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Vidcaps for April 15th...
« on: April 09, 2004, 12:08:10 AM »
Episode 11 Title: 
"A Thoughtful Gesture or a Deceptive Plan?"

Voice Over Transcript

JP:  Next time on Survivor... the All Stars get a glimpse of home...
JP:  Maybe getting what you need to get through these last 11 days.
JP:  And Kathy stirs things up.
Tom:  Cut Jenna out.
Kathy:  Yeah, you should.  I don't want her to win.
Jenna:  I see it, it's happening right now.  I think they're switching.
Kathy:  *laughs*
Rob: I think we got some last minute scrambling going on in Panama today

From CBS~
WEB Teasers~

Feeling isolated, Kathy works to reconcile with a tribemate.
After several castaways are brought to tears, one Survivor surprises all.
Paranoia plagues Jenna, who witnesses a strategy session amongst tribemates.
Scrambling, panic and pleading intensify as Tribal Council approaches. 


No Survivor has ever won the first individual Immunity Challenge and gone on to become Sole Survivor. Clay Jordan, from SURVIVOR: THAILAND, ended in second place. Keith Famie from OUTBACK and current All-Star Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien from MARQUESAS both got as far as third place after taking the first Immunity Idol back to camp.


Boston Rob seems to be eerily unstoppable at this point, even when it comes to web voters. After his bold pact with Lex to save his beloved Amber, Rob's popularity rating shot up 10 percent. As if that weren't enough, we also named him Chevy Survivor of the Week! Are web voters sentimental fools? What'll happen to Rob's rating now that we've witnessed him plunge that knife into former pal Lex's back?


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(4/8/04 11:58 pm)
 Well, now it's official. Rob is getting villain editing and Ambah is getting sweetheart editing. Even though Lex totally deserved what he got, trusting ROB M.(as a friend over Ethan and Jerri!), we still hate Rob for being such a liar and Ambah for trying to stick by her word...but she didn't...

Interesting that she wanted Lex and Kathy to stay and Rupert and Jenna to go. And she and Jenna seem to be such thick friends. Foreshadowing? Getting rid of the rival for Rob's affections? YES 

copied from~ :)

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Re: Vidcaps for April 15th...
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2004, 12:23:57 AM »
I'll add Chillones Final 7 list here~

Jenna L,
Final 2 Rob M and Amber

And Snewsers!
Survivor Spoiler's Scorecard

Some of this info is far for confirmed, but we're including any sketchy info to try and piece together the big picture.

Last updated 3/12/04 by Magilla.

Ethan  Lo que viene volando.... volando va.


Kathy   Makes the merge

Lex   Look for Lex's new mohawk hairstyle to make an appearance


Shii Ann   


Rupert  Rupert boasted he could beat Richard at the S7 finale. 


Rob M.   

Jenna L.

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Re: Vidcaps for April 15th...
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2004, 12:39:49 PM »
Similar to Thailand challenge

The Survivors compete in a four-stage elimination round obstacle course. First they pair up and negotiate their way across towers using wooden planks to bridge the gaps between each tower. The first two pairs to complete the towers move on to the second round, a crawl under a bamboo course. The first three competitors to complete the crawl move on to the third round, a wall climb. With only three members remaining, the Survivors must pair up to help each other over the wall, leaving one person eliminated. The Final two competitors then must race along a bamboo balance beam to the finish line. First tribe member to cross the finish line wins.


Video preview is up at CBS

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Re: Vidcaps for April 15th...
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2004, 05:48:13 PM »
Some new vidcaps today at

Voice Over Transcript

VO:  CBS, Thursday, the Survivor All Stars break down...
Rob:  I don't remember the last time I was this emotional.
VO:  ...when one makes a heartfelt sacrifice.
Shii Ann:  That was really big.
VO:  Was it an act of kindness or a kind of conniving?
Kathy:  *wicked laugh*
VO:  And, a grueling challenge.
Tom:  You couldn't have had a horror movie any worse.
VO:  1 reward, 1 immunity.
Shii Ann:  It makes me wanna win.
VO:  But when it's over, everyone will be fighting for their Survivor life.
Rob: We got some scrambling going on in Panama today

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Re: Vidcaps for April 15th...
« Reply #4 on: April 15, 2004, 09:05:20 AM »
Analysis of Vidcaps from spoiler boards~

REWARD CHALLENGE: Super obstacle course! (Shii Ann or Rob wins?)

The CBS promo states: "One reward. One immunity." We're not sure if this means that it's the same challenge or not. It could mean that there is just one immunity necklace.

But regardless, we do know of the reward -- letters and videos from home.
We're going to split the video caps in two phases -- 1) the challenge -- 2) the reward.


This obstacle course is team-based (as has happened in numerous past Survivors).

The teams are divided into two groups of four:
Group 1: Kathy, Tom, Jenna, and Rupert
Group 2: Alicia, Shii Ann, Amber and Rob.

It appears that throughout the challenge, members are eliminated, or fall behind.

-- For Group 1: Tom appears to be eliminated. Jenna is nowhere to be found after the starting point. So Kathy and Rupert at the end?

-- For Group 2: Amber is behind at some point, then Alicia. Shii and Rob seem to be competing at the front in the end
So who wins?

-- It looks like in one picture, we have Shii, Amber and Rob facing off next to each other.
-- Then in another picture it's Rob and Shii Ann?

Rob is slightly ahead, but in the pics below, CBS is STRONGLY suggesting that Shii Ann makes some sort of gesture to the tribe with the reward.

Could Shii Ann really win a physical challenge? Well, she did beat Alicia. Who knows?

CHALLENGE 2: Is there one?
As of now, it appears there is only one challenge. But this could change as new info is acquired throughout the week.

So, who has immunity? How about "anybody but Kathy?"


Reward/Immunity Challenge
Winner(s): Someone from Team B (Alicia, Shii Ann, Amber, Rob M.)
The Survivors are competing in small groups of four.  Team A consists of Kathy, Tom, Jenna, and Rupert.  Team B consists of Alicia, Shii Ann, Amber, and Rob M.  The rest of the obstacle course is outlined below, from right to left.  This is likely not to be the reward challenge because several wardrobe changes have occurred between the image that shows the toasting sequence to what they are wearing during the challenge.
At this leg of the race, Tom seems to be struggling in the ropes, with Kathy right on his tails.  No Team B members are seen in the background, could they be in the lead?  There team consists of 3 small women and 1 medium sized man.  Team A must deal with Rupert and Tom.
   Team B is shown helping Amber over a wall during the obstacle course.  Shii Ann is not seen helping, so she is likely following Amber close behind.
In the past, Rupert has not performed well in challenges that require balance.  He seems to be on the verge of falling off.  Kathy follows closely behind, while Alicia and Amber are on their respective beam trying to make it across.
   Rob M. and Shii Ann are crawling underneath an obstacle.  Alicia may be seen in the background.  This could still be where Team B is still Team B, or could be a second heat where the team of 4 is split into pairs.
The image shows Shii Ann with a slight lead, on a rung ahead of Rob M.  Alicia's arm can be seen underneath the U in teh word immunity.  Either, there are only 3 ladders and the 4th person must wait or this could become the part of the challenge where everything is entirely individual.