpr and find Moon Light Motors where they’ll find their next clue.

Additional Info:  You will need to buy airline tickets at Tourex Asia Co, a travel agency, before going to the airport.

Teams make their way to the travel agency in the same order they departed the Pit Stop. 

As team do flight research (and search the internet for the location of Moon Light Motors) we get several scenes of Dallas and Star flirting.

Quote:  “My Mom is the worst wing man, ever!”  Well Dallas I certainly hope so, using my Mom to pimp me out isn’t exactly want I would expect. 

Teams make the following flight arrangements to get them to India.

PG 924 departs REP at 950 and arrives in Bangkok (BKK) at 1045

IC854 departs BKK at 1330 and arrives in Delhi (DEL) at 1615

All teams have the same flight (at least for the final connections).  Teams land in Delhi and get taxis in the following order.
1.   Nick & Star
2.   Ken & Tina
3.   Toni & Dallas
4.   Andrew & Dan
5.   Kelly & Christy*
6.   Terence & Sarah

Nick & Starr are shocked at how much skin Kelly & Christy are showing, apparently they have watched a few seasons of the show before.  Hope you don’t have to take a train, today ladies.

Teams arrive at Moon Light Motors in the Auto Shopping Complex at 16 DDA in the following order.
1.   Nick & Star
2.   Andrew & Dan
3.   Toni & Dallas
4.   Kelly & Christy
5.   Ken & Tina
6.   Terence & Sarah

Most teams except for Nick & Star and Andrew & Dan experience cab trouble.

Roadblock “Who’s got an artistic flare.”

A Roadblock is a task that only one person can perform.  In this Roadblock that person must help India’s taxi industry go green, literally.

To signal that these Black and Yellow Auto Rickshaws now run on natural gas, they’ll paint over the black with green.  But before they can paint, they’ll have to mask the yellow exterior and interior with newspapers.  Once they’ve properly masked and painted their auto rickshaw, the shop owner will hand them their next clue.

Team members who perform this Roadblock are:
1.   Starr
2.   Andrew
3.   Toni
4.   Kelly
5.   Sarah
6.   Ken

Teams finish masking the yellow in and outside the rickshaw int eh following order:
1.   Starr
2.   Andrew
3.   Toni
4.   Kelly
5.   Ken
6.   Sarah

Teams finish the Roadblock n the following order:
1.   Andrew & Dan
2.   Nick & Starr
3.   Toni & Dallas
4.   Ken & Tina
5.   Kelly & Christy
6.   Terence & Sarah

During their teammates roadblock, Dan, Nick, Dallas and Christy are very supportive and helpful with encouragement for their partners.  Terence and Tina are both counter productive to their partners as they become hyper critical of their work.

RI:  Make your way to the Ambassador Hotel

Teams must now make their way through Delhi’s over crowded streets tot eh Ambassador Hotel.  Once here, they’ll have to search the gardens for this Indian Door Man.  When they find him, hell hand them their next clue.

Teams get into taxis in the following order.
1.   Nick & Starr
2.   Toni & Dallas
3.   Ken & Tina (who had their cab wait for them)
4.   Andrew & Dan
5.   Kelly & Christy
6.   Terence & Sarah

Teams arrive at the Ambassador Hotel and receive their next clue in the following order.
1.   Nick & Star
2.   Toni & Dallas (mere seconds behind)
3.   Andrew & Dan
4.   Kelly & Christy (who manage to leave the Ambassador before Dandrew)
5.   Terence & Sarah
6.   Ken & Tina (who final switch cabs as their driver has had no luck in finding those two locations).

Detour – Launder Money or Launder Clothes

In this Detour teams have to choose between two tasks based on the traditional way of doing things in India.  The Choice:  Launder Money or Launder Clothes.

In Launder Money teams make their way to this banquet hall and create a wedding necklace decorated with Indian money known as Rupees.  The necklace must have exactly 10 individual Rupee notes that add up to the sun of exactly 780.  And teams will have to find ways to exchange their own stash of cash for the right combination of Rupee notes.  When their necklace is finished they must find one of these grooms and trade it for their next clue.

In Launder Clothes teams make their way to this laundry shop, choose one of these ironing stations and use a traditional charcoal heated iron to press 20 pieces of clothing.  When the Laundry Women feels the clothing has been properly pressed she’ll hand them their next clue.

Nick & Star, Toni & Dallas, Kelly & Christy and Andrew & Dan choose Launder Clothes.

Terence & Sarah and Ken & Tina choose Launder Money.

Teams arrive at their Detour’s location  (Prakash Banquet Hall for Launder Money) in the following order.
1.   Nick & Star
2.   Kelly & Christy
3.   Toni & Dallas
4.   Andrew & Dan
5.   Terence & Sarah
6.   Ken & Tina

The irons are very hot, and Nick & Starr use gloves they brought on the race.  The others use lose articles of clothing.

Nick& Starr admit to not ironing when they grew up at home, Christy remembers ironing for her former husband (thus the title quote), and Andrew & Dan admit to never ironing.  And lord they suck (particularly Dan).

Teams finish their detours in the following order.
1.   Nick & Star
2.   Kelly & Christy
3.   Toni & Dallas
4.   Terence & Sarah (who had their driver wait)
5.   Ken & Tina
6.   Andrew & Dan *

When they are getting near the end of their task a large gust of wind blows over several piles of clothes, frustrating Dan to no end.

I loved it when Andrew tried to explain to the Laundry Lady that one article is good because he did it (as opposed to Dan I assume).

RI:  Make your way to the Pit Stop.

Teams must now make their way through the confusing streets of Delhi and find the Baha’i House.  Built during the 1930’s this is the national headquarters for the Baha’i faith and the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. 

Teams make their way to the Pit Stop and Check-in with the following order.
1.   Nick & Starr (Each wins an electric car)
2.   Kelly & Christy
3.   Toni & Dallas
4.   Terence 7 Sarah
5.   Andrew & Dan
6.   Ken & Tina

Ken & Tina are spared elimination, but are warned that in the next leg they will encounter a Speed Bump, which is a task that only they will have to complete before continuing on the race.