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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #25 on: October 25, 2011, 05:42:44 AM »
Marie: Well, along the highway were poor people and they were also begging for money. Liz and I aren't like that. We can suck this up. Even if we had to walk, we can walk. I'm not going to ask people who have nothing for something. It wasn't worth it. ... Also, our dad never drove. He was blind in one eye, so he never got a driver's license and he walked literally everywhere. He was like, "If I can do it, you can do it." He took the train every day to work and we lived in the city, so he walked everywhere. So we were like, "OK, we can suck it up and try it."

Really nice team... :( I'll miss them loads.
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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
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My first hand impression... I LOVE THEM. But my first hand impression also tells me that they won't last till the Final 8.

Final 8/9 elimination.. PRAYS THAT I AM WRONG. :'( (GUT)

I hate myself. I seriously hate myself. :( :(((((((((((((((
"The Amazing Race shows the best and worst out of you. But if only negative things are shown, then it's probably you. - Jobby"

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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
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The Amazing Race 19: Exclusive Interview with Liz Canavan
Posted on 10/25/2011

by Gina Scarpa


Liz and Marie were at a disadvantage right from the start on this week's episode of The Amazing Race, after finishing last in the previous leg. When they ran out of money in Bangkok and hadn't seen any other team for 24 hours, they knew their time was up. Once again, they arrived last at the pit stop and this time, were eliminated from the race. Today, we caught up with Liz in an exclusive interview about the experiences she and her sister shared while on The Amazing Race.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted: What made you and your sister decide to do The Amazing Race?
A. Liz: It was the perfect time, we had both graduated. We were actually really scared before we left. We had never really been out of the country. We knew it was going to be hard.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: You talked a lot about the recent passing of your father. Did going on the race help you cope with it at all?
A. Liz: I think a little, yeah. I think it's just going to be that every day is going to be a struggle. We were close with him and he was our best friend. Being on The Amazing Race made us realize that life is going to be okay. You only get one life and you have to make the most out of it.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: You both seemed very excited about this last leg of the race that you ran, especially when you got to wash and ride the elephants.
A. Liz: Oh yeah because we started off last and that was the first thing we did and we were so excited. We loved the elephants so much. It was the best day ever of our lives. It was surreal!

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Where do you feel like things started to go wrong for you and Marie?
A. Liz: Everything was going well that day. We didn't have money problems until we got to the bus station. We just had to give the cab driver so much money. The locals were getting involved and we didn't have much choice. We gave him all of our money.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: It looked like you were getting free cab rides left and right. Was it really as easy as it looked on tv?
A. Liz: We were walking for four hours before we got a cab driver to pick us up. We had a lot of trouble and it wasn't as easy as it looked. The people in town were really nice to us and they don't really have the option of giving away free cab rides. We were lucky but we were so far behind.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: How long after Jeremy and Sandy arrived at the pit stop did the two of you check in?
A. Liz: I'm not too sure how far but I think it was about two hours.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Was it hard for you to be in last throughout that leg, especially since you weren't running into the other teams?
A. Liz: We literally didn't see any teams for 24 hours and we were running our own race. We knew we were the last ones. We knew when we got to Bangkok with no money and figured out where the canal was and that we needed to take cabs, we were in a dire situation.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: Do you keep in touch with the other teams?
A. Liz: Oh yeah! We all still talk! Everyone is really nice. We really connected with Jennifer and Justin and they helped us a lot, especially in Indonesia.


Q. Gina, RealityWanted:What is the biggest thing you've taken away from the race?
A. Liz: That we can do anything we want. Once we put our minds to it, we can do it. Who gets on The Amazing Race and gets to experience things that we did? We're young and we can do whatever we want. Don't take no for an answer.

Q. Gina, RealityWanted: How has it been to watch yourselves on tv?
A. Liz: It's been really fun. Anyone would like to be on tv. We've had a great time watching!
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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
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'The Amazing Race' Exit Interview: Liz and Marie Canavan
Twins discuss their emotional race to the pit stop
Posted by MSN TV Tuesday, October 25, 2011   

Twins Liz and Marie Canavan failed to overcome last week’s back-of-the-pack finish—and despite powering through a Speed Bump that had them showering down some elephants, were booted off “The Amazing Race” last night. The pair showed significant moxie despite running several hours behind the rest of the teams—we asked them about begging rides from Thai taxi drivers, their emotional final talk with Phil on the pit stop’s mat, and the umbrella-centric beach challenge that led to their ouster.


It was amazing to see that the cab drivers were willing to give you rides for free. How long were you walking before you decided to ask them for a ride to the canal?


Marie: We had been walking for four hours, and we had asked other cabs drivers to drive us, but everyone thought we were nuts for asking. It was amazing when that one cab driver decided to give us a ride. We were so grateful for it.


I couldn't get a sense of how far behind you were Jeremy and Sandy.

Was there any chance you would have caught them?


Liz: No! We don't really know how far behind we were, but we hadn't seen another team in like 24 hours, so we really don't think we could have caught them.


What made the challenge on the beach in Thailand, where you had to mimic the hotel’s set-up with umbrellas and chairs, so difficult? Was it the wind? Was it just that you weren't as physically strong as some of the guys on the race?


Marie: It was both. The winds were really strong, and we needed a guy. We didn't have the muscles to get the umbrellas in [the sand].


How did your relationship evolve over the course of the race?


Liz: We were close before and we are still close now. I learned Marie was a head case, but I already knew that.


I really felt for you guys at the Pitstop when Phil asked what your dad, who died earlier this year, would think of your race. Were you thinking about him as you raced, and in terms of the decisions you made?


Marie: I think that in our daily lives we try to go about everything thinking of him.


Liz: Us begging for money ... we weren't thinking, Our dad would not want us to do that—it's just what he taught us growing up.
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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #29 on: October 25, 2011, 07:03:00 PM »
Exclusive: Liz Canavan and Marie Canavan talk 'The Amazing Race'

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 10/25/2011

Liz Canavan and Marie Canavan, although optimistic, believed there was little chance of them catching up to the other teams when they had left the fourth Pit Stop hours behind their competition in last place during the fifth episode of The Amazing Race's nineteenth season. 
After beginning the leg without an airplane flight that could help put them back on an equal playing field with the other teams and an additional Speed Bump task that required them to complete a series of tasks before they could attempt the first Roadblock task, the "Twins" also ran out of money half way through the fifth leg and couldn't afford to pay taxi drivers to bring them to their destinations -- forcing them to waste time walking and resulting in their elimination from the competition.

On Monday, Liz and Marie talked to Reality TV World about their The Amazing Race experience.
Reality TV World: It seemed as if you girls were more upbeat and chipper in this leg of the Race than in any of the previous legs. You obviously started it off in last place, so why were you in such good moods? Did you two just kind of relax and sort of decide to just make the best of the experience after began the leg and found out there wasn't going to be a plane flight or something that could help you two catch back up to the other teams easily, or was there some other reason?

Liz Canavan: I think because the leg -- Okay, we knew we were in last but then the leg started off really well because we got to go see our favorite animals and wash them. I don't know, we were in the middle of the rain forest and it was raining and it was fun! We were literally and genuinely having such a good time.

And that's how the leg started off with the elephants, we were like, "Well maybe we can turn this around. We're just going to try the best we can," and we were relaxed. We were just having a good time.

Reality TV World: Why did it seem like you girls had so many money problems during this leg of the Race? You spent the remainder of your money on the taxi driver after you had bought your bus tickets to Bangkok, which left you with nothing to work with afterwards, so how did you end up so limited at that point?

Marie Canavan: I just think that we just got the luck of the draw and got screwed by our cab driver because he was going to call the cops on us. Locals got involved, so it was either that or just take the hit of going to Bangkok with no money. We were just like, "You know, we're going to do what we can and just take that hit and just keep going."

Liz Canavan: We had to make that bus. There was no other bus, so we had to get on it and it already left. So, we were literally just stuck. We didn't know what we were going to do.

Reality TV World: What cost you so much money before that and why did you run out of money when the other teams didn't?

Marie Canavan: We started off that leg with the same amount of money as everyone else. It was just literally buying that one -- after buying our bus tickets and our cab driver insisting on a certain amount of money, it was the rest of what we had. So, we were just doomed from that moment on, but we had to give it to him.

Reality TV World: About how far was that free ride that your taxi driver gave you from the bus station to the Bangkok-bound that they had stopped for you?

Marie Canavan: Only like 10-15 minutes.

Liz Canavan: Yeah.

Reality TV World: Do you have any idea if it's a common thing in Thailand where they stop a bus for people like that if someone has missed it?

Marie Canavan: No way. I mean, we were just really lucky and I think they understood our situation of how we had to get on that bus. So, the bus people were really sweet about it and called and just you know, took the...

Liz Canavan: They were helping us out.

Marie Canavan: I mean, they knew we were just panicking. So, I think they were just like, "Alright, cool. We'll give them a break."

Reality TV World: Once you guys got into Bangkok, how much walking did you guys actually do before you found the taxi guy who drove you for free to the canal where you had to feed the fish?

Liz Canavan: We were walking for four hours and we asked -- because we were walking along the highways -- people along the way. First, we kept getting people saying it was three blocks, some people said it was 15 hours.

We kept getting different answers from different people and along the way while we were walking, we asked cab drivers if they would drive us for free and they would just laugh at us and keep going. So, it took us a whole four hours until we finally found that one driver who was like, "Okay, I'll drive you," because no one was going to drive us.

Marie Canavan: And we couldn't beg people on the side of the road who were so poor that they were selling food to feed their family for a week. We would never -- that wasn't even an option to even go ask them for money.

Reality TV World: Do you think the time you wasted walking around in Bangkok was the reason why you finished last or do you believe you would have came in last place anyways due to all the other circumstances?

Liz Canavan: It was just, no. It was literally just because we didn't have money to take the cabs. We were just...

Marie Canavan: We were done for.

Liz Canavan: Yeah, we were done for because you needed money to take a cab even to get to that place in an efficient enough amount of time.

Marie Canavan: Yeah, the canal was so far away that if you didn't have a cab ride, you were just done.

Liz Canavan: It would have taken two days to walk.

Reality TV World: About how long after Jeremy Cline and Sandy Draghi do you think you arrived at the Pit Stop in Bangkok? Were you well aware at that point that you were in last place or did you still have hope that one of the other teams may have messed up along the way or got lost?

Marie Canavan: We're not really sure, but no. We knew when we were getting up in the Pit Stop that we were totally last. I think we were like two or more hours behind Sandy and Jeremy and we didn't see anyone for 24 hours, so we just knew.

Reality TV World: You girls seemed so excited to wash and clean up after the elephants. Why was that, was it just because you girls loved elephants as you had mentioned during the show? Because the task itself didn't seem very fun or rewarding.

Marie Canavan: I mean, it was just because we love elephants! We love them so much that when we saw those baby elephants and we were in the rain forest, we were just so happy. We didn't care.

Liz Canavan: It was one of the best experiences of my life -- was washing the elephants. It was for us. But probably most -- if you don't like elephants, it's not rewarding. But to us, it was the best thing in the world.

Reality TV World: Were you girls surprised that you were able to get two different cab drivers to drive you for free in Bangkok, first to the canal and then to the Pit Stop afterwards? Do you think it was the fact you had a camera crew with you, or that you were charming and cute, or something else that made them want to help you?

Liz Canavan: Getting that first cab ride took us forever, so I think it was people -- like that first guy -- just started kind of feeling bad for us after we told them our situation and begged him. And then the second guy, I think, we were girls and he was like, "Alright, I'll give them a break and help them out!"

Reality TV World: Was there ever a point in your last leg of the Race where you thought you had a chance of surviving? Was there a time when you thought there actually were other teams behind you?

Marie Canavan: No, we knew the whole time that we were done for.

Reality TV World: How did you feel when you realized last week's episode was a non-elimination leg? Was that in your mind and were you hoping for that opportunity on your way to the Pit Stop or did you not even think it was a possibility since there had already been a non-elimination leg in the first leg of the Race?

Liz Canavan: We totally thought there was no way that there was going to be a non-elimination leg. We thought we were getting eliminated, because as we said before, at the first non-elimination, we were like, "Okay, we're totally done here." So, when we got the second chance, we were like, "Okay, maybe we can redeem ourselves. We're so lucky to even get a second chance."

Reality TV World: Could you girls talk a little bit about what went wrong during last week's Detour task where you had to set up the umbrellas on the beach? Did you feel physical strength or strategy was more vital in setting up the umbrellas properly and completing that task? Did you feel you were at a disadvantage because you two are fairly small girls and were competing against teams that had men?

Marie Canavan: That is exactly what happened. It was -- we didn't have the man power because we would see all the guys having trouble getting those umbrellas in with the wind, so when we saw that, we were like, "Oh crap!" Because the wind would just -- we'd get them in, and then it would just pick them right up whenever again.

Reality TV World: Why didn't you girls consider switching Detour tasks?

Marie Canavan: We did. We did the umbrellas for like an hour and then we went over and tried the coral reef one, but we couldn't get the structure together in enough amount of time, so we just panicked and went back to the umbrellas.

Reality TV World: Marie, when CBS announced the cast, they listed your occupation as soul searching and in your bio, you said you're currently going through your quarter-life crisis. How's that going and are you still struggling to find work?

Marie Canavan: I never said I was soul searching. (Laughs) I don't know where they came up with that, so I think I put job hunting. And the quarter-life crisis, yeah I think it's just -- what I coin it as is you just graduate college and you don't know what you want to do and so I just called it a quarter-life crisis. But right now, I'm just job hunting and...

Liz Canavan: You're not soul searching. (Laughs)

Marie Canavan: I'm not soul searching, no. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: During your final words, you girls mentioned your father would have said, "I can't believe you guys did that!" when referring to your decision to compete on The Amazing Race. Was doing something like this out of the norm for your personalities? Why do you think your dad would have been so surprised?

Marie Canavan: When we say that, not surprised, no. It's like our personalities because we do a lot of different things and go away and stuff. I just think that -- not a happy surprised -- but like, "I'm so..." I don't know how to explain it.

Liz Canavan: I think he would have said like, "Look, you can do a show like The Amazing Race and you did it just you two by yourselves in all these countries. Now take that with you for the rest of your life, because no one can take that experience away from you -- Just learn from it. You guys are so lucky."

Reality TV World: After you girls had completed the "Shake for Your Money" Detour task back in the second episode, you were one of the teams who had missed the sign on the table at the orphanage, and the clue itself didn't mention that you had to give all of your money to the children. So do you think that was a fair twist or do you think that information should have been on the clue?

Marie Canavan: I totally think that information should've been on the clue and that was an unfair thing. I just think that because when you start the Race, you are told that any information will be in the clue, and so all the teams didn't catch that because no one else is looking for that additional information anywhere else.

We think that the information we get on the clue, the written information, is all it is and they reiterated that so many times that no one even thought that additional information could be anywhere else.

Reality TV World: When you watched last night's episode, what did you think about the mistake Laurence Sunderland and Zac Sunderland had made about thinking they couldn't take a first-class bus? Do you think that was an easy mistake to make based on what the clues had told you? What was your reaction to that?

Liz Canavan: I think that we probably -- I mean, I guess this is where you really have to think about what is first class and what they're talking about, because you're definitely not allowed to take a first-class plane -- sit in first class on a plane.

But as far as taking a first-class bus, I think if we got on that bus, we probably would have been like, "Hmm, we probably shouldn't take a first-class bus," but I don't know if we would have gotten off.

I think we definitely would have thought about it and would have been worried, so they had a reason to be worried about that. It was just stuck in your mind that you -- the rules and stuff. But I don't know. I guess it's just different in every situation and I don't know.

Reality TV World: How were you two cast on The Amazing Race? How did you end up on the show?

Marie Canavan: We just applied with our application and video, and we just kept getting further and further in the process. We just thought it was something fun and it looked like something great that we could do.
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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #30 on: October 25, 2011, 07:08:40 PM »
Liz/Marie :torche

They're elimination was because there was no major bunching like the other legs..  I guess they were Krachel'd :lol:

I also loved their excitement over elephants <333 was one of the funny moments <3

and their Elimination chat was sad too :( made me want to cry.

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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #31 on: October 25, 2011, 09:26:32 PM »
Because I liked them, here's one:

'Amazing Race' Liz & Marie interview: 'We knew we couldn't catch up'
Published Tuesday, Oct 25 2011, 12:00pm EDT | By Lara Martin

Liz & Marie Canavan's experience on The Amazing Race ended in Thailand this week when they just couldn't manage to make up the time they lost by starting in bottom place.

The twins had ended the previous leg in bottom place but a non-elimination twist meant they were still in the game this week, although had to contend with a speedbump.

Unfortunately the time deficit was just too much and aided by a lack of money in Bangkok (thanks to a taxi driver), they became the latest team to say goodbye. Here's what they told Digital Spy about the race:

How did you remain in such good spirits in the last leg?
Marie: "I think that we just knew that freaking out and getting all upset about it wouldn't do anything so we made the best of it and enjoyed what we had."
Liz: "We knew that we couldn't sit there and cry - that never helps the situation. We knew we had to keep positive and think of any ways we can to get to where we needed to go."

And you hadn't seen any other teams for 24 hours… It's almost like you're running your own little race!
Liz: "That's exactly what we felt like! We felt really alone, we're in the middle of Bangkok and all these places and we don't see anyone ever and we had no money!"

What happened with the money?
Liz: "It was our cab driver from the spirit houses to the bus terminal - he wouldn't accept the amount we wanted to give him and after buying our bus tickets we had to give him everything else we had because locals were getting involved and it was just a no-win situation with him."

Marie: "They were like we will call the police and stuff and we said, 'No, you can't do that'. We just begged him, 'Please take this and let us move on!' He ended up giving us a cab ride to the bus station! It was like, 'This was all for nothing!'"

I liked the fact you didn't beg the locals for money when you arrived in Bangkok... But you still managed to get free cab rides!
Liz: "We didn't expect that. After that bus terminal we kept getting different information from people like, 'Oh it's three blocks away, it's 15 hours away'. It was about a 30-mile walk and we were walking down this highway hoping to go in the right direction.

"We kept asking random cab drivers but no-one would give us a ride and then there were people selling barely anything to make it by and we thought no way would we ask them for money when they have nothing, it wasn't going to happen. Eventually we found that one cab driver and I think he felt so bad for us we just got in the cab and left."

Did you have a different mindset on this leg after being given a second chance on the last leg?
Marie: "Yeah, because we left so far behind the other teams we were just going to try anything we could to catch up this leg because we had a second chance and we were so excited that we weren't eliminated that we would try anything we could. But there was no point where we could catch up because we went to Bangkok with no money so it was just so hard."

So there was no way you could ever have made up the time?
Liz: "No, no possible way. We started off last and we hadn't seen anyone in so long we just knew. We knew we'd be last. We'd talked about it all day so we knew we would be last and we were just enjoying it. We got to the pitstop and knew what was coming."

It seemed like it was a fun leg to end on with the baby elephants task...
Liz: "We love elephants so much, especially Marie. We were just so excited when we saw them. We just thought, 'This is the best!'"
Marie: "We walked into that speedbump and were just in the middle of the rainforest and you see baby elephants in the river. We just jumped in and it was so fun and they were so cute!"

Was that the best part of the whole experience or something else?
Marie: "I think that was the best, we were just so happy at that moment to be on the race, we didn't care about our position at that point. We thought, 'Let's just do this and have a good time'."

What did you learn about yourselves from the experience?
Marie: "I think we learned if we think things through and stay calm about them then we can figure them out instead of our usual freak out moments."
Liz: "And to pay attention to detail. We looked at the bigger picture too much and maybe we should have looked at the smaller things around too."

Did being twins give you any sort of advantage in the race?
Liz: "I think just our relationship gave us an advantage because we know each other so well. I think if I was running with a boyfriend or a different kind of partner like a friend, that you didn't know each other's personalities so well, if we did get lost in Bangkok I don't know what would have happened - they could heave freaked out and it could have been much worse."

You'd never traveled overseas before - what was the overall experience like of seeing different countries and cultures?
Marie: "That was the best part. We really took advantage of that and made sure while we were racing that we took everything in and we were lucky we got to do it. I think the hardest part was the traveling - getting on flights, doing buses - and the language barrier."

Will you guys travel again?
Liz: "Definitely, I think now it will be more of a priority. We want to see other cultures and the way other people live. I think we now have the itch to go to other places and see what they are like."

Would you do the race again?
Both: "In a second!"

What are you doing now?
Marie: "Just applying for jobs and figuring out what to do. I am job hunting! Maybe something in marketing."
Liz: "I'm still working as a marketing assistant."

The Amazing Race airs Sundays at 8/7c on CBS

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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #32 on: October 25, 2011, 09:39:21 PM »
Thanks Slayton!!

I liked them too...I liked their enthusiasm, and that they enjoyed the moments, and that they always kept trying...and never ever gave up. My favorite kind of racer! Really well done, ladies!
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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #33 on: October 26, 2011, 04:05:49 PM »
HitFix Interview: Liz & Marie talk 'The Amazing Race'
Wonder Twin powers activate for the latest 'Race' exit interview

By Daniel Fienberg Wednesday, Oct 26, 2011 1:14 PM

 Often, Non-Elimination Legs can offer a welcome reprieve, allowing teams to race through the inevitably easy Speed Bump penalties, catch up to a straggling rival and remain in the game.
That was not the case this week for twins Liz and Marie Canavan. After struggling with wind-blown umbrellas in a Detour only to be spared by host Phil Keoghan and the producers, Liz & Marie struggled through a leg that found them alone for alone for nearly the entire time, often hours behind all of the other teams.
In a circumstance that might have led to panic or frustration for more than a few pairings, Liz & Marie had a surprisingly positive leg. The Twins were jubilant when their Speed Bump required them to clean up after Thai elephants. They were optimistic and refused to beg for money when they found themselves in Bangkok without any currency. And they were properly grateful when they caught a few lucky breaks with generous cabbies. Even though they reached the Pit Stop knowing they'd almost certainly been eliminated, they were upbeat when they arrived at the mat.
In our exit interview, Liz & Marie discussed keeping the proper attitude, even in the face of defeat, their favorite Race moments and why they don't want people to think they're clones.
Click through for the transcript, in which I'm pretty sure I correctly distinguished between Liz and Marie at least 95% of the time...
HitFix: I'd like to start by suggesting that I don't think anybody in history has ever been quite so excited about the prospect of shoveling elephant dung. Could you guys discuss the Speed Bump and the importance of keeping positive and enjoying that moment?
Marie Canavan: Well, elephants are like our favorite animals of all-time and so once we saw the baby elephants and all of the elephants in the river in that rain forest, we just didn't care at all and we were like, "Let's just do this!" We were so excited. Literally, what you saw on TV, I think we were maybe even more excited than what they showed. We just ran in that water so fast.

Liz Canavan: Yeah, we just jumped in the water after the elephants and threw ourselves at them. It was like, "This is great!"
HitFix: And was it everything you hoped it would be?
Marie: Oh yeah! That was our favorite part of the whole Race.
HitFix: How long did the Speed Bump take you guys to do?
Marie: Like 20 minutes.
HitFix: That was the only time during the entire leg that you guys saw another team. What was the experience of doing that entire last leg basically alone?
Liz: Yeah, after we saw Bill & Cathi and we went to the Roadblock and we didn't see anyone, we knew we were dead last. We were running our own Race,  pretty much, we felt like. We got to the bus station and we thought maybe we'd have a chance to catch up, but then we knew after we had to give all our money to the cab driver and we had nothing left, we were like, "What are we gonna do?" We never had the moment to catch up, we felt like.
HitFix: Did that help you get perspective on the experience, or was it depressing to know that you were that alone and that isolated?
Marie: I think that made us more able to enjoy it. We just knew we were gonna be last. We just knew it. So we were like, "Alright. Why not spend this time enjoying the race and just having a good time, even though we've got nothing going for us."
HitFix: Could you talk about about what that allowed you to do, being in Bangkok and just being able to take that step back?
Liz: I think that because we were dead last and just enjoying it, we didn't want to waste the time or the energy to sit there and cry and just be miserable, because who gets the chance to go to Bangkok and to do the things that we'd done? We were so lucky already to run the Race as we did. We were never going to give up. We were going to try our best just to finish it out the way we wanted to and just enjoy the surroundings and all the cool things that were around us.
HitFix: Many teams under those circumstances would have attempted to panhandle or beg for money. You guy made the decision not to beg for money in Bangkok. Why not?
Marie: When we started off leaving that bus station, we had asked several people how far away where we needed to be was and we got so many different answers and by the time we figured out, it was literally 20 miles away and so we started walking in the right direction down the highway and the only people around us were people literally fighting for their lives or trying to get money for things that they barely had, so we just knew immediately that that's not not the way we wanted to operate. We're not gonna beg people who are barely getting by themselves. So we're just like, "We've gotta walk. We're walking." So we would ask several cab drivers to give us a ride for free and no one would and then finally this one guy did.
HitFix: What we saw on TV basically made it look like you walked up and the first cabbie you approached gave you a free ride. So obviously that wasn't the case. How hard was it, really?
Marie: Oh, we had been walking for four hours.
HitFix: That's... a long time.
Marie: Oh, we know.
Liz: It's not like we didn't ask people for rides. We asked everybody for rides. The thing we wouldn't do was asking people on the side who were selling things on the side of the road just to feed their families for the week. That's why we weren't going to panhandle. That would have been awful. But we had been walking already for four hours when we found that guy.
HitFix: It didn't look like you guys got around to flirting to get rides, which has occasionally been an "Amazing Race" strategy in similar circumstances. Was that another line you just didn't want to cross?
Liz: Oh, we're just not like that. We're not gonna be like, "Oh, heeey." No no no.
Marie: That's just not in our personalities. We would ask politely and we asked a lot of people, but no. It's not us.
HitFix: I was still wondering if this was maybe easier for you two than it might have been for a couple of the other times in the same situation.
Marie: No WAY! And it probably seems like, "Oh, they're two blonde girls, so it was probably easy," but no way. It wouldn't have been easy for anybody. We'd been walking for hours.
Liz: And just because we were blonde and girls... The second guy who gave us a ride, he helped us because we were cute or whatever, but some people said "No" to us and some people laughed at us and some people were like, "Get away from me." They just thought we were crazy.
HitFix: The editing on Sunday's episode made it look as if Sandy & Jeremy had troubles and maybe they were also in jeopardy. Do you have any idea how far you actually were behind in the end?
Liz: I think it was like two hours.
HitFix: Do you guys still have nightmares about wind-blown umbrellas?
Marie: I think we have more nightmares of that frustration of not getting a simple umbrella into sand. We just didn't have the muscle for that because of the wind and we needed that manpower to shove it down there, because we just couldn't get it in.
Liz: And once we would get it into the sand, we'd look over and it was flying out and we'd be like, "This is the biggest nightmare of our lives."
HitFix: Was there a moment in that task when you first realized how hard it was going to be?
Marie: Getting all of the chairs and umbrellas out was really hard, because we needed to go through all of that stuff. But we really knew when we saw all of the guys putting the umbrellas in and they were struggling. We knew that we were in so much trouble.
HitFix: Did you contemplate going and trying the other side of the Detour?
Marie: We did the other thing. After an hour or so of doing the umbrellas, we ran over to the coral side, but our problem was putting together the rack.
Liz: There was no one there.
Marie: There was no one with us. Another team, I know, would have helped us a little, but we couldn't put it together fast enough.
Liz: So we were like, "Screw it."
Marie: Yeah, it was wasting so much time, so we just went back to do the umbrella.
HitFix: How much time do you think you put into the coral task?
Liz: A half-hour maybe? And then we were like, "This is not getting us anywhere." It was just panic mode on that island, running back and forth.
HitFix: We saw a little crying there, but how well do you guys feel like you kept your composure in that moment?
Liz: I was the first one who started crying, because literally the umbrella hit me in the head so hard. I think anything, even if it just scratched me, I was just so frustrated and that sent me over the edge. But then when I was crying, I was like, "Why am I crying? I don't have time for crying. It doesn't do anything."
Marie: We were looking at each other like, "It's over umbrellas. How stupid!"
HitFix: One of the disappointments about you guys going out relatively early is that we got to know you as a unit, but maybe not so much as individuals. If you guys had lasted a bit longer in the Race, how do you think we would have seen that Liz and Marie are different from each other?
Liz: Well, Marie's crazy.
Marie: I think you would have seen that I panic a lot more than Liz does and I freak out over the little stuff and I think Liz can't take it.
Liz: They didn't show it, but we did argue and stuff and I'd be like "Calm down. What are we gonna do?" But she would freak out and just jump to so many conclusions and I'd be like, "Chill out." So I think you would have seen that for our different personalities, but yeah, obviously they just showed us... I mean, we're similar.
Marie: But we are different.
Liz: And I'm sure people know that we are different. I don't think people think we're clones.

Want More...The Amazing Race?
Check out everything there is including photos, reviews, videos.
Go There ►HitFix: Give me a favorite moment from the whole "Race" experience that we didn't get to see on TV.
Liz: Mine was in Indonesia when we were with the trains and we got to see all of the people at night sitting on top of the trains going by. There was a moment where we were on the train going through Indonesia and the lifestyle there is so different. Trains would go by and people would be sitting on the trains and pouring out of the trains and I've never seen anything like that in my life.
Marie: Mine was probably when we got to Indonesia. We got to this little hotel-restaurant and we slept on the restaurant floor and it was all open and so all through the middle of the night, you would hear the religious chanting every two hours and it was a really cool way to stay up all night.
HitFix: And you both talked about how this was an experience that was about proving things to yourselves. What did you learn about yourself that you how to remember going forward?
Marie: Probably to just take every situation and not panic and that if you just stay calm and don't go straight to the bad, everything will turn out OK. You'll be able to figure it out.
Liz: It's never as bad as it seems. There's always a solution and you've just gotta think about it. We probably should have paid more attention to detail, I guess. Something like that.
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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #34 on: October 26, 2011, 09:05:55 PM »
I'm missing Liz and Marie already. :(
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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #35 on: October 27, 2011, 10:22:18 PM »
The Amazing Race Elimination with Twin Liz Canavan
by Reg Seeton

This week on The Amazing Race, twins Liz and Marie Canavan started the leg in last place before hitting the streets of Bangkok, Thailand without any money. Although Liz and Marie made the best of their Amazing Race financial problem in Bangkok, the twins were overcome with joy when they washed elephants for their speed bump challenge. Despite giving it their all to stay in The Amazing Race, with two free cab rides along the way, Liz and Marie hit the mat in last place and were eliminated from The Amazing Race 19.

Following their journey on The Amazing Race, TheDeadbolt caught up with Liz Canavan to learn more about what happened in Bangkok, what went wrong for the twins, washing elephants, and what it was like to participate in The Amazing Race.

THE DEADBOLT: Well, first off, how far behind were you guys?

LIZ CANAVAN: We started off so far behind that when we hit the pit stop, we were more than two hours behind.

THE DEADBOLT: When you started the leg, did you think you had a chance?

LIZ: Yeah, we definitely did. When we found out we were going to a bus station that was fifteen hours away, we thought that maybe we could catch up to the other teams along the way even though we didn't know where they were and we hadn't seen another team for four hours.

THE DEADBOLT: Do you think it was the speed bump that got you eliminated, or the fact that you had to walk some of the way?

LIZ: No, it definitely wasn't the speed bump. I think it was arriving in Bangkok with no money and that we had to walk everywhere. It put us behind because we didn't have the luxury of taking a cab and that was basically why.

THE DEADBOLT: How hard was it to walk around Bangkok without money? That must have been tough.

LIZ: It was more tough just to know that we had to give that cab driver all of our money at the bus station. Fighting with him and others getting involved, it was such a nightmare. It was just bad news. But walking around, that wasn't the worst because we still didn't know how far the canal was. We never got a good read because we had so many people telling us so many different things.

I mean, it wasn't that bad once we realized how far it was. We were walking for four hours before a cab driver would give us a ride. No one was going to give us a ride. They would just laugh at us.

THE DEADBOLT: Were you surprised at how nice some people were and that they actually gave you a free ride?

LIZ: Yeah, we were really surprised. People in Thailand were so nice that we just couldn't believe it. They didn't really have anything and we just didn't feel right begging from people who didn't have much.

THE DEADBOLT: You both looked so excited by the elephants. Was it as cool as it looked, or different?

LIZ: Oh no, it was as cool as it looked. You're in the middle of a rainforest and it was raining and you get to wash elephants - I mean, those are our favorite animals, so we were really excited.

THE DEADBOLT: Was there anything you wish we saw that didn't make it to air?
LIZ: No, I think it played out fine. It played out the way it played out. We just didn't have enough money and that's really what happened. Maybe just how long everything really took, but it was all true to what happened.

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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #36 on: October 27, 2011, 10:59:37 PM »
I liked their determination to finish the leg  :kuss:
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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #37 on: October 28, 2011, 08:20:14 PM »
A second chance didn't keep Liz and Marie in 'The Amazing Race'

by: Sheri Block
Date: 10/28/2011 10:07:00 AM

Liz and Marie Canavan may have got a second chance to stay in “The Amazing Race” during the previous non-elimination leg but the team knew nothing could have saved them the second time around.

The 24-year old twins from Deerfield, Ill., departed the Pit Stop in Phuket, Thailand, in last place and had an extra Speed Bump challenge to complete so were already behind the other teams when they encountered an even bigger problem at the bus station -- their Thai cab driver wanted more money than the girls had.

“All of the other racers had that same problem with the cab drivers. When we arrived at the bus station we gave our cab driver the amount he first said and then ran and bought our (bus) tickets but as we bought our tickets we only had $140 left and he wanted, like, $170. It was just insane,” says Marie.

As they bickered, their bus to Bangkok began to pull away and Liz and Marie panicked.

“I didn’t even know what to do. I was like, ‘We’re going to sleep outside and we’re not going to have any money and we’re going to be sitting here for the rest of the ‘Race,’” says Liz.

But since they made such a commotion, Marie says the ticket attendant radioed the bus and had it pull over. They were then able to catch the bus but since their driver demanded such a high fare, the twins arrived in Bangkok with no money.

The girls were forced to start walking to the next challenge before a taxi driver finally agreed to take them for free. 

“We were never going to beg for money because we’re not going to beg from people who have nothing and we were walking for four hours along the highway before that cab driver would give us a ride because everyone was just laughing at us… we literally tried everything we could and we just couldn’t catch up,” says Liz.

After completing their next challenge (feeding the fish at Bangkok Noi Canal) and having to convince yet another cab driver to take them to the Pit Stop, the twins were too far behind and arrived at the mat last where host Phil Keoghan confirmed they had been eliminated.

Looking back, the team knows they wouldn’t have been able to do anything differently.

“Of course when you’re watching it you’re like, ‘Noooo!’ -- we wish we could do things a little different, be more aggressive about it (fighting the cab fare) but we literally couldn’t,” says Liz.

Despite being eliminated, the twins still had what they call “the best day of their lives” during that leg, thanks to a Speed Bump challenge that involved washing and cleaning elephants.

“Elephants are our favourite animal and when we saw them in the water in the middle of the rainforest, we literally dropped our bags. We didn’t even know really what we had to do yet… but we were so excited because it was so cool,” says Liz.

Running the ‘Race’ also proved to be helpful in other ways for the girls, whose father recently passed away.

“Yeah I definitely think it was (therapeutic). It was just a great opportunity. We were lucky to be on there and we were seeing the world and I think it helped put a lot of other things into perspective,” says Marie.

And even though there were some emotional moments on the mat when they questioned whether they had made their dad proud, the girls now don’t have any doubts at all.

“We did everything we could so yeah of course we (did),” says Marie.

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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #38 on: October 30, 2011, 11:03:55 PM »
OMG I totally adore they new intro  :bounce

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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #39 on: October 31, 2011, 01:50:20 PM »
OMG I totally adore they new intro  :bounce

Best Intro shot! :D
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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #40 on: October 31, 2011, 07:43:14 PM »
"We Had to Give Him All of Our Money" – Reality News Online's Exclusive Interview with The Amazing Race 19's Liz (of Liz & Marie)
by Teeuwynn Woodruff -- 10/31/2011
Twins Liz & Marie (right), struggled for much of the race, coming in last in the second non-elimination leg of the race only to be unable to gain any ground on the other teams in the next leg – leading to their elimination. What happened to all of their money? Why do they love elephants so much? And what was the experience like for them?

Reality News Online: Hi Liz! Thanks for talking to Reality News Online. I’m sorry your twin can’t be here as well!

Liz: Hello!

RNO: What made you decide to apply for The Amazing Race?

Liz: We just graduated college and it seemed like it was the perfect time to try out for The Amazing Race. We have always been fans of the show.

RNO: You were struggling with money the last few legs. The other teams didn’t seem to have the same problem. Why couldn’t you exchange your money at any point? Or were there more to your problems?

Liz: Exchanging money was not a problem. When we arrived at the bus station at Bangkok, we bought our bus tickets, and then had to pay the cab driver. The cab driver wanted more money than we had. The locals and the police were threatening to get involved too, so we had to give him all of our money. So when we arrived in Bangkok, we had no money to get around with.

RNO: Right. So in Bangkok, you had no money for cabs. Had you tried asking cab drivers to take you for free before we saw you do that?

Liz: We asked many people at the bus station how far away the canal was. We kept getting different answers – some said it was three blocks away while others said it was 15 miles. We decided to just start walking. We were walking along a highway and we kept asking if anyone would give us a ride, but no one would.

RNO: How long did you walk before asking?

Liz: We had walked for about four hours before that cab driver finally gave us a ride. We asked all along the way but no one was giving us a ride for free.

RNO: It was very clear you both love elephants. What was cleaning and riding the elephants like for you?

Liz: That was the best Speed Bump! Cleaning the elephants was so much fun. Who gets to clean an elephant in the middle of a rain forest?

RNO: What was the smartest thing you did on the race?’

Liz: The smartest thing we did was enjoy the Race. I feel that sometimes teams don’t take the time to look around and really take in the experience.

RNO: You’re twins, but did you learn anything about each other on the race?

Liz: We learned that we each react differently when stressful situations occur. Marie is more of a head case and jumps to conclusions.

RNO: Heh. Watching the race on TV, what has most surprised you?

Liz: How they edit – because you only get to see so little of what really happened.

RNO: What else would you like to tell our readers about your experiences on The Amazing Race?

Liz: It was an experience of a lifetime. We are so lucky to have been a part of something so great, and we will never forget it.

RNO: Thank you for talking to me today!

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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #41 on: November 21, 2011, 12:21:49 PM »
I'm already missing Liz and Marie. Hope to see them at the finishing line. :(
"The Amazing Race shows the best and worst out of you. But if only negative things are shown, then it's probably you. - Jobby"

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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #42 on: March 07, 2013, 09:27:20 AM »
Liz and Marie have found a job working in radio in New York City.,0,1820448.story

Deerfield twins from 'The Amazing Race' get New York TV-radio gigs

By Hilary Shenfeld, Special to the Tribune

9:34 a.m. CST, March 6, 2013

As contestants on "The Amazing Race," twins Liz and Marie Canavan had to learn quickly how to jump into the unknown and find every way to make a success of their surroundings. Though they didn't win the $1 million prize on the CBS reality show, that ability to think on their feet has paid off in a new way.

Though they had no radio experience or inside connections, they talked their way into jobs appearing weekday nights on "The Artie Lange Show." Broadcast on both radio and TV, the late-night show mixes sports and entertainment talk with interviews, music, silly bits, storytelling, chatting and daily observations, all headlined by former Howard Stern sidekick Lange.

"Not everyone gets that chance. We're so lucky," Marie Canavan said during a joint interview with her sister from New York, where they moved from Deerfield last April after getting hired as production assistants on Lange's show.

The identical twins, 25, grew up in Deerfield and graduated in 2006 from Deerfield High School. While there, they never tried to fool teachers or friends by switching places, and probably couldn't have anyway because, though they look and sound pretty much alike, their personalities are different, they say.

"I'm more spontaneous and more blunt," Marie said.

"I'm more compassionate and I'm a lot nicer," Liz said.

But as might be expected, similarities abound. They got the same ACT score in high school and both went to the University of Kentucky, graduating in 2010 with degrees in communication. They did go in different directions after returning home, with Marie working in sales at a Lake Forest baby clothing store while Liz interned at a marketing company in Deerfield.

"We were applying for jobs. ... We didn't know what we wanted to do."

They thought it would be fun to try out for "The Amazing Race." On the show, 11 two-person teams travel around the world, enduring physical and other challenges, in a competition to be first to reach a mysterious final destination.

To get on the show, the twins sent in a video as an application, then made it through six more videos, interviews and auditions before finally winning the chance to compete. With about six weeks to prepare, they worked out at the Bannockburn Country Club and walked around Deerfield with weighted backpacks, arriving in California ready for season 19 in 2011.

Their first stop was Taiwan, then on to Indonesia and Thailand before being eliminated in the fifth round after running out of money and arriving hours behind everyone else to a checkpoint. "It was very disappointing," Liz Canavan said.

Being on the show "was the hardest thing we've ever had to do," she said. "You are on your own in a different country. ... We cried a lot, but quitting was never an option."

The winners were then-engaged couple Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang of Chicago, who married last March with the twins and other cast members in attendance.

After the show, the sisters returned to Deerfield to start job hunting and heard Artie Lange on the radio.

"It was so funny," Liz Canavan said of the comedian who gained fame on "The Howard Stern" show from 2001 to 2009. Having suffered many battles with substance abuse, Lange attempted suicide in 2010 and spent eight months in a psychiatric ward, but returned to the airwaves with his new show in 2011.

Originally airing as "The Nick and Artie Show" with fellow comedian Nick DiPaolo, it was rebranded "The Artie Lange Show" when Lange took over solo host duties after DiPaolo left. It is broadcast live from a New York studio 9 p.m. to midnight Monday through Friday (central time) on DirecTV's Audience Network. It airs as a radio show on Sirius/XM radio and also is available via podcast.

On an impulse, the Canavans called into the show and chatted both on and off the air with Lange.

"We thought, 'Let's just take this shot in the dark,'" Marie Canavan said. They flew to New York to meet with Lange and show executives the next day and within a week had moved there to start their new jobs.

Now known as "Twinsanity," (though it's a moniker they don't particularly like and are trying to shake), the Canavans answer phones, screen callers and conduct pre-interviews with guests in between doing red-carpet interviews with celebrities, performing in scripted bits such as a recent car race that ended in a (staged) battle with one sister throwing the other into a fountain, doing stand-up comedy routines and chiming in on the air when called upon.

They hope one day to host their own talk show.

"We have done a lot together," Marie Canavan said. "But we're better as a team."

Copyright © 2013 Chicago Tribune Company, LLC

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Re: TAR 19: Liz Canavan & Marie Canavan (Twins)
« Reply #43 on: March 07, 2013, 10:44:18 AM »
Ha , they will be fun to watch!
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