Author Topic: RW/RR The Island challenge 9/24  (Read 7449 times)

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RW/RR The Island challenge 9/24
« on: September 25, 2008, 12:32:08 PM »
Well last night i watched 2 shows back to back, missing anbout 15 minutes.

You have to love the Abe that was on this show.  He was funny and crazy with out being violent.  I was sorry to see him go but tottally understand.  He would have been on the boat.  Boy those wasp stings looked terrible.

I hate that Johnny has a key.  He is so rude and arrogant.  I wish they would take him out, but he will not volunteer to be in the challenge with a key.

rachel, Rachel, Rachel... girl I was rooting for you and wish you were still there.  You were a threat so you not winning sent you packing.  I really think had Robin not whined you could have won against the two rookies.

Robin.. yes you feel you can talk and be out spoken.  but know when to back down and when to shut up!!  You made Rachel get sent home and she was on the same side as you.

Johanna and Kenny wow I think you deserve each other.  Johanna is so boldly saying she is going to sit back and wait and kenny so full of himeself that he thinks the woman are fighting over him.  Johanna is complaining about Robin, but Johanna was the one that said I &*(^*^ Kenny because I like him why did you (*&()&) him?  Was that necessary?

Boy there is going to be alot of drama on this show.

Ev girl you are on the outside again... you need to make some friends on these challenges.